You guys’r buying STUFF! The hospice will thank you!

My Amazon thingie says that there has been a sudden uptick in book-and-stuff-buying from folks entering Amazon thru my bookshelf!

Apparently, someone bought placemats! Who knew you could buy placemats thru Amazon! They’re a pretty seaside-tea-party scene, too! And someone bought an iPod cover! I never think to buy that stuff thru Amazon.

I note, also, that someone of a Benedictine bent bought the Benedictine Daily Prayer and the Rule. You’ll have to email me and tell me who you are, so we can talk Benedictine together!

And someone bought the Catholic Women’s Devotional Bible (which I bought, too, and I’m happy to report I like it very much – which surprises me because generally I don’t like any of the newer translations – also the reflections are pretty good).

And someone bought C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters, and Hugh Hewitt’s BLOG, and Mark Levin’s Men in Black. Very kewl!

All of which tells me what I have always known about my readers – they are a discriminating and well-read bunch!

Amazon cuts a check every time the Associates plan reaches $100.00 in revenue. We’re halfway there, and as I have said over and over, any monies coming from the Amazon link will be donated to my brother’s Hospice, of which I wrote a while back:

God bless all nurses. The woman of this hospice are, to a one, impressive people with seemingly bottomless reserves of compassion, kindness, humor and faith. Yes, I did say faith. Each one has, at one point or another dropped everything to pray with anyone who wants prayer, or to share their own understanding of the process of dying as it is informed by their faith, and yes it has helped; it has inspired. One nurse in particular starts her shift off by coming in to S and singing a spiritual for him, and her tremendous willingness to walk a hard road with people she does not know – will not know again once the road has ended – leaves all of us awestruck and humbled. Her name is Valerie and we are convinced that there must be special rooms in heaven waiting for her and for the women and orderlies with whom she works. They are each magnificent specimens of human heart, generosity and fortitude. Breathtakingly good people. We wonder amongst ourselves how we will ever repay them for their exceedingly kind gifts of themselves. A luncheon? Gift Certificates? It all sounds so lame, so trite, compared to what they have shared.

So, bless you for going through Amazon. We have, since S’s death, visited the hospice again, bringing gifts and sharing tears…but I like doing this thing through Amazon, too. It’s one more small way I can keep saying thank you to them! :-)

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