Obama: "President of the World?" – UPDATED

“The Ambiguously American Candidate.” That’s what I thought yesterday when I saw this photo.

It is striking to note that Obama’s plane flys around the world sporting an iiiiittty bitty American flag (out of camera range when he walks down to tarmacs) and many prominent O symbols. I wrote to a pal yesterday:

“A tiny little flag near the serial numbers, the big Obama symbol everywhere – including, apparently, on HIS seat in first class.

It’s starting to really make me uncomfortable. Obama is clearly trying to send a signal that he is a “citizen of the world’ type before he is an American. That Obamaland is a state unto itself. Or a state of mind.

Apparently the Great Seal of Obama was not a mere glitch in his campaign. The O symbol takes precedence over the American symbol for this candidate, and – to his credit – he’s being really up front about his priorities.

And I thought Bill Clinton was a narcissist.

In fairness – to some extent, you do need a big ego to run for the American presidency, but on the other hand, this pre-dominant O symbol begins to make me uncomfortable. Is all of this meant to instill confidence in a man who has only 143 days working experience in the Congress (with no signature piece of legislation to his name) a whisper thin resume and some dubious policy ideas?

Or is it a promise of things to come: Obamaland! – we don’t know what it means, yet, but it’s change, and it’s hope and we hope in change, because apparently, America is just not acceptable in its current hopeless form, so unchanged, these last 230 years.

Obama’s seeming ambiguity about his own citizenship, his own allegiance and his need to put his own self and his own symbol before the symbol of the nation he says he loves and wants to lead…it’s Un. Comfortable.

Shouldn’t the American President be – at the very least – unambiguously American?

And shouldn’t the future American President know what committees he is on, and what committees he is not on while he’s talking policy?

“Just this past week, we passed out of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee, which is my committee, a bill to call for divestment from Iran, as a way of ratcheting up the pressure to ensure that they don’t obtain a nuclear weapon.” Barack Obama, Sderot, Israel July 23, 2008 – [emphasis mine - admin]

He’s not on that committee. What’s that about?.

So, today – we learn that Obama really really wants photos of him amid an adoring crowd in Berlin. He wants it so badly, he’s distributing flyers in German to help bring out the adorers.

Big O symbol on the paper, nary an American flag in site. He is an American running for the American presidency, right?

Say this for Obama: he’s being very upfront about his preferences and his ambitions. If he wins, no one can say we didn’t see megalomania from, well…say this moment:

Generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal. — Barack Obama, June 2, 2008

And his wife has already promised us that if Obama wins:

Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed.

Every time I read that, I think of the opening of Orwell’s 1984, when Winston Smith gets out of bed to begin his compulsory exercises and – when he’s not quite attending and not touching the floor with his hands – the inter-active drill leader (who can see him) calls out to Smith by name, admonishes him and gets him re-focused.

Smith was certainly involved and informed.

But this is America. In America, you’re free to be uninformed, if that’s what you really want. It’s called personal liberty. Your choices may not be the best choices, but they’re your own. And that is invaluable.

“The free man owns himself. He can damage himself with either eating or drinking; he can ruin himself with gambling. If he does he is certainly a damn fool, and he might possibly be a damned soul; but if he may not, he is not a free man any more than a dog.” – G.K. Chesterton, Broadcast talk 6-11-35

If Barack Obama wins the White House, we can expect the return, I suppose, of the greatly mocked and quickly hidden Great Seal of Obama, in that slightly nauseating shade of UN-blue. And there will be lots of non-campaign campaign types of events, too, I’ll bet.

If the congress and senate remain in Democrat hands, and the SCOTUS gets a few new members – well, it’s going to be very interesting to see all the change.

UPDATE: More on Joe Klein’s meltdown, which is linked to above under “dubious policy”.

UPDATE: Was very interested (but only mildly embarrassed) to receive this picture from an Obama fan, showing McCain’s plane with the small flag by the registry numbers:

So, McCain does not have a prominent flag on his plane, either.
But it must be said, McCain is also not passing out flyers for a big campaign speech in Berlin or designing his own “presidential seal.” McCain has not yet declared that his candidacy became the moment – FINALLY! – when America started to employ her millions of unemployed workers and began taking the old and sick off the teeming streets and bringing them into hospital. And his plane is not carrying around a guy who is an “ambiguous” American. McCain is unambiguous about his country, so perhaps his little flag is less jarring; we DO know who he is.

