Go ahead, impeach Bush; try him

So, Dennis Kucinich has introduced articles of Impeachment against President Bush.

I think he tried this once before, didn’t he? (Ah, I see that was about Cheney.)

The blogs are ablaze with it, of course, Fausta may have been first out of the gate, and both Thomas Lifson and Rick Moran are looking closely at Obama’s remarks about trying people for “war crimes.”

I sort of knew this was where it was all heading two weeks ago when Couric, Gibson and Williams got together for an early morning chitchat that was supposed to be about a “cancer telethon”; it turned out to be a long introduction to Scott McClellan’s book.

The “cancer telethon” looks to be scheduled in September, and – since it seemed odd to be talking about it on the last day of the ratings “sweeps” in May – I’ll stick to my original suspicion, that the “big morning media blitz” was only nominally about cancer and mostly about McClellan, and that his book (and subsequent congressional testimony) – which amounts to, “people had meetings I wasn’t at; even though Armitage outted Plame; I think Cheney did it; the president used propaganda* (about which the Senate Intel Committee Report released this week repeatedly called “substantiated” (PDF file here) and I think Bush is basically a good man,” – was meant to be a stage-setter for impeachment, inquiries and investigations.

Because heaven knows, this congress hasn’t the stomach to work on solving an actual problem, not unless it means they can blame Bush for something or raise a tax. It remains to be seen whether they can be forced or shamed into actually serving us.

So, as I said last year, let’s do this already. Let’s get the Impeachment going. Let’s see those cases for war crimes. Instead of implying all manner of Bushian evil by whispering the words, let’s see it all. Make your cases. Bring the evidence. Get the testimony, under oath.

You may or may not destroy the enemy you’ve so loved to hate these last 5 years (and how funny that your “enemy” is not the group pledged to kill you , but the guy trying to save your silly asses) but likely you will destroy yourselves in the process. You may destroy the country, too, but if that’s what it takes to get the truth out there, so be it.

This reminds me of the Stephen Crane poem, In The Desert:

In the desert
I saw a creature, naked, bestial,
Who, squatting upon the ground,
Held his heart in his hands,
And ate of it.
I said, “Is it good, friend?”
“It is bitter – bitter”, he answered,
“But I like it
Because it is bitter,
And because it is my heart.”

May 2007 Joy Behar, taking a cue from Al Gore, read some reasons to impeach Bush. Here they are again, for your edification, and I still hold with my responses from back then. Like I said, it’s time for the Democrats and the left to stop dancing around this – with all their “oooohhhhh-we’re gonna-getcha” warnings and hintings. Go ahead and throw the punch!

I read a transcript of the execrable morning program The View in which Joy Behar, a Gore-adoree of the first water, reads from one of these lists:

JOY BEHAR: I was watching Al Gore on, on “Larry King” last night and, you know, he has a new book out, Al Gore, where he basically really says that Bush was the worst president that we’ve ever had in the history of the country…Does anyone have any idea why we can’t get rid of this guy who stole the election in 2000, killed the surplus with tax cuts…Wanting to privatize social security. Let me get through the list. He withdrew us from the Kyoto Treaty, John Ashcroft. Sat in the classroom after learning about 9/11…He lied to us to get us into the war. He awarded a no-bid contract to Halliburton, Abu Ghraib. He promoted his friend Michael Brown to take care of Katrina. Heck of a job, Brownie. Remember that? He doesn’t listen to the Iraq Study Group. He choked on a pretzel…He waited a week to visit New Orleans and then only to watch some jazz. He stood by Alberto Gonzales…and he stood by Rumsfeld, who some people think is a war criminal. He can’t pronounce the word “nuclear.” These are just some of the reasons…this guy needs to be thrown out of office.

Oh, I think it’s definitely time. Let’s do it – let’s impeach President Bush! In order to establish and investigate the articles of impeachment, let’s have all of this brought forward and get it all looked into, for real, let’s get it all entered into a real, actual record, instead of in someone’s book of dreams and opinions or in a convenient, “bumperstickeresqe” meme. Let’s get all the tawdry lists and narratives together and finally get them “on the record and testified to.” We can start with the Gore/Behar list:

1) Bush Stole the Election!

