Bush damned if he does or doesn’t

I knew this was coming, I was waiting for it! A member of the eternally spiteful, eternally adolescent press did it, and I was waiting for it (from Media Blog)

After President Bush briefed reporters on his intention to visit the area affected by Hurricane Rita as soon as possible, one reporter yelled, “Sir, what good can you do going down to the hurricane zone? Might you get in the way?”

Bush, who had already started walking away, turned around:

BUSH: We’re going to make sure we’re not in the way of the operations. What I am going to do is observe the relationship between the state and local government.

Then a reporter (possibly the same one) yelled, “Well, critics are saying this is an overcompensation for the response to Katrina.”

This is why it’s impossible to have an intelligent debate about Bush’s response to the hurricanes. The press hates him and blames him no matter what he does. Media Blog has the video.

“Well CRITICS SAY…” in other words, “well, WE IN THE PRESS, WHO HATE YOU, SAY…..”

Why don’t members of the press just come right out and say it:

“Mr President, we hate you. We hate you so much we can’t see straight. We hate you so much that no matter what you do, you are wrong. We hated you when you weren’t standing in the middle of Katrina holding your hand up and saying ‘stop’ and we hate you now that you are here at Rita! We hate you for everything you don’t do, and we hate you for everything you DO do. We hate you and despise you morning, noon and night. There is NOTHING you can do that will ever make us like you. We hate your liberation of millions of people. We hate that women in Afghanistan are voting and going to school. We hate that your tax cuts worked. We hate that school tests are improving on your watch and that reading comprehension in poorer schools is on the upswing. We hate that seniors got prescription benefits. We hate that North Korea is giving up the Nukes game. We hate that Libya turned over its WMD. We hate ALL of this, every bit of it, because we hate YOU, and that R after your name! Otherwise, believe us, Mr. President, we’d have LOVED ALL THAT STUFF!”

I don’t know why anyone would want to be president, these days. Unless, of course, you have a D after your name, in which case, the press will do all they can to help.

UPDATE: Dr. Sanity is also wondering what the hell is wrong with the press.

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  • timmyboy

    I don’t think W much cares if the press likes him or not.
    Ironically, for me this is the only personal characteristic that would make the job endurable. It also almost certainly makes it worse.
    Reporters do appear to hate the President, but I bet they hate being ignored even more.

  • http://www.grandpajohn.blogspot.com/ Steve

    General Honore, “They’re stuck on stupid.”

  • stephanie

    LoL…love that. that was my first comment when they started saying he didn’t visit fast enough- that they were nuts, cause that would mean they’d have to stop working- so he should stay away while they got the first bit under control.

  • Donna

    I am glad Bush’s faith is so strong. Like you said in a past post, hatred is a force, just as love is, and I think a man without faith would have cracked under the force of that sort of venom and spite by now. Even a confident and thick-skinned politician. Texas politics might get rough, but I’m sure nothing he experienced while governor (not even Molly Ivins) compares with the non-stop fury directed at him now.

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