Starving Grandma, Intelligent Design and a few other links

A little tired from what seems like weeks on incessant blogging, and we may be gearing up for another big week if this story continues to develop. Should be interesting. Terri Schiavo was allowed to be dehydrated and starved to death because her husband remembered, 6 or 7 years on that, “oh, yeah…she didn’t want to live like this.” Now, an elderly lady with a living will , and who is apparently not comatose, vegetative or dying may be suffering the same fate. Keep your eyes on it. Surely, if this quote is accurate, we are standing upon a terrible precipice:

“Grandmama is old and I think it is time she went home to Jesus,” Gaddy told Magouirk’s brother and nephew, McLeod and Ken Mullinax. “She has glaucoma and now this heart problem, and who would want to live with disabilities like these?”

Doug at Bogus Gold has an update from the local paper.

I wanted to link to Wittingshire, who have a link and excerpt regarding Intelligent Design that I thought was pretty interesting. I confess I don’t know enough about it. Anyone who reads me knows I am no scholar…but it’s still pre-tty compelling stuff. :-)

I kinda liked this young man’s experience at St. Peter’s.

The publication ban in Canada has been lifted. All props must begin by acknowledging Ed Morrissey as the force behind this good news.

DO go read Bernard Higgins’s A Certain Slant of Light. Just keep scrolling; it’s all good.

Finally, I must send out public thanks to three bloggers who came to understand that I was in serious “blogger-distress” last night and who were extremely generous in their help, Dirty Harry at Jackson’s Junction, Matt at Cartago Delenda Est and most especially, Sigmund, Carl and Alfred who did the work of three men in one! Thank you, guys, for your thoughtful kindness; I hope I can someday repay the favor.

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  • Karen B

    Seems like more details are SLOWLY beginning to emerge re: the Mae Magouirk case.

    A Georgia TV station (NBC affiliate) has picked up the news and World Net Daily has a second more detailed piece. It sounds like it is not clear whether the woman is still being denied food/liquids. According to the court order it seems like she SHOULD be receiving them while the Power of Attorney debate continues. There is a chance she could be moved to Alabama for treatment.

    Here’s the new WorldNetDaily story:

    And here’s the Atlanta TV story:

    there’s a video link too:

    The Georgia TV station sounds like it talked to the judge in question who is getting swamped with e-mail, etc. And there are now pictures posted of Mullinax (the nephew) and Magouirk on the TV’s website.

    Ah, and I just discovered the local newspaper has the story as well:

    So, it would seem this is for real, but the details re: the health of Magouirk and the care she has been receiving for the last 10 days or so are still pretty fuzzy. Tragic to have a family dispute become a national news story. But important too that the moral and legal issues involved and the whole matter of living wills continue to receive careful attention and debate.

  • Garry Wilmore

    I stumbled onto your website today. (There was a link to it in the online edition of National Review, so you may thank those people.) I wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with what I see, and have already included a permanent link to it on my own blog, which is called “I miei cari amici.” Although I realize you were not the one who wrote it, I enjoyed the chronicle about the young man’s experience at St. Peter’s, waiting patiently for a glimpse of the late Pope.

    Anyway, if you are good enough for National Review, you are good enough for me. Keep up the good work, and I will be checking in with you regularly.

  • Charlie (Colorado)

    Anchoress, the notion that Anthony Flew now feels the need to a First Cause has almost nothing to do with Intelligent Design, to the extent that ID can be said to have a coherent position at all (as opposed to being an extended dance around the “argument from incredulity.”)

  • Richard Bennett

    Quite simply, Intelligent Design is a fraud.

  • Pixy Misa

    What Charlie and Richard have said is correct. Flew’s position barely touches on Intelligent Design, and Intelligent Design is intellectual fraud. I won’t drag you into the endless arguments, but if you’re interested, the Talk.Origins archive has articles covering every aspect of Intelligent Design, and why it is wrong.

  • Matteo

    Charlie and Richard have spoken. I guess I’m going to just have to forget all the reading I’ve done on the topic for the last ten years. I would hate to be an incredulous fraud.

  • Pat Boggan

    Dear Anchoress,

    I stumbled across your blog quite by accident several weeks ago. Your son Buster’s post was the first that I read. I hope you won’t be offended if I tell you I’ve bookmarked the site simply in hopes that he will post again. :)

    With regard to ‘end of life’ decisions, I have mixed emotions. Perhaps that’s because I have been forced to deal with the issue several times –and know I have made the right decision each time — but also understand how people who cared less about the welfare of the ‘patient’ could have made a mockery of the process.

    Anchoress, I have “chosen”, if you will, to end the lives of two people I cared deeply about. My father was the most brilliant man I’ve ever known. He also had the strongest sense of ethics you could possibly imagine. The example he set for us was humbling….. He was, basically, my hero. At the age of 83, he fell and broke his hip. After he came out of surgery, he was never lucid again. He screamed at my mother, accusing her of awful things. (He had always adored her, of course. And she worshipped him. They had the strongest marriage you can imagine……but, at the end, he ripped her heart out. Had he been in his right mind, he would never, ever have done that!!!)

    Three weeks in the hospital. Two weeks in rehab. A month at the nursiing home. They called to say he needed ‘resuscitation’ and there were no orders. We went immediately, of course. And we declined to resuscitate.

    My mother, my brother and I were in agreement: It’s not what Daddy would have wanted.

    A lovely postscript to an otherwise sad story… My father was a ‘lapsed’ Catholic. I called an old friend (actually, an old boyfriend lol), who is now a priest. It was one o’clock in the morning and it was raining cats and dogs…but my dear friend Fr. Joseph came without hesitation to give my father last rites.

    And then there’s my father’s older sister….. So alert and active at the age of 92 that she got on a bus and went to visit her childhood friend in Birmingham. Second day she was there, she collapsed. Massive stroke. Totally paralyzed. Comatose. My father’s younger sister was the person closest to her in the world and went to be with her. She called me the next day, in hysterics. “The doctors say they’re going to put in a feeding tube. She’s told me so many times that’s not what she’d want. I have her living will, but they’re ignoring it. What can I do?” So I drove like a demon to Birmingham and threatened them with court action if they inserted a feeding tube. Does that make me a bad person?

    Anchoress, please know that I respect your opinion that life is to be preserved at any cost. However, I hope you will respect mine that the time comes when we must suspend medical intervention.

    About the latest brouhaha…….I have posted my thoughts on the Mae Magouirk situation at Anti_Idiotarian Rottweiler. You have to scroll all the way down to Post #47. :) Bottom line: I think it’s a fraud.