Let’s have the editors of the NY Times and the consortium of newspapers who took the time to actually Recount Florida Gore’s Way testify – under oath – that their 10,000 word article admits that yes, Bush really did win the election, or that no, their piece was a lie. Let’s get it on the record.

And while we’re at it, let’s shine a little light on some real voter fraud.

2) Bush Lied Us Into War!

Let’s have President Clinton, Senator Clinton, John Kerry, John Edwards, Edward Kennedy, Madeline Albright, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Jack Murtha, Sandy Berger and all the rest (including – again – the NY Times) testify – under oath – that when they were telling the world – from 1998 right up to the Iraq invasion – that Saddam Hussein “had WMD” and given half a chance would “use them,” and that the intelligence they saw from President Bush and SecState Powell either was (as Sen. Clinton said) “consistent with the intelligence we saw in the White House [from 1998-2000],” or it was not. Let them testify that they were telling the truth then, or that they were lying through their teeth, all along and the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act was mere hogwash. Oh and that when they voted for the war, they didn’t actually mean it, too.

Let’s get it on the record, and settled once and for all – including this transcript.

And, don’t forget that Intelligence Committee Report and all those substantiations.

3) Bush Wanted to Privatize Social Security!

Oh, heavens – let’s not try something novel to save a program that’s going under! What was the Democrat plan, again, to “save” Social Security? What have they done to “save” it…ever? What is their plan besides “raising taxes?”

4) Bush Killed the Surplus with Tax Cuts!

I remember reading about a projected surplus – (H/T Jimmy) not an actual, “money in the bank” surplus, and I’ll have to call out a bleg here, because I also remember reading reports, after Clinton left office, which said the GAO was finding discrepancies by some 30% within the Clinton projections, but at that time I wasn’t saving stuff and sometimes it’s surprising what you can’t find on Google. [UPDATE: ABWTF has more on this, and thanks! - admin] There is more clarification on the MYTHICAL surplus here.

Be that as it may, nine months after Clinton left office with a real or projected surplus the nation was attacked. The airlines and New York City needed bailing out; we began funding action in Afghanistan, etc – so, yeah, those projected surpluses went away; the projections did not anticipate terrorist attacks in two US cities. The big, bad tax cuts (which the Congress voted in a second time, soundly) seem to have propelled us to spectacularly low unemployment rates (remember, when Clinton was in office we accepted that 5.6% unemployment was “virtually full” employment). And even, yes, the New York Times is admitting that tax receipts are at record highs and are lowering the deficit. That’s what happens when everyone is working because businesses aren’t being taxed to death, but if you think it’s impeachable, honey, bring it on.

5) Bush Killed the Kyoto Treaty!

Once again, In 1999 Bill Clinton shelved the Kyoto Treaty because the Senate made it clear – unanimously – that they would not ratify the thing, rejecting it 95-0. President Bush has initiated a plan that moves beyond Kyoto and actually works, and doesn’t cripple economies or put us into the odd position the noble Kyoto-ratifying countries now find themselves, wherein they cannot live within their Kyoto-prescribed limits, while America is cutting emissions without Kyoto. Australia wishes it could get out of the racket, but you don’t want to hear it. You don’t want the reality. You have your convenient narrative, and you don’t want to look at the fact that Bush is greener than Al Gore ever thought to be. Mustn’t allow reality get in the way of “truthiness” when it serves irrational hate.

And btw, there is some evidence that the loudest incorrect-meme-repeaters are really not that serious about environmental stuff, alternative energy and conservation.

Shall we move on? What’s next on the list? “John Ashcroft,” (oh, wait, Ashcroft is a hero now…nevermind)

6) Bush sat in the classroom after learning about 9/11!

Da-da-da-dahhhhhh SUPERMAN! By all means, President Bush, having an aide whisper “we’re under attack” into his ear before a roomful of small children and the press, should have leapt up, scared the children and panicked the country before anyone really knew what was going on – he should have dashed out into his limo before the Secret Service could ascertain that he and his motorcade were also not being targeted so he could…what, exactly? Bite his lip and cry? Save the people jumping from the WTC’s? What exactly was the president supposed to do in those seven minutes – what could he do – that would have changed anything? What would any other president have done? Da-da-da-daaaahhhhh SUPERMAN! And if he’d jumped up from his seat and done something, you’d have criticized him for “scaring the children” or “acting like a hero.” You probably would say he planned the attack so he could look good when the cameras were on him, too. Because that’s where hate takes you – to a place where no matter what someone does, you’re gonna hate him for it. And it should be noted, others sat around for much longer than 7 minutes.

