Shouldn’t Kurtz have asked opinions of BOTH sides?

I’m no journalist, and I have no pretenses that I am one, but it seems to me that it’s got to be a rule taught in Basic Journalism 101 that when you’re reporting on a story, and you get ONE side’s opinion, then it’s only fair (and, ummm…balanced) to get the other side’s opinion, too.

Example: Howard Kurtz goes to David Gergan for a quote:
Gergen said last night that Jordan’s resignation was “really sad” since he had quickly backed off his original comments. “This is too high a price to pay for someone who has given so much of himself over 20 years. And he’s brought down over a single mistake because people beat up on him in the blogosphere? They went after him because he is a symbol of a network seen as too liberal by some. They saw blood in the water.”

Ummm…well, no. The man resigned, clearly, because he knows he screwed up and the last thing he wants is this story to go any further, possibly leading to a viewing (and re-viewing) of the Davos tape with his weak dissembling (and the applause of Middle Eastern types) witnessed by millions of people. Better to resign as part of a late-Friday afternoon “story drop” and hope to get away as unscathed as possible.

And as to that “people beat him up in the blogosphere…” line. I’m sorry, is it just me, or did David Gergen not talk to Michelle Malkin and did he not confirm everything the blogs were reporting, did he not say he had no problem with the tape coming out and…ummm…did he also not “let slip” that he’d been contacted by four (4) msm outlets, and that the Washington Post had planned to run the story, but spiked it?

Why yes…yes, he did.

I’m kind of tired of Gergen playing both sides of an issue – having no problem hanging Jordan out to dry with one lip, and then using the other lip to badmouth the blogs who (as evidenced by Michelle Malkin’s work) were (mostly) trying to work responsibly to bring the whole story out into the open.

And, ummm…as I said…perhaps Mr. Kurtz, being a professional journalist and all, and not some cruddy little, irresponsible blogger, might have perhaps CALLED Ms. Malkin, or Hugh Hewitt, or any one of a dozen prominent bloggers and asked them WHY they were so incensed with Jordan’s remarks? You know…just to get their perspective?

That would be responsible journalism, wouldn’t it? Isn’t that all the blogosphere is asking for, RESPONSIBLE, FAIR journalism???

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