In fairness, it would be objectionable to see Obama use the flag merely as a “prop” when he has more than once suggested that he’s uncomfortable with the “flagwaving” stuff. He’s sort of roped himself into a corner now. If he doesn’t use the flag he’s ambiguous; if he does, he’s a “phony” – the flag has become a lose-lose for Obama, and I can appreciate that at this point he’s better off not waving one. He should probably find out what committees he is actually named to, in the Senate, though.

Still…there may not be – as I suggested below – a nefarious idea behind “pictures of Dear Leader exiting his plane without an American reference in sight.” I was writing late on three hours sleep as I mentioned to Rand, so I will plead only a half-addled, not fully-addled case.

MEANWHILE: Over at Maggies’ Farm, they’re looking at another quasi-religious-sounding quote from Obama and saying they don’t want Obama or any other politician trying to bring “meaning” into their lives via government.

They want a sense of purpose, a narrative arc to their lives, something that will relieve a chronic loneliness or lift them above the exhausting, relentless toll of daily life. They need an assurance that somebody out there cares about them, is listening to them — that they are not just destined to travel down a long highway toward nothingness.

Sounds like “these sheep” need a shepherd. I know a good one I can recommend! :-) Hillary talked about the “politics of meaning” years ago and everyone said, “what does that mean?” Do we know, yet?

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  • Joe Odegaard

    Obama printing flyers in German really, really, really pisses me off.

    It is HERE he should be campaigning.

    And I think some kind of Sauron is behind him, more as time goes on.


  • lsheldon

    “It is striking to note that Obama’s plane flys around the world sporting an iiiiittty bitty American flag (out of camera range when he walks down to tarmacs)”

    I believe that it is a requirement[1] that aircraft “fly” the national emblem of their registry. The small flag on each side was there in standard form when the tail was painted with a big one, I’ll bet.

    [1] ICAO regulation? International Law? Geneva Conventions? I dunno, or have forgotten if I knew.

  • lsheldon

    I did a little searching and have not found anything but this:

    Which suggest the requirement is indeed ICAO (for international flights).

  • Gayle Miller

    The true reality, I fear, is that a President Obama will signal the absolute end of the United States of America as it was intended to be and as it exists today – we will become another lockstep place where dhimmitude reigns supreme. I don’t trust Senator Obama a bit. His lies become more blatant with every passing day. He claims credit for “passing” legislation introduced by others and shepherded through the legislative process by others. How COULD Senator Obama have had any involvement – he’s never there!? And yet many of his campaign commercials say “I passed legislation . . .” when what he means is he would have voted for it IF he had been there in the Senate to do so.

    What I do not even remotely understand is WHY and HOW this incompetent, unqualified, unworthy TWERP has progressed as far as he has! Have far too many of my fellow Americans lost their freaking minds?

  • http://americandigest.org vanderleun

    “Barack erlaubt Ihnen nie, zu Ihren Leben zurück wie üblich zu gehen, nicht mit einbezogen, nicht informiert.”

    Translation: “Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed.” – Michelle Obama

    I think we should get an audio of the German translation of the speech and sync it up to appropriate images.

  • alexandrag

    I am looking forward to this headline: “Barack and the Millon (Ger)man March.” Seems odd that he has to go overseas to get massive, adoring crowd photos. Are the US photo ops simply, well, inadequate??

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  • balthazar

    A fine little girl, she waitin’ for me. Me catch
    a ship across the sea. Me sail that ship all
    alone. I never think how I’ll make it home.

    Louie, Louie, Yeah yeah yeah yeah said we gotta
    go. Oh no, said Louie, Louie, Oh baby, said we
    gotta go.
    “L’état, c’est moi” [I am the state].