7) Bush awarded a no-bid contract to Halliburton!

Please name the work for which Halliburton was contracted and then expound on what other companies do the same work with the same level of expertise and experience as Halliburton. We’ll wait. This is Impeachment we’re talking about…this is all going to have to come under real investigation and involve real testimony, and good lawyers never ask questions to which they do not already know the answers – so you should know that 94.7% of all of Halliburton’s contract funds came through “full and open competitive bids”, shouldn’t you? (Thanks, Ed!)

Let’s get it on the record and see how impeachable this is. While we’re at it can we also note that Clinton did the same and that under Bush, Ken Lay was convicted for what he did at Enron while Clinton was in office? I’m just saying! You want to talk about entities having undue influence on a president? Please, please do.

’8) Bush promoted his friend Michael Brown to take care of Katrina! Heck of a job, Brownie. Remember that?

Yes, I remember. 100 hour after stormfall the Federal Government had put an enormous amount of good into action. Do you remember that disaster aid and relief is the provenance first of the Local, then of the State, then of the Federal government? Do you remember that President Bush called Gov. Kathleen Blanco three days before Katrina hit and asked her to please start evacuating people and to let the Federal Government begin to help her, and her refusal? Do you remember Ray Nagin’s unused buses?

Do you remember Kathleen Blanco dithering and turning down help, refusing to put the National Guard into action (that was her job, not the president’s and if he’d done her job for her you would have – admit it – screamed that he was overstepping his bounds and dissing a female governor, to boot!) Do you remember the Red Cross saying they were prevented by local government from going into NOLA to help? Do you remember all the exaggeration and disinformation everywhere? Do you remember that practical action was dismissed as not enough? Do you remember that after Katrina passed over NOLA, people were hanging out in the streets because the levees hadn’t yet broken and the whole world thought we’d dodged a bullet? Do you remember the Democrats seizing an opportunity, not to help, but to play politics through all of this? And that they did it again, just recently, in Kansas? Do you remember the 13 Katrina Myths?

Oh, I remember it, and I think we should get it out there. Let’s impeach President Bush and get this all on the record. Get Blanco’s testimony. Get Nagin’s. Let’s get everyone under oath and finally look good an hard at Katrina, at NOLA, and at why funds earmarked to shore up those levees somehow got diverted. Not by Bush. I’m up for this, let’s do it. Do you think the press will enjoy everyone finally understanding just how poor a job they did in getting their facts straight on that story?

9) Bush ignored the Iraq Study Group!

So did everyone else.

10) Bush choked on a pretzel! He can’t say nuclear the way we want him to! He talks like a Texan! We hate him!

Please. Impeach the president. Do it. Bring all of your accusations, narratives, memes, large conspiracy theories and small distrusts, petty dislikes and visceral hatreds. Let’s make it a very thorough impeachment, with long, hard looks and bright, hot lights, and everyone under oath and on the record! You won’t mind if – once we finally lance the purulent boil that is George W. Bush – some of the pus splashes up on you, will you? For the good of the nation?

(*I have no problem with generous AIDS funding, but the point can certainly be made that Bush was less manipulating of the evidences before him than these folks.)

Read Stephen Green at Pajamas Media on this issue:

Now, I’m against the use of torture, starting with the fact that as Americans, we’re supposed to be better than that. But when a total of three non-Geneva-protected prisoners, in a raging war zone, were threatened with fake drowning for a total of less than a minute, and valuable intelligence was obtained… well, that’s not exactly up there with Jimmy Carter’s abandonment of 52 American hostages to the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 1979.

No Pasaran is glad to see the WaPo article and thinks it’s a good time to revisit the 2004 charge that Bush was the world’s worst leader, and see how it holds up.

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  • dmd25

    Wow! What a great post!!

