Two amusing headlines

I think they’re funny, anyway:

Ohio Senator Known for Independence.

Hillary-haters seize on trial of fundraiser in bid to smear Clintons

What’s amusing about these headlines?

Well, the double standards. The first one cracks me up because once again we see the press romancing a GOP senator with sweet headlines and dangling the precious “Maverick” label before Senator Voinovich. They managed to seduce John McCain this way. He never got over the seduction. The double-standard lies in the fact that when a member of the GOP dissents from the party, becoming a valuable tool for the Democrats, his or her dissention is written up as an admirable quality. They are praised for their renegade independence.

However, on the very rare occasion wherein a Democrat dares dissent, there are no such glowing headlines. I don’t recalle Senator Zell Miller being feted as an “independent thinker” when he moved away from the party’s anti-war stance.

Just think it’s amusing, that’s all.

The second headline is downright hilarious to me. For five years, we have watched every manner of Bush-hater go after every breath the man has made, every step he’s taken, and not once did we see a headline suggesting that “Bush-haters seize opportunity to….whatever…enter your own meme, here.”

But when it comes to Clinton, if anyone looks askance at anything to do with them, why, they are HATERS, CONSPIRING AGAINST THE CLINTONS.

The press is rushing to protect and defend the Clintons, as it always has. You can’t look into those fund-raising issues! That’s mean! You’re just looking at it because you’re a HATER!

Cracks me up.

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  • Joseph Marshall

    Old George V. is my senator and I haven’t heard that he has launched a blistering attack on the Republican Party or its leadership in the most public forum possible.
    I seem to recall Zell Miller doing just that.
    I also recall something you perhaps didn’t see because you weren’t in Ohio; the absolutely savage television commercial smear the White House launched against old George V. when he dared even question the wisdom of the President’s insane “tax cut and deficit spending” policy (which has not only given us “guns and butter”, but also bullets to butter our bread with and butter to load up our guns with).
    A “maverick” is a stray calf, this is a far different thing than a savage attack dog, of which the Republican Party keeps so many in reserve and on the payroll.
    As to ‘hating’, well I suppose that among partisans who keep company with such politics as were loosed against old George V., the word must have a somewhat different definition, applying only to cases nothing short of felonious assault.
    George V. has some very creative financial matters in his political background and a certain close associate has pled to some crimes here.
    But I think that if you were to compare my attitude toward my Senator that I largely disagree with, and your attitude toward your Senator that you largely disagree with, an objective observer would clearly see a far different emotional tone behind them.

  • stephanie

    I’d have to agree with Joe about V. Zell Miller has publically called all democrats traitors to their countries and stated we should be arrested. He SPOKE AT THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION. Sure McCain, V and others have occasionally “sided” with the dems on a few issues- but not attacked them with the viciousness Miller has shown.

  • TheAnchoress

    Okay. Joe Lieberman doesn’t get to wear the “Maverick” crown, either.

    It is reserved for dissenting GOPers. :-)

  • Ken