The Get-Bush-Scandal 12 Step Dance

Betsey Newmark has very cleverly thought through the process of an incipient “heh-heh-we’ve-got-Bush-now” Democrat/Media scandal, and she’s broken them down into 12 easy steps:

1. Something comes out in the press that looks terribly damaging.

2. The media goes into overdrive hyping the story and focusing on it monomaniacally.

3. The lefty bloggers start drooling in glee.

4. Democratic politicians make somber, seemingly heartsick speeches denouncing the administration in increasingly vituperative language.

5. Then, after a day or so, the right side of the fence kicks into gear. The RNC starts issuing press releases to show how things are being taking out of proportion.

6. Righty bloggers start looking at the actual evidence, going back through old news stories to remind people of the historical facts. Long-forgotten little reports in the media are resurrected to exonerate the Bush people.

You’ll want to read the whole thing. This is why I stop by Ms. Newmark’s establishment several times a day. She’s just that bright.

But this whole 12-step idea…wouldn’t it be great if we could outline a 12-Step program for recovering scandal-over-reachers?

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  • Mr.Atos

    In other words, Right blogs have become the antibiotic to the Left media infection in the body politic. Psuedo-scandals are now a 48-hour bug at best.

  • Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

    This may be cynical, but it seems to me that the frenzy re Rove is a game of rope-a-dope being played out.

    In watching CNN, even David Gergen is saying that Rove did nothing illegal. All he could muster was that the WH was doing a poor job handling the press.

    The harder he left pushes, the louder Roves gets to say ‘Wheres the beef!’ later on.

    He roping them in.