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Not only do I like the kid’s name (as fine an Irish name as ever crossed my Guinness-foamed lips) and not only do I think he’s cute, but he’s got a good camera and a sense of humor.

He has posted this – the lastest in “Kill W” memorabilia.

I don’t remember liberals being like this when I was one.

And I don’t remember conservatives – awful as some were, sometimes, in the late 1990′s – being like this, either.

And I still maintain that if the American President over the past 5 years had had a D instead of an R after his name, they’d be loving everything he was doing and holding him up as a World Liberator and Hero of Human Rights.

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  • stephanie

    Hmm…During Reagan’s term, I remember liberals (and I was one even then) being pretty much the same.

  • newton

    I’m telling you, Anchoress, it is going to be a matter of time before some wacko leftists decides that the “First Amendment” stuff isn’t enough, and will attempt to empty a gun barrel on the president’s chest, without a warning.

    It scares the living daylights out of me, but those guys will continue to get worse and worse, until someone gets hurt and they see and smell blood…

    Me biggest fear is that they are going to love the smell of fresh blood coming out of a corpse…

    Let’s hope and pray it doesn’t happen.

  • stephanie

    Newton- Remember Reagan’s assassination attempt? I believe that was from a duluded individual who beleived a lot of the same stuff the liberals did- Reagan was destroying the country, etc. And no, they didn’t come out for blood. Most rational thinking people of both parties will leave it at venting.

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