Go, Yankess, Go!

Okay, Okay…I accept the fact that my boys will probably be slaughtered today as this poor rookie Redding comes out of nowhere – with a 10 point ERA – and walks into the lions den that is Fenway Park…

Nevertheless, the Yanks have pulled to within 1.5 games of first place, in a season where everyone had written them off, and when their pitching has been abysmal.

And so, even though I expect pain – oh…much, much pain…I will cheer my Yankees tonight and hope that they’ll win.

I never think it’s quite “right” to pray for a baseball game, but I think I will offer up a wee prayer or two for this young Redding – who seems very nervous. I’ll ask Perpetua and Felicity and Thecla to pray for him, too…since they all had their turns in the lion’s dens! :-)

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  • SigmundCarlandAlfred

    PUHHLEEEZE. The Yankess would need direct divine intervention to pull out a pennant- never mind anything else.

  • Bob Koeth

    Anchoress, I think the Yankees are the one team in sports that don’t need any prayers to win. I’ve been praying for them to lose for years and it hasn’t worked! :0

  • joeh

    Somehow I do not see the Lord being for the Yankee’s. Something about the moneychangers that I remember.