    I LOVE this paragraph:

    “You may or may not destroy the enemy you’ve so loved to hate these last 5 years (and how funny that your “enemy” is not the group pledged to kill you , but the guy trying to save your silly asses) but likely you will destroy yourselves in the process. You may destroy the country, too, but if that’s what it takes to get the truth out there, so be it.”

    Your last para packs a great punch as well–excellent!

    I am not able to write as you are, but can certainly identify writing that expresses my beliefs/feelings/attitudes. You have spoken for me tonight, Anchoress. Thank you.

  • Susan K.

    This piece was long, and very worthwhile to read and digest. Your reasoning and writing are superb. What kind of people are these in our government who fiddle around plotting revenge while our country and the world are a tinderbox ready to explode? Shallow, shallow, shallow. You also have spoken for me tonight as well.

  • Maura

    Anchoress, I’m echoing dmd25…..this is an awesome post!

    Thank you, thank you so much for bringing all this information together and writing it so concisely.

  • KIA

    If Bush is thief than the same argument has to be made for Obama, who did NOT, win the popular vote, only the delegate vote.

    We can all be assured, that if winning the popular vote as Gore did, was legal in any way, Hilary would still be out there.

    I say we vote them ALL out. Now THAT would be change I certainly could live with.

    Thanks for another great post Anchoress.

  • Sigmund Carl and Alfred

    Whenever I hear the names ‘Kucinich’ or ‘Gore’ the words ‘putz’ and ‘shmuck’ comes to mind. Once I process that, it’s pretty hard to take either one of them seriously.

    Let it not be said that my 3 year stay in NYC made no impact on my life.

    I also learned that corned beef, pastrami, Nathans hot dogs, Nicks Famous Hamburgers and the Royal Canadian Pancake House are heavenly in origin and parts of Greenwich Village and Sammy’s Roumanian are the portals to an alternate universe.

    That is all.

  • cathyf

    As a perfect matching bookend to your devastating long form, I quote Instapundit in the one-sentence version: “OVER AT SLASHDOT, they’re taking Dennis Kucinich seriously with regard to his plans to impeach Bush. I think those plans are likely to do as well as his ban on orbital mind-control rays.”

    As for Katrina… It’s just amazing when you compare the news reports with what was actually happening. Pre-storm, NOLA had about 500,000 residents. 400,000 evacuated (even with the utter cluelessness of Nagin & Blanco, that is an amazing 80% of people who proved that they were good enough and smart enough to take care of themselves and their families.) The various rescue teams rescued 35,000 people (that is just an amazing, astonishing number.) Of the remaining 65,000 or so souls, some rescued themselves by wading out to evacuation points. Many didn’t need to be rescued (the city was not 100% under water, after all.) And some of the rest were rescuers themselves.

    As far as I can see, the journalists’ hysterical picture of complete chaos with no government activity was simple pique. They were P.O.’d that the rescuers were off saving people’s lives instead of being interviewed, and threw a giant tantrum. Their logic seems to be somethig like: unless you leave people to die and come hold a press conference, we are going to tell the world that you don’t exist or that you aren’t doing anything.

  • TheAnchoress

    Cathy, I have often and often wished I had Glenn Reynold’s economy of words!

  • Gayle Miller

    I wish I had your brilliance, Anchoress! This is perhaps one of the most well written comprehensive smackdowns of the looney left I have seen.

    And as a native-born Clevelander, I do most heartily apologize for Dennis Kucinich! In my defense, I didn’t actually live in Cleveland or even Cuyahoga County when this trolls was elected and thus, never voted for him.

    I’d like to say that people from Cleveland are generally smarter than that – I wish I could, but honestly, I cannot!

  • Gayle Miller

    I truly believe that the President mispronounces nuclear deliberately – just to make the loony left’s heads spin counterclockwise!

  • igout

    We the people have been sloughing off badly by putting these people into office and returning them there again and again. Too bad we can’t impeach us. Maybe the next 4 years will be ones of such bitterness and national humiliation that we’ll come out of it better custodians of our country. That is, if we still have one.

  • DrKrbyLuv

    The biggest problem I have with our Government’s role leading up to the invasion of Iraq is that the Congress was complicit with the Whitehouse in violating our Constitution. The Constitution clearly states that Congress alone has the heavy burden of declaring war.