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  • http://hootsbuddy.blogspot.com Hootsbuddy

    Posting here makes me feel like Daniel in the lion’s den but I want to point to an observation from a polling site I’ve been watching. Nate at FiveThirtyEight, responding to that piece in The New Yorker (with the cartoon of the Raghead and the Terrorist) said “Well, no shit he’s ambitious. For any American to go from a relatively unprivileged childhood (or a privileged one for that matter) to be on the doorstep of the Preisdency by the time he’s age 46 requires a perfect storm of luck, intelligence, and ambition. Obama has ample amounts of each.”

    Uh, Mr. Lizza didn’t get invited on this trip with Obama for some reason.

  • TheAnchoress

    Hoots, I am both surprised and disappointed to hear you say you feel like “Daniel in the Lion’s Den” here, since you’re on my blogroll, we’ve always had friendly exchanges, and I once featured your blog as a “Blog of the Week” back when I was doing that.

    I think I said in my piece that the urge to pursue the presidency requires a bit of an outsized ego.

    What is troubling me is something more than mere ego.

  • http://www.davelafferty.com Dante Explorer

    I’m writing to thank you for putting out your book on caring for the dying from a Catholic perspective. I lost my wife last year to cancer and really wish this had been around at the time (there is one small Catholic book on grieving that’s good, but not much else, especially for younger people experience loss). I ordered it through your site and look forward to reading it. Just wanted to send thanks and encouragement, and yes things are getting better.

    Dave Lafferty

    (this isnt really a comment, but I didn’t know how to email you.)

  • TheAnchoress

    Dave, I’m sorry for your loss, and there is a section in the back on bereavement. I remember, when my brother S died, and then my BIL, I’d always been used to hearing my Irish relatives come to a wake and say, “I’m sorry for your trouble,” but at one of those wakes, there were a lot of Italian folks who came in, and they would offer a kiss and a single word, “condole” that seemed to express so well, so simply, the whole idea of “I do not know what to say, but I grieve with and for you…” I talk a little bit about it in a radio interview with Msgr James Lisante, which will air sometime next month on Sirius. I believe there may be another book in the series which is on consolation and grief, but please know, I do understand, in a small way, what you are going through. Be gentle with yourself. I am glad things are improving. My email link, btw, is in the right sidebar. I think I’ll have to make it more noticable!

  • http://hootsbuddy.blogspot.com Hootsbuddy

    Thanks, I needed that. And you are on my blogroll as well…by name, since I found out your name.

    I think I know what you mean about “more than mere ego.” After all, he’s almost too slick, having come from one of the nation’s toughest political environments (Chicago). But I think what we are witnessing is campaigning 2.0. Ron Paul was 1.9 and BHO is pushing cyber-branding over the top. This business about the large numbers of contributors under the twehty-five dollar mark is incredible. He’s energizing a lot of people who have historically not been involved with politics, whatever the reason, at all. Obama is more than a candidate. He’s a brand. And the image is as carefully managed as Starbucks or Coke.

    About that “lion’s den” reference, I was thinking about the almost complete dedication of your space now to what is about to become the “loyal opposition.”

  • Joe Odegaard

    If Mr. Obama were one of us he’d campaign here.

  • TheAnchoress

    Hoots, I wouldn’t say it is a “complete dedication” – I’m still TRYING to be fair. I do manage to praise the other side when I can see it (just recently both Clintons) and hey – I think you’ll admit – that is more than many on the lefty blogs are capable of doing for the right, or for Bush. Back when Hannity and the right was going apetail about Jeremiah Wright, I was giving Obama the benefit of a doubt and trying to see things from his perspective – you could look it up! :-)

    I’ve only gotten leery of the guy since he did the “this is the night we start taking care of our sick and getting people good jobs…and the oceans will stop rising” whackspeech. Ego is one thing. Megalomania is another. Then came “the seal.” And I find it chilling to consider that in future history books we may see pictures of Dear Leader Obama getting off his Obama plane with its Obama symbol and nary an American flag in sight.

    Like I said. Interesting times. I may not love Obama, but by the same token you don’t see me offering a hell of a lot of praise to McCain either. When I feel like either of them is doing something I can get behind, I’ll say it. I have been meaning to write, for a while, actually, that I suspect some of my current distaste for the man has less to do with himself, and more to do with the media’s overjuiced and protective coverage of him.

