A 73 y/o Democrat is fed up with her party

Lorie Byrd wonders, in light of Harry Reid’s latest, classless move (and Boxer’s unsurprisingly move against Bolton), what’s in Teddy’s file? It’s a good question, and you’ll want to go read Lorie’s thoughts. Then, you’ll want to go here, and read Michelle Malkin’s EXCELLENT ROUND UP of all things Reid

The GOP video re The Party of No needs to be played and replayed today.

But you know what? This bottomless appetite for political sniping and character assassination we’re seeing from the Democrats is going to backfire on them. How do I know? Because today I spoke with an old family friend, a 73 year-old, lifelong Democrat, a woman who contributes to the party and who has actively worked on campaigns, most recently for John Kerry. She is a woman who does not like George W. Bush and would never vote for him, under any circumstance. She told me that she is “thoroughly disgusted” with her party and all their petty little machinations. “Bush was elected, he has the right to name his judges. The complaints against Bolton amount to nothing, and the resistance against him is nothing but spite, and I am ashamed that my party, MY party, is playing fast and lose with the constitution and the filibuster. I never thought I would feel bad for Bush, but I do, and I hope he gets what he wants, now. These people don’t represent me. I don’t know who they represent, anymore, besides themselves, but they don’t represent me. THe precedent they are setting is reprehensible.”

If THIS woman is turning, and beginning to think of Bush as the sympathetic underdog…then the Democrats are doing tremendous harm to themselves with their relentless obstructionism.

Don’t lose heart. God does exist, and even when it seems like we are faced with an opposition that has nothing to offer but schemes and silliness, He’s got a hand in things. Prayer has power. It can defeat all this hate, and maliciousness.

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  • John Hetman

    I left the Democratic Party in the 1980s, and moved right after it became apparent that they were becoming rigid ideologues. But even then, and throughout the eight disgusting years of the Clintons, Inc., they had not reached down to become the scum feeders that so many of them are now.

    There are a few notable exceptions in the Democratic Party, but they are marginalized voices of decency. If they were not such a danger to the Republic, their rigid and arrogant positions would also be comic.

  • http://trkallen.typepad.com/worship_naked tracey

    A — Heads up! You’ve another chance to be Lizzy! C’mon over and take the test. I think — as you say — “you’ll like.” :-)

  • http://www.valuechainadvisors.com decatur

    Yesterday I sent an e-mail to Lamar Alexander informing him that, while I have voted a straight Republican ticket in every election since 1962, I will vote against him when he runs again for the Senate. The issues are illegal immigration and judges. On both those issues, Senator Alexander has been worse than useless.

    Both the Republicans and the Democrats in Washington are turning off their bases. The question is who is doing it faster.

    My gues is that Democrat voters have a higher tolerance for sleaze than Republican voters have for absence of principle (in their respective politicians), so the DNC should be optimistic about the next election.

  • Robert

    Decatur, Lamar Alexander is not in the Senate, he is in the House. He doesn’t have anything to do with judges.

  • http://www.valuechainadvisors.com decatur

    Robert, if you’re right, the folks who run Alexander’s Website are really confused.

    Here’s the link: http://alexander.senate.gov/

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