“Party of NO” video and things you should read

There is a lot out there – so much that I must serve up some hot links in order to get them out of my head, or I’ll not be able to think clearly:

Before you read anything, go check out this new video from the RNC, DEMOCRATS: THE PARTY OF NO. It’s pretty damning stuff.

First up: Mark R. Levin sent a blast from the past to NRO’s The Corner and I link it here because it needs to be read and disseminated: George Will Back When He Understood Why The Judicial Filibuster Was Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. And while we’re talking about that, the great liberal Nat Hentoff is arguing against the filibuster as well. Also, read this at Hugh Hewitt’s place.

Secondly, I wanted to draw your attention to Jeanette’s blog, because I am so impressed at how techno-proficient she is becoming! While I sit here, still and forever a technophobe, she is adding plug-ins, and audio and all sorts of things. She is also – more than any blogger I can think of – so completely on top of the stories which are exploring matters of faith and the human condition – that you really have to just scroll up and down and make sure you miss nothing.

Thirdly: Marines, in Iraq, at the Syrian Border - this could be the dismantling of Al Qaeda. It’s the big topic in the blogosphere today – as it should be – and I wanted to direct your attention to some posts you may not have seen, at CUANAS (who has other very interesting things so scroll down), and The Belmont Club. The AP says they’re pushing on. Captain Ed wonders if this is AlQ’s last stand and reports that an Italian news service is saying maybe – MAYBE – Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has been taken down by the matadors! Go, guys, go! This story is also excellent.

I really like Jonah Goldberg’s column wondering What is a Conservative and fully agree with him that we are “comfortable with contradiction.” Life is full of them. So is faith. And you will not be surprised to read that I agree 100% with him that a conservative, these days, is simply a classical liberal.

I’m still thinking and learning about Social Security and I think this is a pretty good article on the whole issue of reform.

Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette is stomping mad about what he is calling a “witchhunt” against Evangelical Christians at the Air Force Acadamy. Considering the testimony of 15 people is causing all of this tumult, I don’t know that he is wrong.

Roman Catholic Blog has been named Hugh Hewitt’s “Blog of the Month” for April and it is well deserved. With the death of one pope and the election of another, they did a sterling job on all of it. Right now they are also featuring a piece that is a painful read for parents and Catholics – bad medicine that we have to take: a glimpse into the mind of a pedophile priest.

On a much-needed lighter note, Barbara Nicolosi has a very funny and thoughtful encounter with some aging boomer Dominican nuns who responded to her inquiry about Mass with the equivalent of “Masses? We don’ need no stinkin’ Masses!” Thankfully, there ARE some young, fresh and happily traditional and friendly Dominicans coming up.

Speaking of Sisters, Sr. Lorraine’s mother has passed away. You may want to drop a note of condolence.

Big surprise here: The UN ignored weapons.

The voter fraud in Milwaukee that we’ve all known about since November is finally breaking quietly into the mainstream news. Ed Morrissey has a great post and Michelle Malkin has more. John Kerry did not lose by 3 million votes. He lost by more. But it’s very troubling that the press is (unsurprisingly) incurious as we watch the Democrats get better and better at stealing states. I pray the GOP will get on the ball in addressing this…but I’m not holding my breath.

Look at this picture of Cathy Seipp and Lawrence (Yes, dem’s my veins poppin’ outta my skull) O’ Donnell. Body language and transcript makes me think perhaps he would have hit her if he could have. The man has lost it. Tolerant. Gentle. Compassionate. Enlightened. Ha.

Finally, a nice pro-life rumination by Gerald and Sigmund is writing quite a lot – QUITE a lot – about parenting and education, all of it more than worth the time to read.

That’s it for me, I’m beat and heading back out into the hammock under the pear tree! Happy reading!

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  • http://ohhowilovejesus.com Jeanette

    Thanks for the mention, Anchoress. I’ll be glad to tutor you on the plugins. Not that hard if you have an ftp program.

    God bless, and get better.

  • http://gratefulcatholic.blogspot.com/ grateful_catholic

    Nat Henthoff has been right-to-life since Jane Fonda was a gleam in her father’s eye. It’s more interesting than with your garden-variety liberal to see where he’ll come down on any given issue.

    Liberalism’s a funny thing, in general much more homogenous and less interesting than in times past. I wonder how many people today recall that the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. opposed contraception?

  • Mary

    OT comment — Do you really have a hammock under a pear tree that you can flake out in, or is it a figure of speech? Inquiring minds want to know because I think you live where I grew up. I’m in northern New Hampshire now, and was actually able to get out on my deck this evening for most the amazing air,scents, and birdsong, almost hammock weather but not quite. If you have hammock weather I’m jealous. Get well soon!

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  • stephanie

    LOL…the dems aren’t THAT good at stealing states- if we were we’d win an election! Reminds me of the latin test I tried to cheat on …got a D-. LOL Probably explains why that was the ONLY time I ever tried to cheat….

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