Adding Buster to the Bookshelf

Believe it or not, I actually do get emails from people wondering what Buster is reading or listening to, particularly what he is listening to, since he has eclectic tastes. I offered to give him a page of his own in the blog, but he waved me off and suggested I simply add some of his preferences to The Bookshelf, which I have now done.

Yes, he is recommending both Ray Charles and Bryn Terfel, both The Count of Monte Cristo and Pure Baseball. Yes, the Zombie Survival Guide is one of his recommendations as are -unsurprisingly – the Cowboy Bebop and Serenity picks.

While he was making his list, I updated the rest of the bookshelf, too. For Lent, I took out most (not all) of the political books and added a few more religious ones. And a few DVD and CD selections. I confess, I’m a little Bryn Terfel crazy right now, (okay, more truthfully, I have the hots for Bryn Terfel) but that’s because Buster has been playing his stuff a lot around the house as part of his “studying.” He’s also listening to a Russian baritone named Dmitri Hvorostovsky, who I don’t like quite as much. It must be a Celtic thing.

Anyway, if you are interested, go take a look at The Bookshelf. I’m a little heavy on the Ratzinger, right now, but I have some unusual choices, as well – Women in the Bible for Dummies, Neuhaus’ latest, Marley and Me, which I had to order, because it sounded so great. Write Now, the penmanship book, is still there because people seem to be glad to find it. I’ve included Glenn Reynold’s An Army of Davids and a book about exorcism, just because it sounded interesting. The new book by Fallaci, The Force of Reason, is finally available, too. I’ve also linked to Mark Steyn’s latest, America Alone, although it won’t be available until November. Figured I’d whet your appetite! :-)

I’ll put the Lenten Recommendations there, too, below Buster’s picks.

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  • March Hare

    Once Buster finishes reading The Count of Monte Cristo (I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would–and it was a much faster read than I expected!), he should rent the movie, starring Jim Caviezel as the Count.
    The essential story is the same, but the ending is much, much different. I’d be interested to hear which he preferred.

  • Piano Girl

    Tell Buster to take a look at recordings by Matthias Goerne and Thomas Quasthoff, as well. BTW, Dmitri Hvorostovsky is amazing to watch up close and personal in concert ~ love his voice, too! I’ve enjoyed the recording of Bryn Terfel doing “The Songs of Travel” by Vaughan Williams.