    I think Bush wanted to avoid the national debate and vetting process that would have taken place in Congress. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq was made in spite of the fact that we lacked the solid evidence and imminent danger to warrant a just and legal war. The Constitution is designed to avoid having an unwitting, emotional or corrupt President from taking hold of the war trigger.

    Congress should rebuke themselves rather than wasting time impeaching Bush.

  • http://opinionatedcatholic.blogspot.com lsusportsfan

    Great Post Anchoress and linking


    I very much appreciate your remarks. It is a shame that folsk on both the right and the left used Katrina as a political football. Blame can go out in a thousand directions and indeed there is no blame at all.

    A lot of things went right Statewide and that never got reported. Of course the media seemed not to be able to get out of certain parts of NOLA to report on that.

    I find it amusing looking back. A few years before(during the CLinton adminstration) I was in NOLA celebratinga certain event. One morning we noticed that Hurricane George looked threatening. We proceeded t party all night and I woke up to hammering. George was coming to New Orleans and it was a monster. It was Chaos getting all of NEw ORelans. 50 percent of New ORelans could not get out and much of the lower Parishes.

    The Hurricane veered at the possible moment and hit the Mississippi Coast. But if it had hit it would have been under the administration of a Republican GOvernor and a Democrat PResident. What would have been the PRess reaction if it had occured under Saint CLinton?

    Still I appareciate your remarks. A lot went right during Katrina and that rarely gets noticed

  • GM Roper

    Anchoress, I do hope that you didn’t bruise your knuckles on that smackdown. Masterfully done though, masterfully done!

  • bcheney

    I live in Istanbul and am an avowed, life-long lefty and now that the Dems have finished the first act, (It was pretty entertaining watching them try to destroy their best opportunity in 40+ years) so now I’m looking into Rep blogs to see what the “folks” are up to and was shocked to see so many W lovers. I’m serious. I have limited access (and time) to US media and don’t know any Reps and I figured the 26% of “folks” who approve of what he’s done in the last 8 years are old “folks” , like my mother, still angry at FDR. But no, there’s lots of you. Now, this post that’s got everyone excited is pretty thin on specifics, but the list you address is also pretty thin, and while all the “reasons for impeachment” mentioned are of varying degrees of proof of incompetence and an elastic connection to the truth, none of them are impeachable (yes, that list is typical left-wing hysterics, I must admit). I do think that W and his cabal are guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanors”, including maybe wiretaps, signing statements, human rights violations (the hearings going on now looking for the source of legalizing torture are getting interesting), fiddling with the constitution, defying congress’s legal access to records, etc., but it doesn’t matter now because it’s an election year and the mud splashed will hit everyone. My point. Could someone please tell me why you think W is a good president. What he’s done right, or even thinks that’s good. Most of the world (not hyperbole) and America think he’s been a disaster and I’m really curious as to how you “folks” think. I know you’re not all millionaires simply happy with a tax break, or racists, or owners of (soon to be) beach-front property in Kansas, so what gives? Stop frothing over Obama for a second or two and somebody please explain how the world is misunderstanding Bush.

  • Rich Casebolt

    bcheney … here’s my basic take on the President, as recently posted in the comments over at Blackfive (regarding the plans of Congress to invite Scott McClellan to hearings regarding his new book):


    If y’all could have put up someone better … as oppose to those who have sold their souls to socialism, class envy, and realpolitik … I probably would have voted for them. I do want the BEST person for the job, doing the job.

    And for better or for worse, that person is George W. Bush at present … because, like John McCain, Joe Lieberman, Rudy Guiliani and others, he is willing to ACT to make sure we have SECURED the freedom to have these arguments here over who’s best …

    … and even the freedom to discuss the burps of a feckless crap weasel, in the preliminary hearings of a kangaroo court led by swine and cheered by gnat-straining, poo-flinging chimps, who denigrate Men while worshiping liars-in-formal-wear, with all the products of the above bodily functions being eaten right up by the jackals of the Fourth Estate.*

    … as opposed to clearing the rubble from repeated attacks, because some E3I2 (educated/expert/erudite/intelligent idiot) is sitting in the White House believing that he is too “sophisticated” to defend life and liberty through violent confrontation, when wisdom demands it.

