I hate to call it “best of…”

I’m not really comfortable calling this a post of “best of The Anchoress” posts, because it sounds so darn egotistical (It’s all about ME!) and also because I don’t even know if these are really “best” posts. But they are posts people have from time-to-time asked me to repost in full. I’ve only reposted two essays, ever, I think, ne about The Vagina Monologues and one about the Shiavo matter.

These are some earlier efforts from when I was getting about 250 hits a day. I figured I’d post them and if you like ‘em great. If you don’t like ‘em…at least I’ve given you something to read while I’m on vacation! :-)

A Message to the Military.

America is wide awake and dreaming glorious dreams.

So, how did my retreat go?

That time I crashed and burned

The Bookworm’s Dilemma

When the press blocked my view of John Kerry.

On Ash Wednesday.

A month before my brother passed.

And then we lost him.

Baseball is proof that God loves us.

Dat ol’ woman hating Catholic church.

I understand there is an internet cafe available, so I may be popping in here to write a blurb or two! Don’t forget to check in once in a while while I’m gone! And God bless y’all! :-)

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  • http://shotofpolitics.blogspot.com/ Joseph Marshall

    Bon Voyage.

  • Alan

    Yes, have a safe journey, relax, breath out, re-charge! . . . . . Does anyone out there know in what category the “The Vagina Monologues” are posted. Thanks, Alan.

  • http://acertainslantoflight.blogspot.com/ Bernard Higgins

    Do hope you enjoy your trip to Ireland. My great-grandfather, at the insistence of his German wife, had the “O” legally dropped from the name “O’Higgins.” My father is not sure why. My own suspicion is that maybe it had to do with the discrimination against the Irish. Regardless, I’m a descendant on my paternal side of the O’Higgins Family of County Sligo and I envy you your trip, as I’ve yet to make it back to the “old country” and my roots! Someday, hopefully! Meanwhile, I’ll miss you!

  • Frances

    Alan, under Rants:
    The Dec 17, 2004 listing.

  • http://www.insignificantthoughts.com Vinny

    You know? I really didn’t realize how much I read this site until it went bye bye for a little while.

    Hurry back!

    Oh, and enjoy your vakay :-)

  • Alan

    Thank you for taking the time Frances. Have found and read!

  • http://innerzinc.com/inneroutings/ zee

    Enjoy your trip. Take lots of pictures!

    Yup, this will give me enough to keep me busy, and a great look into what I may have missed.

    Be safe!

  • http://futuremd.blogspot.com/ Victoria

    What! The Anchoress takes a holiday?? Where will I get my no-holds barred anti-the whole MSM hogwash posts from…sigh.

    Oh well.

    In the meantime, I’d like to offer my latest post to you and your readers.

    I’ve just “ended” coverage of the Papal Ascension on my blog.

    In the blogpiece I mention below, I wrap-up all my thoughts since 2 April, and hope it may please some of you.

    “Why are We So Afraid of Benedict XVI?”


  • http://closedcafeteria.blogspot.com Gerald Augustinus Naus

    a vacation? tsk tsk – it’s well deserved of course !
    in the meantime, check out my new Catholic blog (shameless self promotion)