Anchoress under the weather

Hi folks. Just a quick notice, here, to cover a few things:

1) I really appreciated reading your good wishes, etc. I am not sure how I gave the impression that I was returning to Eire – that was my LAST vacation, three years ago – this time we went on our first cruise. Sorry that I seemed to muddle that up.

2) Cruises are very nice but no amount of level 70 sunscreen will make it safe for a pasty-faced Irishwoman to sit under an umbrella, fully covered, in the Bahamas.

3) I am only slightly less delicate than Buster, and contracted pnuemonia while at sea. Yes, I am the only person on board to have gotten sick. I’m lucky that way. I still managed – in a different-than-expected way – to enjoy the cruise, but I am still really under the weather, sleeping a lot and heading to the doc’s on Monday. So blogging will continue to be light. I haven’t much energy for news reading, or commenting. Frankly, I’m feeling too punk to work up a head of steam about anything, much.

4) I used to think that if everyone in the world got a foot massage, everyday, there would be no war or crime, or abuse or unkindness in the world. It now occurs to me that if everyone would just get pneumonia, the results would be the same. When you are gasping for air and hacking up multi-colored stuff on the hour, you just have nothing left for interaction.

5) As Arnold said: I’ll be back.

Just not today. Today, I’m mostly going to sleep, wheeze and moan. Have a better one!

UPDATE: Wait, I was wrong. I still have enough energy to shake my head at this story via Ms. Newmark

One minute and 52 seconds is the time it might take an employee to remove his coat and begin booting up his computer, or maybe to dart off for a trip to the water cooler. In France this year, it is the additional time that staff at the national railroad company were asked to work each day as their contribution to a “solidarity fund” for the handicapped and elderly.

The rail workers’ response: not unless we get paid for it.

“One minute and 52 seconds doesn’t seem like much but it still adds up to 7 or 8 hours a year that would not be paid,” said Grégory Roux, secretary of the railroad workers division of the CGT, one of France’s largest unions.

Ms. Newmark reminds us that the purpose of this whole proposal is to avoid another August catastrophe like the one in 2003 where over 10,000 grandmas and grandpas died from heat and lack of services as the whole country essentially went on vacation.

They also don’t want to have to work on Pentecost Monday. Not because the French plan on commemorating the day after the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles and the Mother of Christ…the day itself is meaningless to this very secular nation. They just don’t want to have to work an extra shift, even if it could boost their stagnant economy.

I’m sick as a dog, but even still I can tell that if the French don’t get busy hoisting up their bloomers and putting a little more effort into firming up their tax base, they’re going to have to increase their reliance upon “imported workers.”

If Europe ever becomes Eurabia, France will lead the way. Idiots.

Oh, And another so-called “Catholic” college is being kicked into the “NOT CATHOLIC” column.

“The decision to honor one of Congress’ most outspoken and strident advocates of abortion rights was just the latest episode in a long history of secularization at Marymount Manhattan College,” said Patrick J. Reilly, President of the Cardinal Newman Society (CNS), a national organization dedicated to the renewal of Catholic identity at America’s 220–now 219–Catholic colleges and universities.

H/T to Roman Catholic Blogs I’m glad to see this happening. Marymount Manhattan College has been un-officially “non-Catholic” for a very long time – it’s good to see clarity. Parents and students who are considering a school partly because of its religious affiliation have every right to expect that school to either conform to the ideals of that religion or to be up-front about its dissent. Buster is considering Catholic University – he likes the music program there – but I’m still waiting to see their mandatum. Not holding my breath.

I wonder when the Catholic schools will wake up and understand that while they may have “attracted” students 25 years ago by “loosening up”, they’re facing a generation of students who are repelled by lukewarm, “Catholic-wink-wink-but-only-just-wink-wink” attitude of some institutions. Which explains why these schools are consistently experiencing increased admissions.

Whew. Now I am really tired. Goodnight. ;-)

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  • tracey

    Oh, Anchoress! Pneumonia! On a cruise! That’s just not right. Can someone brew up some lovely tea for you to sip on between moans? Please get well soon. We miss you ’round here. :-)

  • Chuck

    Anchoress, please rest up and get well. I’ll keep you in my prayers

  • Darrell


    You know you are in my prayers. Hope you are fully recovered soon! It did make my day to see a new post. I feel blessed already!

    Don’t let the doctors talk you out of a culture and antibiotics for the pneumonia. And make sure they know you were on a foreign cruise. The CDC and the cruise line may have specific alerts regarding other occurrences and patterns. Ask you doctors to check.

    Glad to have you back. Now plenty of fluids and lots of sweet rest! Pleasant dreams!

  • Darrell

    I remember a survey done in France right after the death toll from the heat wave peaked. More than 80% of the people said it was the responsibility of the government(alone) to check on elderly people in such circumstances. This included people with elderly parents. “Am I my parents keeper?” Well, yes! Mon Dieu!

