Some bloggers in the Mainstream, today

Patrick Frey of Petterico’s Pontifications has a very good column in today’s LA TIMES, wherein he takes the TIMES to taks for doing some damage to reputations and then not doing as much to clearup the smear. Which is a really good point

Michelle Malkin gets some space in the NY Post, today, in which she commences attack on the “bloggers are a lynchmob” meme and gives some props to other bloggers.

It must be me…I feel like I just can’t keep up, today!

UPDATE: Dirty Harry is wondering why some bloggers seem to be hand-wringing about the Eason Jordan fiasco, and wishes they’d stop asking to see the tape, as though that alone will give blogs credibility. He’s pretty annoyed, it sounds like:

1) Why do we need the tape to make an “informed judgment?” Nine witnesses aren’t enough? Two of them liberal Democrats? And Jordan had done this before. He accused our troops of torturing a journalist, and Israeli soldiers of assassinating them. Why do we need to see the tape? Witnesses and precedent offer us the ability to form more than “OPINION.” We know what he said. We know it’s a lie. We know he knew it was a lie because CNN isn’t investigating it. Case closed.

At this point the tape could only prove to be exculpatory. But we know for a fact it wasn’t because Jordan didn’t demand it’s release. So, this is not a “reasonably well formed OPINION.” The “facts” have come “to light,” and they are damning.

2. How can this “boomerang back on the blogs?” How? Did we accuse Jordan of anything? No. We simply exposed his own words to those who were unaware of them. Malkin, and Hewitt, and Captain Ed, made no accusations. All they did was broadcast what he said at the time in question and what he had said previously. That can’t boomerang back. Not only did no one make any wild accusations… In fact, no one made any accusations at all.

3. They cannot slander blogs as “digital thugs.” At least not the right-of-center blogs. As the Lefties OUTTED The-Reporter-Formerly-Known-As-Gannon, the Righties did nothing more than drag into the light of truth a man’s own words. That is not a lynch mob.

4. The MSM cannot use this as a “club to knock the blogsphere on the head,” unless we let them. And a good way to let them is to start looking like we’re second guessing ourselves over the Eason Jordan matter because the tape didn’t come out.

I don’t second guess calling for the head of a man when nine witnesses say he accused our troops of assassinating journalists, and said it to an adoring and applauding foreign press. The fact that he has made similar statements in the past was mere icing. There’s nothing to lament. Can we stop with the lamenting?

Bloggers are sunlight. Not accusers…

I’ll stop there. You’ll want to read the whole thing.

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