A Far Out Animation, SocSec, Anti-Semites and More

Patrick at Paragraph Farmer brings us an animation that is both far and near. It’s very cool. Go look.

David Brooks had a terrific column today that basically lifts the mists and spells out exactly how the Democrats have revealed themselves to be completely phoney in their concerns. Or, maybe not phoney. I don’t think they’re so much phoney as just so committed to being against anything – anything at all – that President Bush is for, that they will even turn their backs on their own suggestions. I’m sorry but that much hate is just sick. I’ve said before that this party is in need of not simply a strategy but real healing. The Democrats need someone with true greatness to emerge – not the manufactured and helped-along myth of Hillary. I mean something real. I hope it happens. Our country would be better served by a two party system in which both parties are fully committed to service over sniping.

And because his column on this issue was so good, I ‘m re-linking to Krauthammer. I’m also linking to No Speed Bumps who has a SocSec plan based on major reforms. I don’t know if I understand it all…but it’s always good to look at all the ideas, no?

Kentucky Packrat is hosting the Christian Carnival this week. It’s huge and there is a lot of good stuff there. Happy reading!

I won’t be getting one of these for Mother’s Day. Thankfully. (H/T Roman Catholic Blog.

Remember that firefighter who awoke? Seems someone’s been asking a potential saint for help. I think miracles have to be full and permanent, unexplainable cures, though. Don’t know if it qualifies.

CUANAS has an interesting picture of the progess that is being made in turning Paris into Eurabia. Things look to be progressing quickly.

Dr. Rusty Shackleford has been posting a series, The Damned of the West that makes for good reading on a Sunday night. You’ll want to print it all out.

This is sort of interesting. Were these taped excerpts about someone in the GOP, I am quite certain they’d be all over the MSM, instead, there’s just this one little item, near as I can see. H/T The Powerline Guys, who also wonder if Howard Dean is dragging down the Dems. I’ve been wondering about him for a while.

Oh. And Dirty Harry is still blaming me for Tina Brown!

Mr. Wong says: Am very much enjoying Remembered Past: John Lukacs on History, Historians, and Historical Knowledge—A Reader, edited by Mark G. Malvasi and Jeffrey O. Nelson (Wilmington DE, ISI Books, 2005). Sounds like one for my bookshelf.

My Yankees finally won a game, today. Mike Mussina did a great job pitching. I still dislike A-Rod and I am still convinced he is the one who reversed the curse.

Young Gerald Augustinus (young as in his blog is only a few weeks old, and because he is under 35) has a thought of two about Mr. Dean as well. And some thoughts on St. Maximilian Kolbe. I like this guy, he is newly baptised but…umm…he is a Red Sox fan, and so…you know…there’s problems, and he has been warned not to try me too high! :-)

Finally, a recipe, if anyone out there is looking for something to cook for mom: Lasagna rolls! H/T Beth.

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  • http://closedcafeteria.blogspot.com Gerald Augustinus

    Well, not everyone is perfect…you got a great website, have been very nice to me but…you’re a Yankees fan ;)

  • http://www.merrimusings.typepad.com Merri

    Thanks so much for the link! I will say, the Lasagna rolls are wonderful – and would be even *more* wonderful for a Mom if someone else made them for her. :-)

  • http://leowong2004.blogspot.com/ Leo Wong

    We saw a similar animation at an exhibiton called “A Very Liquid Heavan” at the Tang Museum of Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs. The screen was toward the ceiling. People lay on mattresses and looked up at the universe going from human to macro, back to human, then to micro. Interesting, but remember that these are human conceptions, not necessarily the view in God’s eye. The exhibition continues until June 5.


  • http://jawboneofanass.blogspot.com/ Jawbone

    A-Rod didn’t reverse the curse… It was Nomar. Keep an eye on those Cubs! (From a Milwaukee Braves fan– Aaron, Matthews, Adcock, Spahn, Burdette, Crandall, and yes… Joe Torre!)

  • http://sigcarlfred.blogspot.com/ Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

    Very good compendium of links. TY.

  • http://gratefulcatholic.blogspot.com/ grateful_catholic

    When Mussina’s got his touch, no one’s better.

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    Sorry, I don’t keep comments up that use fake email addresses, particularly those that use foul languaged directed at me. Grow up.