At the Core of Reality is Joy

This is a stunner of a piece by Mark Shea, who thinks Hell is shivering in fear right now.

For three decades, Hell’s Ministry for the Promotion of the Culture of Death has been issuing confident press releases that the prolife forces are in abeyance and We’ve Moved On, only to find that, in the last election, abortion was still a huge issue and Hillary Clinton was compelled to blink and start making pro-life bleats. Worse than that, the principal arm of Hell’s work in attacking human life–the Judiciary of the United States–has been able to do that while keeping fairly low profile as far as the average American was concerned. This story widely exposed our Robed Masters more than ever as the ruthless enemies of democracy and common sense that they are. It began to occur to more ordinary people than ever that it is not necessary to simply let the Judiciary go on doing whatever insane thing it wanted. The thought, “Resist!” began to occur to a significant number of people. And not just the thought, the act.

That makes Hell nervous.

But most of all, and by far most frightening to Hell, was the broadening dawn of realization that what faces us is fundamentally a spiritual war, not a political or cultural one. Terri Schiavo has inspired prayer like nothing since 9/11. Indeed, I would argue that this is our *domestic* 9/11.


So I’m hopeful. And the oddity is that this too is offensive to some Christians. Just as the defenders of Terri are counter-cultural, so Easter is even more counter cultural. God seems to checkmate us at every turn. The world tells us to be buoyant with bubbly and perky pseudo-fun when we should be wearing sackcloth and ashes. It chatters on about how Terri is “full of peace and euphoria” when it knows that a damned dirty and protracted murder full of torture is being done.

But there is another reality as well: God commands us to enter into the Joy when we are tempted to despair. Angry Conservative Catholicism is particularly prone to ignoring this command by labeling every command to be joyful as “kumbayah Catholicism”. It’s not. Joy is, as C.S. Lewis say, the serious business of Heaven. There is such a thing as the sinful will to resist Joy. It the sort of will that says, “How can you be joyful when Robert Lynch is bishop of St. Petersburg?” The answer is, “I can be joyful because Jesus Christ is the Risen Lord of Universe.” We are called to be angry, yet sin not. It is perfectly right to be angry at this murder, at the abandonment of Terri by people who should have undertaken her care, at the cruelty, spite, and gloating of the enemies of Life.

Read the whole thing.

On a different topic, but I have to squeeze this in here because blogger is tempermental: Check out Musing Minds excellent topic on the MSM’s bender and where Jeff and Kim think it will take them.

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