I am Mr. Darcy!

That’s odd.

I wanted to be Lizzy.

But Darcy is a good guy. I’ll take it.

You are Mr. Darcy. You are rich, you are brooding,
and you are sexy. You like to go swimming in a
white shirt and look all cute and bewildered
when you come up. You come off as a little
coarse at first, but in the end people come to
see you as warm-hearted and generous. And

Which Pride and Prejudice Character Are You?
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  • http://trkallen.typepad.com/worship_naked tracey

    Drat! I’m Mr. Darcy, too. Why can’t we be Lizzy? Well, we *are* rich, brooding, and sexy, A. Well, I’m only two out of those three. Won’t say which two. ;-)

    If you’re up for another quiz, I’ve got one up, too. But it’s more important that you sit there with your rich, brooding, sexy self and get better. No swimming in white shirts for you.

  • karen

    OK. I took your quiz and must confess I’ve never seen P ride and Prejudice, I don’t know who any of these people are or what they stand for. I think I was Liz, I can’t remember the full name. I doubt like blazes the accuracy of this quiz, but at least I’ve caught the interest of you guys, aka. Mr. D. He sounds hot, all right. Guess I’ll have to rent this one. Didn’t you say it was long?

  • http://navy.mil Iris

    Where do you come up with these tests? I’m Jane Bennet. If I’m honest with myself I must agree. I am a pushover because I always try to believe in the best in people.

  • TheAnchoress

    It’s not long enough!

    And the scene with Darcy taking a bath is too short, also.

  • http://trkallen.typepad.com/worship_naked tracey

    Karen — You simply must rent it. The one with Colin Firth. And yes, it’s long, but oh, so worth it! And you came out as Lizzy? Well, (aside from making The Anchoress and me jealous), I’m sure that means you’re now *dutybound* to rent it. Watch it over a few nights. I promise you’ll like it — or I’m not Mr. Darcy!

  • TheAnchoress

    Tracey – your test looks too hard for me tonight. I’ll try tomorrow! :-)

  • me2ewe

    Dang. I knew I’d be Jane. I love her and all, but I swear I’m a lot more cynical!

  • me2ewe

    Hey, how come there wasn’t a Lady Catherine de Bourgh option?? I want to be HER. Rich, snotty, and with everyone bowing to my every word. Until Lizzy comes along.

  • Leo

    You are Mr. Bingly. Immediately likeable, handsome, and rich. You are humble and cute in a boyish way. All women want you–if Mr. Darcy isn’t taken, that is.

    Hah, my favorite question answer: How do you feel about your family: Sold them for gambling debts.

  • Wanda

    Great. I’m Mary Bennet. I never said I played the piano! (Though I do.) Anyway, I *am too* smarter than everyone else, and I’ve got a lot of quotes to prove it.

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