Subscribe to Crisis Magazine at a great price

Julie at Happy Catholic gives the heads up:

They’re offering $10 subscriptions for the next week. I was just going to write about about all the great looking articles in the Crisis magazine that showed up yesterday … especially the overview of the 24 different Catholic Churches that are all in communion with Rome (who knew it was so many? not me!). There’s something looking at George Felos (the pro-euthansia attorney who represented Michael Schaivo), a look at the myths that surround corporal mortification (surprising but interesting sounding, eh?) … book reviews, Terry Teachout … and more. But I don’t have time. Go get a cheap subscription and give it a whirl.

This is a bargain price for an excellent Catholic magazine that deserves a broad readership. If you’re tempted, take the plunge!

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  • JMC

    Great magazine. I’ve been subscribed to it for years, and I love it.