First Mate looks to be Ship-Shape!

Update from the Captain:

Hospiblogging, Part 4: All Systems Go
Just wanted to update everyone — the First Mate is out of surgery and in recovery now, and the transplant looks like a big success. The surgery lasted a little over four hours and the doctors are quite pleased with the results. It will take until tomorrow to be sure that the pancreas is working, but they expect full function.
I’ll post more after I see her, and again, I appreciate all of your messages of support and hope.

Good to read good news!

UPDATE: Good to read even BETTER news: Amazingly, Mrs. Captain Ed is sitting up and starting to move around! Isn’t this astonishing? Major transplant surgery and 48 hours later, shes sitting up and taking some steps. I never cease to marvel at what Western Medicine is up to, and what the human body can adapt to! Marcia is not out of the woods yet, though, so please keep her in your prayers! :-)

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