    But “brand” or not, “sensation” or not, right now Obama is making me uncomfortable. His tour is not impressing me, and I’m still really unconvinced that a stint as a community activist, voting present 130 times in the state legislature and serving 140 days in congress is all we need in our next president. I don’t think those are unfair or baseless concerns…do you?

  • Terrye

    I was raised a Democrat. However, I have been voting Republican for awhile now. I have been around for awhile, I have seen a lot of campaigns. But when it comes to creepy Obama is way over the top. I feel like I am watching a bad movie. It is all so weird.

    I know this is just anecdotal, but I have not seen one Obama sign around here. I have not heard one person say they will vote for him. But I have heard a lot of people say that he makes them uncomfortable. And I am not talking about race. I am talking about the whole contrived and managed atmosphere of his campaign. I mean, where are the fireworks and dancing girls? He has crammed every thing else down our throats, what is next? An I am King of the World Speech at the United Nations?

  • Rich Casebolt

    For the sake of accuracy, think of the symbol as a number, not a letter …

    As I recently related to baldilocks here …

    The Big 0′s talk of a “Civilian Security Force” brings to mind the the “Dignity Battalions” of Manuel Noriega … or the Revolutionary Guards of Iran … or the Peacekeepers/Morale Monitors in the (presently) fictional Global Community of LaHaye & Jenkins.

    As for the last one, let me state that I have no concern for my safety in the event Revelation unfolds … my concern is all the wannabe world nannies that might cross my path before then.

  • http://hootsbuddy.blogspot.com Hootsbuddy

    No problem. I’ll keep reading, but with both of these men there is so much trivia swirling about it’s hard to sift through it all to figure out what’s important. I told my wife that I feel better about this presidential election than I have for years. Both candidates strike me as truly decent people and either one would make a good president.

    But ours is not the future to see. Last time I felt this way was when Kennedy and Nixon were running against each other. I was still in high school at the time and was naive enough to imagine that Richard Nixon, with the experience of having been vice-president, would be an excellent president. At the same time I was drawn to that irresistable Kennedy charisma. Little did anyone know that JFK’s death would allow both men to hold the office and that Richard Nixon would be among the most discredited men ever to hold that office.

    Peering into every crystal ball I can find, I find myself an Obama supporter, mainly because ever since Kennedy’s assassination every candidate that I have really liked has scrubbed out early in the primaries and until now I have had to settle for the lesser of two undesireables. (Well, I liked Carter, but again, good Christians don’t always make effective leaders.) I really like that Ted Sorensen is still alive and behind him. And that Paul Tsongas’ daughter is, too. And Bill Bradley. He has a lot of who I think are the right people.

    His management style, willingness to go into potentially hostile territory, and finesse at threading diplomatic needles abroad have all impressed me. But last week I came across a surreal connection between Obama and the apprehension of Radovan Karadzic that defies description and lets me know he’s on his game when it comes to international relations.

    Sorry to take up so much space in your comments, but sometimes souondbites and cheap shots don’t cut it. We’ll stay in touch.

  • rcareaga

    When you fret about Obama as Big Brother, Madame A, I reflect on our very different allergic responses. It is as though one of us is impervious to the bite of every spider and the other immune to the venom of every snake. I’m not seeing O as the second coming of the Third Reich, and you never saw the giddy political rallies with the three-finger salute and the chants of “Dubya…Dubya…Dubya” back when the Dauphin was esteemed by the Teeming Millions as anything but frisky patriotism. And that’s OK. I am inclined to think that absent new footage of Michelle Obama in a threesome with OBL and Angela Davis, O will be sworn in by a glum John Roberts next January, and that the UN black helicopters will still not have arrived to set up the re-education camps by the time O leaves office in 2013 or 2018. Be of good cheer. To the extent that the Constitution survives the Cheney Shogunate, I feel confident that it will not be significantly further maimed over the next four years. If I am wrong I will cheerfully acknowledge this in 2013, and I trust that if the Thought Police still allow you to blog that year, you will return the courtesy.


  • TheAnchoress

    We’ll see, Rand. Today Obama told Israel that he was on the banking committee, and he’s not. Which either means that he is so disengaged from his office that he doesn’t even know what committees he’s actually on (easy to get confused, I guess, when you’ve only been a senator for 3 years and worked at it 100-some days) or he is a stunningly audacious teller of untruths.

