If these are our only choices, I’ll take Bono

I have some difficulty believing that John Snow is serious when he discusses bringing in U2′s frontman, Bono, as head of the World Bank.

But I have even more diffculty believing he’d bring in Carly Fiorina.

Given the choice, I say choose Bono. He’s a smart, charismatic guy who has managed his business for 25 years with shrewd, canny choices, and he’s a hotelier, as well. He also has a reputation for being astringently honest and he has perhaps the third most enviable Rolodex in the world. He is the rare liberal who can manage to give sincere credit to conservatives without “backhanded” compliments.

He does use the F-word from time to time, but we’ve seen worse in a public figure.

Carly Fiorina is a politically correct, affirmative action failure. Let’s stop proving the Peter Principle by rewarding failure upwards.

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