  • TheAnchoress

    Never fear about the anitbiotics; the ship’s doctor gave me zithromax, and I took it eagerly. :-)

  • Truthseeker

    Dear Anchoress, please get well. Prayers are being offered for your speedy recovery. Thanks for the post! It made my day too. Now rest! May God bless and heal.

  • Rae Stabosz

    Count me as another one glad to see you posting again. And I had to chuckle to see that your pneumonia (eeewwwww, and on a vacation) could not repress your blogging instinct after all. Welcome back. Now drink some water, eat some chicken soup, and go to bed. Rae

  • Leo Wong

    Dear Anchoress,

    Let me add my name to the list of your well-wishers.

    “Mr. Wong”

  • karen

    I’m sorry you feel like the stuff I scrape off the bottom of my boots every day, being a farmer. The antibiotics should kick in soon, I’m thinking. How’s Buster doing, has he gotten over his illnesses and enjoying the sun? I really wish you were in a pub, instead. Please feel better SOON, Anchoress, and isn’t Darrell an awesome Mother Hen? Hi, Darrell! As much as I love to hear you write, sleep ’til your heart’s content and I pray you feel better soon. :D

  • peggy

    Yeah Yeah. You SAY you aren’t going to blog much but just wait til the boredom sets in :)

    Glad to have you back. Without you, I think the past week was the driest week blog wise I have ever been through.

    I think that means that you are doing a great job!

  • Don Singleton

    Welcome back, and I, and many others in the Blogosphere, will be praying for you to quickly recover from both the illness and the trip.

  • Bernard Higgins


    Nice to have you back with us in the blogosphere (you were missed) and do hope your recovery period is shorter than the cruise was! I’m among those who thought you were in Ireland. Get well and soon!

  • Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

    Get well soon- because when you’re feeling better, I’d like to start a movement to get paid for my trip into the office. After all, I have to THINK about work and what needs to be done. Since that trip into work takes 15 minutes, well you can see how that adds up- approximately 62.5 hours a year! And that doesn’t count the times traffic delays that trip- at least another 25 hours a year, for a total of 87.5 unpaid hours a year!

  • Sharkman


    Fervent hopes and prayers for your full and speedy recovery!

  • David B.

    Sorry to hear about your illness. But I’ll have you know my week wasn’t too easy either! You see, I was going through Anchoress withdrawals!

    Yours is usually the first blog I consult each day (and usually check back 2 or three more times throughout the day for updates). It was tough going through the week without your usual wit, wisdom, and unique spiritual perspective on the events of our times. Somehow I made it throught the week, but you were really missed.

    Thanks so much for your thoughts and contributions to the putlic discourse. I hope you get better soon.

    Take Care, David B.

  • tmt

    Welcome back, Anchoress! So sorry you were ill on vacation! Does that qualify you for another one? In a fair world that would be the case!
    You were missed in the blogosphere even if the news was rather slow last week. There was a nutsy Mo Dowd article with her views on the new Pope I wished I could have heard an Anchoress rant on! And of course your choice words on the runaway bride. Ha.

  • MyssiAnn

    I’m sorry you fell under the weather while on your cruise. Get well soon and know that you were missed.
    God bless!

  • Darrell


    Hello to you. Hope your “Spud” problems are behind you!

    I am just concerned for the Anchoress. I am the guy who always gets the doctor wanting to save the world from antibiotic abuse/overuse. I’m lucky that way! Always have been since the 1970′s…Two months later, I do get the antibiotics after the “let’s try doing nothing” approach fails. Doctors, couldn’t part of the problem be caused by too-short antibiotic treatment regimens? Where we don’t get 100% eradication of the culprit bacteria? We wouldn’t have to worry about mutations if none survived, would we?

  • Mary

    So sorry about your falling ill on your first cruise. Same thing happened to me on my first cruise — thank goodness for ship’s doctors. You were missed! Get well soon. BTW, College Inn chicken broth with a few drops of lemon juice is wonderfully soothing.

  • Kobayashi Maru

    Welcome back! We missed you. Sorry you’re feeling punky. If this is how you blog when you’ve got pneumonia, you’re puttin’ the rest of us to shame! Fine catch on the French thing.

  • Jaygee

    How well I know the joy of pneumonia. Aren’t we too young and healthy for such a curse? Apparently not. Praying for your recovery, Anchoress.

  • me2ewe

    Welcome back! Get well! We missed you. I too thought you were in Ireland – I went back and tried to find out why from your previous posts: I think it’s because you mentioned “your last trip to Ireland was three years ago,” so some of us assumed this trip was also to Ireland. I’m sorry you had to get sick, regardless of where you went! :(