Mitt takes a stand for “life”

Stones Cry Out has a terrific post regarding Mitt Romney’s courageous stance against creating embryos for the sole purpose of using embryonic stem cells for research.

Sez SCO: What is most impressive about Romney’s decision, however, is that he has surprised the political establishment by elevating the ethics of life above personal and family interests.

Here are the details.

Proponents of a bill that would allow creating embryos for the purpose of conducting “assumed they would have the backing of Mr. Romney, a Republican whose wife, Ann, has multiple sclerosis, a disease that could potentially be helped by the research. Mr. Romney had previously said he supported stem cell research in general, but had not elaborated.

But in an interview on Tuesday, Mr. Romney said that he was strongly against a type of embryonic stem cell research that many scientists consider extremely promising: research that involves creating human embryos specifically for scientific experimentation.”

Mitt Romney said:

“My wife has M.S., and we would love for there to be a cure for her disease and for the diseases of others. But there is an ethical boundary that should not be crossed.. . .creation for the purpose of destruction is wrong.”
Romney’s position runs counter to the actions that many other states are considering. After California’s decision last year to invest $3 billion in embryonic stem cell research, at least seven other states, including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, are considering steps to encourage researchers in the field or provide economic incentives.

He is not totally opposed to embryonic stell cell research, however. He favors the use of embryos that are left over from in-vitro fertilization…

Well, you can read the rest over at SCO, but I think it’s pretty interesting that in an age where self-interest dominates, Mitt and his wife understand that her having MS doesn’t suddenly mean it’s okay to create human life simply to exploit it. Good for the Romneys.

And just as my own little aside, And yes, I am so tired of the misinformation out there about embryonic stem cells. Most experimentation with them is failing – they have actually halted research – completely STOPPED research – on using them in Parkinson’s because the results have been horrific. They are too malleable, they want to grow and form a pulse; they cannot be controlled. I suspect the reason embryonic stem cells are not as useful as umbilical stem cells and others is because they are incredibly PURE creation – life in it’s purest form (thus it’s nearest to God.) Just as you can’t use pure heroin because it’s too powerful – I think you can’t use this “pure” lifeform, either. I think they’re just too powerful, too, too close to the Creator, himself.

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