House sales, kids books, a rousing debate and more…

Just thought I’d mention this because we keep hearing this can’t be true. Existing home sales make unexpected gains. I guess those 800,000 jobs are safe for another month! Whew!

Jim Geraghty at TKS
has pointed out that the good news is out there and that my glummish postings of late are not taking them into account. I appreciate his optimisim and plead canker sores in my throat for the mood (yes, egad, I’m still cranky). He has a good piece up on what we really shouldn’t waste our time looking for – and he’s right. You should go read! :-) Jim also notes that there is some reason for hope in the matter of Abdul Rahman. Michelle Malkin has more on that.

And Joe is also keeping track of good news, Aussie style as well – pretty uplifting, actually. Nice stories about GOOD things going on, which the press never covers.

I know this has made the rounds, military deaths under Clinton and Bush. We’ve known for a while that the military tragically lose approx. 500 personnel a year, even in peacetime, simply through accidents. John Hawkins has more.

Desert Light Journal points out that Naomi Wolfe essentially supports censorship. Oh, and the government keeping track of what your kids are reading…because, you know…you can’t do that well enough.

Confederate Yankee wants to keep an eye on Hillary and her bible. It’s not really surprising that she’d be going scriptural right about, now, but wasn’t it just a little while ago she was saying “I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigrants.”

It’s all very tiring.

This is too: Your Easter decorations must come down, no bunnies!. It might offend someone. Can we have a debate about Bunnies and chocolate eggs, please?

Speaking of debate, this one is pretty lively.

Oh, look, someone at ABC news hates Bush. I’m gonna have a heart attack and die from that surprise.

Finally, Lorie Byrd has an excellent column up over at Townhall all about feeeeelings and how the press is so interested in the troops “feelings” just now.

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  • Sigmund Carl and Alfred

    I was having a nice day till you mentioned Naomi Wolfe, Al Gore’s ‘Alpha Male’ coach (she might not want that on her resume).

    In fact, Wolfes record is spotless. Let her endorse a candidate, idea or concept, and you can be sure it will go the other way.

    I’m hoping she gets into predicting the outcome of sporting events.

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  • benning

    Green is just so embarrassed that the email came out. Gosh. Isn’t it a shame? The poor man. The poor, biased, lying man.

    Nice links, Ma’am.

  • http://none Darrell

    Accidental US active duty military deaths was in the 1600+ range for the peacetime years of the 1970′s. Specific military programs put in place during the Reagan years to reduce those numbers produced a drop to about 600/yr by the time Clinton took office. Combined total non-hostile deaths for both Operation Enduring Freedom(Afghanistan,Oct.2001-Feb.2006) and Operation Iraqi Freedom(Iraq,Mar.2003-Feb.2006)were 614 for the campaigns thus far. Hostile deaths totalled 1888 for the two campaigns thus far.

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