    As I said in our last exchange…if we seem “unhinged” to you, well, at least you get a sense of what you folks seemed like to us, for the past 8 years. As to all of the concerns I have which don’t bother you (and for the record, I’m not the one alluding to Nazis…yet), well…we’ll see how those play out.

    Cordiality backatcha.

  • Terrye


    I remember people shouting USA USA. I do not remember fainting, swooning or anything of the kind and I can honestly say that I never once heard Chris Matthews say Bush gave him a thrill up his leg.

    No, there is something weird about Obama and his campaign and his political rallies in foreign countries and his complete and total dependence on image over substance.

    I am not saying he is Hitler, but he does give me the willies, more and more.

  • http://jscafenette.com Jeanette

    I’m actually afraid of an Obama presidency. He’s so cocky now what would he do if he does get the office? How much will he sell out our country? He is more narsissist than either Clinton, in my opinion.

    He scares the hell out of me and it takes a lot to do that.

    BTW, Terrye, I haven’t seen any Obama or McCain signs around here and McCain took our state. I still see some old Hillary stickers on cars.

    If we don’t get down on our knees and pray Obama will not be our president we will have no one to blame but ourselves when and if he gets elected.

    I wonder, though, how many people who outwardly support him now will actually not vote for him in the privacy of the voting booth.

    It depends on whether the young vote and their record so far hasn’t been so good. Let’s hope it keeps up.

  • TheAnchoress

    Well, Hoots, we’ll have to see (and I don’t feel you’ve hijacked the thread at all). I am less impressed with Obama’s willingness to “go into hostile territory” because when a military town invited him to do a townhall meeting with them and McCain, he refused. He said he’d debate McCain “anytime, anywhere” but when McCain said “let’s do some townhalls,” he balked.

    As I say, I think a great deal of my distaste for him is precipitated by the media, and by the breathtaking arrogance of his campaign in recent weeks, where even the press has has to remind his team that “he’s not president, yet.” But, again…I’m seeing style, style, style, and little of substance. And his seeming ambiguity does – as I mentioned – make me uncomfortable. We’ll have to see what we see. It’s only July. Anything can happen. And surely, something dramatic will happen that will clarify both candidates. It always does, and it’s usually when the candidate is feeling so cock-a-hoop that he lets down his guard.

  • rcareaga

    More “gaffe gotcha,” yes? O has some claim to credit for the bill that emerged from the banking committee, which is not his. McCain got some surge chronologies mixed up. We can all go gotcha-gotcha-gotcha and keep score, but is that really how you want to follow the remainder of the cycle? Your concerns about O’s supposed megalomania are at least rational on principle (megalomania is undesirable in a national leader; we will wish to inquire as to whether this trait figures in either candidate’s character), but even though the hard-core partisans on either side will seize upon these blunders and trumpet that the opposing contender is now nakedly disqualified for higher office, you and I are subtler and more discerning in our evaluations. Aren’t we?

  • TheAnchoress

    Sorry Rand I must call BULLCRAP on that one. This is not a “gotcha gaffe,” like Obama saying there are 57 states or some stupidity like that. This is not Bush saying “misunderestimate” this is a man saying clearly – “that is my committee”. Either he doesn’t know what committee’s he is on, or he’s being “handled” and was told to talk about the committee action and misunderstood and THOUGHT it was one of his committees, or he just lied and figured he COULD because the people don’t really care what committee he is on, the press won’t ask him about it and people like you – on internet forums – will try to distort the thing by saying, “oh, a gotcha gaffe…well what about McCain? What about Bush?”

    Which has nothing to do with the fact that he claimed that committee quite unambiguously…and he is a man who is ambiguous about many things.

    You’re right, we can say, “gotcha, gotcha, gotcha” (which, curiously enough, the left has much enjoyed doing for the last 7 years, before suddenly finding it distasteful and time-wasting and distracting) but this is not a “gotcha gaffe.” Obama saying “Israel is a great friend of Israel” is a gaffe. “That’s my committee” is not a gaffe, and pointing it out and asking whether he knows what he is doing is not a “gotcha.” It’s a legitimate concern.

