Pope Bill? Does Rob Long read the Anchoress?

Like obsequious Mr. Collins, in Pride and Prejudice, I must allow that “I flatter myself,” of course, and ask the question in jest…sort of.

A portion of Rob Long’s satirical epistle from Former President Clinton to the College of Cardinals reads rollicking, but I am most pleased to see that my thought processes run along the lines of a bright guy like Long.

Or, as I wrote on April 8:

Speaking of which, President Bush seemed to go out of his way to minimize himself at this event – to make sure that nothing overshadowed the pope’s final tribute. He made himself unavailable for photos and photo-ops. As did his father. Former President Clinton however made himself as available as possible – allowing himself to be taped walking thoughtfully through a garden, being interviewed by Brian Williams.
That’s our Bill. The bride at every wedding, the corpse at every funeral. He’ll never change; it is who he is. But I sure am sick of watching the press gleefully enable his narcissism and feed it.

Funny things go through your head sometimes. When the crowd began to chant SANTO, I wondered if Clinton thought, “hell, I shoulda been pope! Now THERE is a legacy for ya!”

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  • ForNow

    Hi Anchoress! Nice new digs!

  • http://www.wbloomfield.blogspot.com William Bloomfield

    Rush Limbaugh also said much the same thing about Clinton on Friday. You’re in good company.

  • http://sigcarlfred.blogspot.com/ Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

    I submit that the red mitre might have required a bit more comittment than Mr Clinton might find acceptable. Just a thought.

  • Alan M.

    Hi Anchoress, you might wanna change the typo in your head line- Rob LOWE is an actor, Rob LONG wrote the piece you are linking to.

  • TheAnchoress

    Thanks, Alan, for the heads up. I’m trying to get all my posts catagorized and my brain is fried, my eyes are fried…I’ll fix!

  • http://trkallen.typepad.com/worship_naked tracey

    Am I seein’ things or is the parchment back? :-)

  • http://www.cuanas.blogspot.com Pastorius

    It’s nice to have you back where you belong. But, doesn’t this “look” belong to blogger? How did you work this?

    This parchment template is perfect for you. I’m glad you are using it again.

  • Darrell

    Glad to see more regulars back on this topic. Too many newbies to this site over the past couple of days…Change is always difficult.

  • http://donsingleton.blogspot.com/ Don Singleton

    Your old site has a page http://theanchoress.blogspot.com/2005/04/new-web-address-starving-granny-id-and.php which supposedly does a redirect but it does not work

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