Some good writing you might be missing…

Was exceedingly busy all weekend and unable to direct your attention to some especially thoughtful and good writing that shouldn’t be missed.

Greg at What Attitude Problem has written the second part of his thoughts on the importance of fatherhood, and the impact a loving and healthy father has upon a male child. Much of what he writes is deeply personal and very courageously open and honest. He links to the first part of his writing, and that is also worth reading. As the mother of two sons, I appreciated his story very much, and I found quite a lot to think about in his reference to God as Father, too.

Ben Cole has re-started his blog, The Pen and the Sword and gets a bit raphsodic about First Things Magazine which I confess I have never read. Ben says of FT, Readers of First Things (ROFTERS) have become the subcultural soul of illuminated young minds in our generation. First Things groups are popping up around the nation like fever blisters after a high school prom

Well, my curiosity is piqued, but I must say I have always liked Crisis Magazine, myself.

Matteo over at Cartago delenda beat me to it with this Lenten post featuring a wise and instructive sermon from St. Gregory the Great. I was going to post the same sermon (clearly, we both read the same missal) but Matteo did it better than I would have, anyway, and he knows how to post images, too! :-)

Finally, I really, really love this, and you will, too. Okie on the Lam has begun an ambitious and personally meaningful project that he’ll be adding to each week – he is posting (with wonderful pictures) his father’s letters to him mother, during WWII. Get a cup of coffee or tea, and check in. It’s almost like finding a wonderful packet of dusty old letters, and becoming intimate with strangers. A really good project and I’m glad Arther is doing it! He’ll be posting new letters each Friday. Enjoy!

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