Anchoress still unwell, heading back to doc

If you who are inclined toward prayer would whisper one up for me, I would appreciate it. We’re moving into “something is still not right” land, and I suspect a blood test at the very least is in the offing.

UPDATE: Well, we’ll know more in a few days. Blood was taken. Since I hadn’t eaten in ages, she took the fasting tests, plus all the usual, plus the heptatis thingies…X-ray looked okay, lungs sound better, but I’ve been ordered to keep resting for a few more days (I had done a lot yesterday and was completely exhausted) so…if you don’t see much of me…I be on the hammock under the pear tree! :-) I thank you, all of you, who have promised prayers. It’s very humbling to me, always to know that people I don’t even know are offering up a good word to the Father for me! Thanks, and God bless!

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  • Joseph Marshall

    You’ve got it.

  • Pat

    Working the beads.

  • Darrell

    My prayers are with you! Time to stop guessing and find out what you’re dealing with! A prayer to the Holy Spirit for your doctor as well.

  • MyssiAnn

    Prayers going up. Two weeks plus into this, you’d better get the works: blood tests, chest x-rays and sputum cultures. It’s important to know exactly which bug you are living with to know which drug to use to kill it.

  • Mary

    Of course. Good luck and keep us posted!

  • JB

    My prayers for your health.

  • peggy

    Absolutely. Prayers going up.

  • Rick


    Heal, lead, guide, comfort, assure, love.


  • Momma K

    Offering prayers for you.

  • Dirty Harry

    This hypochondriac hates these kinds of rality checks. Be well.

  • tmt

    You can count on my prayers., Anchoress. And may wisdom be with your doc.

  • Don Singleton

    Lord, please give her doctor the wisdom to learn what is ailing her, and what to do to achieve healing.

  • Jeanette

    You are always in my prayers and I will pray harder now.

  • stephanie

    Get tons of rest and hope they figure out how to combat this thingy soon. Thinking of you and sending losts of healing white light your way! (Someone had to get a little new agey ;-)
    I have beautiful chrystals if you want one…can’t promise it’ll heal, but they make pretty rainbows in your window :-)

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  • me2ewe

    I’m praying for you, Anchoress. Be well!

  • http://YourHealth OhioWoodsman

    All things work for good, to those who love the Lord! Remember: suffering is the HEAT by which we all melt into Jesus.