I am Lady Cordelia

You are Lady Cordelia Flyte. You are loving and
loyal. You’re not a sentimental dowdy,
however: you have a lively sense of humor and
keen intellect.

What Brideshead Revisited character are you?
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That’s fine, I suppose. But I am still waiting for someone to come up with a “Which Pride and Prejudice Character are You?” test. Preferably, with a picture of Colin Firth to tag on to.

H/T to a Catholic Blog I just found, and like a lot: Some have hats. She has some interesting posts, and I like this booklist…I want to read several of these. Also, like me, she is vehemently against this silliness coming from Cardinal Mahoney’s office that we should not kneel after receiving communion.

There is more than a little evidence that Catholics want a return to SOME orthodoxy rather than the free-wheeling strangeness that folks like Mahoney are still trying to shove down our throats “in the spirit of Vatican II.” I hope the Catholic bloggers keep shining their lights. And I am so glad my parish has a nice, non-performace sort of liturty, heavily focused on and reverent of the Holy Eucharist. I’ve read some horror stories about liturgical abuses, but California seems to be especially full of them.

Anyway, a good site. Hope you’ll bookmark it.

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  • karen

    I’ve never seen this one, either. Yes, I am an uncultured swine! I sawvToy Story about 100 times :). For what it’s worth, I’m Lady Flyte, too. Which is me to a “T”. Dinner on a tray in pjs.

  • Deb

    I don’t know, Anchoress. She’s over there now claiming that Reese and Mahony are “heretics.” Doesn’t seem to be very thoughtful commentary.