    (* “feckless crap weasel”, “liars-in-formal wear”, “jackals of the Fourth estate” — all additions to my lexicon by Uncle Jimbo of Blackfive, along with “completely lacking feck”.)


    The world is not misunderstanding Bush.

    What they are misunderstanding, is what it takes to defend life and liberty in the 21st Century … and the value of doing so, to them and to us.

    Much of the world is still stuck in the conventional wisdom of the last century … where totalitarian dictators and democratic leaders were treated with the same deference by the UN and international community, when the former were in fact rabid underdogs that should have been put down expeditiously, instead of being rooted for by many in our own civilization.

    Where Big is always viewed as Bad … where Wealth is an indication of one’s capacity for evil … where, conversely, military might is measured by the ability of a nation to wage traditional, nation-on-nation wars like WWII, totally discounting the ways our 21st Century technologies and social structures can be leveraged by those seeking to disrupt our civilization and replace it with their own, totalitarian worldview.

    Where we have been told, time and time again, that War is Never the Answer … because what historically is “war”, is supposedly a “crime”, and should be treated as such, complete with severe limitations of culpability on the part of the aggressor and those associated/affiliated with them, and severe limitations upon our ability to investigate and prosecute.

    That conventional wisdom keeps the door open for the thugs and fanatics to leverage the freedom-of-movement and openness that makes our civilization work, to attempt to impose their will upon it by applying lethal force.

    And that door was wedged open for most of my 49 years.

    The two times it has been slammed shut, was when our leaders forsook conventional wisdom and engaged in the much-maligned “Cowboy Diplomacy” … and saw millions liberated, arms stockpiles reduced, and conditions established for a sustainable peace … outcomes that have never been matched by all the “peaceful” diplomacy in my lifetime.

    A milestone of the first slamming was celebrated yesterday … for 21 years ago, we heard those words, removed by speechwriters multiple times from the prepared text, but re-inserted each time by the Man making the speech:


    We are still pushing on the second door, but now we have what some considered impossible in their prejudiced minds … millions of Iraqis, pushing alongside us to shut that door in their nation … and now, some even offering to export their Anbar Awakening to Afghanistan, to help slam the door shut there.

    And the Man who led the way in making this happen, is viewed with anger … and envy … and fear-of-disapproval-for-their-social-choices … and an arrogant assumption that lack of erudition disqualifies one from possessing wisdom.

    Many who denigrate this Man have their own agendas, that are far more corrosive to our civilization than the true agendas of “buzzwords” like PNAC and Halliburton … and they see denigrating this Man as denigrating the sound principles they believe he stands for, in the hopes of replacing them with their own principles, whether sound or not.

    What they are doing, is attempting to supplant simple — but profound and true — wisdom with their own, nuanced arrogance … acting as the embodiment of Romans 1:22.

    That is why they are willing to create conditions of discord and disunity at our highest levels, which are certain to encourage our enemies to hang on and fight harder, in the hopes that the arrogant will prevail … and the door will re-open, even wider, for them.

    The irony is, the arrogant are working against their stated objectives of peace and safety … for if they carry the day, either the drip-drip-drip of death that oozed from the proxies and strongmen of the last century will continue and grow … or free people, backs against the wall, will lash out indiscriminately in nation-on-nation warfare to protect their homes … with a price in innocent blood and treasure on BOTH sides that will reduce the exaggerated Lancet report on Iraq to insignificance.


    Anchoress … my apologies for the long comment. But like you, I think the time has come to confront the critics and compel them to JUSTIFY IN DETAIL their assertions … or see their ignorance and lack of principle exposed.

    If I expect that from them, then I should deliver no less to support my assertions.

  • bcheney

    Um, ok, you can channel Winston Churchill but the door to my question still seems, uh, kind of open?

  • Rich Casebolt

    The world is not misunderstanding Bush.

    What they are misunderstanding, is what it takes to defend life and liberty in the 21st Century … and the value of doing so, to them and to us.

    bcheney, what part of that are you misunderstanding?

    The rest of what I posted is (IMO) principled justification for this statement.