Is the left capable of extending Good Will toward anyone?

That’s not my question, but the one asked in this interesting – albeit a very limited – little study. THE BIG PICTURE decided to take a look at the biggest left-wing blog in the blogosphere and see if it manages to wish good will toward anyone.

As I said – interesting. Sadly, the answer seems to be “no.”

It’s something I’ve marvelled at, myself. There are left-leaning people I know on and off the internet who – intelligent and basically nice as they might be – like to think of themselves as “enlightened” even as they insist upon living in a dark world on endless negativity. Everything is bad. Everything – oh, EVERYTHING – is the fault of George W. Bush. Everyone is stupid, except those with the same outlook. There seems to be no such thing as people simply having different outlooks or opinions. The idea that decent people may disagree and still be decent people seems to be outmoded. It’s very sad. And troubling.

I think in fairness, though, this blogger might want to go to the top right-wing blogger site (I guess that would be Powerline? Or the Captain? I’m not sure…) and do the same test…see if they manage to have something positive to say about some or all of what they are covering. It might shatter a few stereotypes and give a clearer picture of the mindsets on both sides.

Joe Marshall at A Straight Shot of Politics has a typically thoughtful and well-written response from the left. He is always worth reading.

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