Rosett on those connections that “don’t exist”

A few days ago, Stephen Hayes and Thomas Joscelyn wrote about them, – the connections between Saddam and bin Laden

Now the tireless Claudia Rosett takes a turn on the issue.

Mr. Bush, in calling attention to the Iraq-al Qaeda connection in the first place, did the right thing. For the U.S. president to confirm that clearly and directly at this stage, with some of the abundant supporting evidence now available, might seem highly controversial. But reviving that controversy would help settle it more squarely in line with the truth.

Sometimes I do not understand Bush’s reluctance to use his bully pulpit. I myself – were I president – would be what Joe Marshall describes as “glittering holy terror” on this issue. :-)

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  • Becca

    a “glittering holy terror” is a marvelous expression! I agree that Bush should use his bully pulpit more.

  • RJGatorEsq.

    I voted for this President (twice), donated heavily to his campaigns, and have been his enthusiastic defender at every opportunity. My son, an Army officer, is devoted to the man. One of the first books my daughter (then age 5) read was a kids’ biography of him.
    However, he does not use his bully pulpit well. There is no reason for a large percentage of American adults to be uncertain of the very logical, simple reasons why we are in Iraq.
    I keep waiting for him to take the gloves off. And hoping. And waiting.

  • Pierre Legrand

    Linked to your article Anchoress but track back seems to not work. Probably me since I have to manually trackback…

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