    What I am noticing is that the left – encountering very, very MILD – questions and critiques of Obama in comparison to the daily malevolence directed toward Bush these 8 years, is having some difficulty dealing with anyone asking a question, or pointing out a concern or – gasp – finding a flaw. As I said last week, you all had better get used to it and grow a thicker skin. Because yer man is not perfect, and he’s going to screw up, and he’s going to earn real criticism, just as Bush did…and yes, he’s going to also have to deal with unfair criticism. But I really think – if you’re being intellecutally honest and not simply playing around, right now – you know that nothing I have said in our exchange has been unfair.

  • rcareaga

    My dear Madame A – I publicly aver here and forever that neither in this venue nor in the occasional sidebar have I ever found you unfair. On the contrary, I adore you (and have defended you in backchannel emails with some of your critics) even more than our differences pain me. The criticisms of Obama do not get under my skin at present, perhaps because I never attributed perfection to him (at the turning of the year I was still, to the extent that the distraction of impending personal grief permitted, favoring the candidacy of J. Edwards), and I do not anticipate requiring a thicker skin on the occasion of O’s presidency, although I think it would be a wonderful thing to feel that invested in the success of an American president. I’m 56; detested Nixon (the first president whose incumbency I was invited to tender an opinion): was indifferent to both Ford and Carter: detested Reagan (but was not sophisticated enough to refrain from voting for Anderson); was actually rather soft on Bush 41; indifferent to Clinton (although I suspect in retrospect that he might have been a marginally more honorable president had he enjoyed marginally more honorable political foes). An Obama presidency that actually made me proud would be a consummation devoutly to be hoped, but after decades of disappointment I am not disposed to pin these hopes. Funny thing is…if I’m pleasantly surprised, so (unless I’ve read you drastically wrong) are you.

  • TheAnchoress

    I’m not pleasantly surprised. I’m just trying to take the long view of the thing. I’m not completely convinced that anything about this electoral season will look next month as it does this month.

    And I’m saying goodnight. My sleep patterns are are hormonally askew and I’m a bit too bleary to continue. ‘nightall.

  • dmd25

    >>“The Ambiguously American Candidate.” That’s what I thought yesterday when I saw this photo<<
    I love this comment, Anchoress. It is so apt! How can even his plane be so unsettling??? I loved the exchanges you had in the comments from this entry. Very interesting. Thanks for all you do.

  • newton

    I showed my husband the Berlin flyer because I know he knows a little bit of German and I thought he’d read it to me. (He also came home from work because Dolly was already in the vicinity of South Padre Island, at three hours south of us, and we already had tornado and hurricane warnings in our area.)

    His response? “I think he’s the AntiChrist.”

    I frankly don’t think he’s That One. But when Oprah refers to him as The One, alarm bells ring all over me. I don’t know if I’ve said this to you before, and I sure hope it’s just in jest, but if people start going out there before the cameras saying that Barack Obama Is The Solution To All Of Our Problems… we might all have to do a little… ahem, how can I say it without making people laugh… “scalp-checking”, perhaps?


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  • Terrye

    I think what folks like rcareaga are overlooking is the fact that their attitudes toward the Messiah, the Chosen One, etc is exactly what is freaking out the rest of us. They are too in love to notice.

    Now if Bush had made a mistake like that, they would have made a huge deal of it. And if Obama wins this office and then it turns out his socalled timeline is a little more flexible than they thought, and his residual force in Iraq is tens of thousands of people..will they say Obama lied and people died? Perish the thought.

  • rcareaga

    Very broadminded indeed for newton to withhold judgment on the Anti-Christ issue. For the rest, while I am favorably disposed toward O’s candidacy, it’s far from having risen to the level of “love.” I think that extravagant levels of adulation are over time not good either for a candidate (or officeholder), who stands in danger of having his perceptions clouded, or his claque, which inevitably sets itself up for disillusionment.

    Finally, as to being “creeped out,” welcome to the club. The Avignon Presidency, as the incomparable Charlie Pierce once dubbed it, has creeped me out since 2001. You’ll get used to it; you’ll survive. Relax, friends. Chill.

  • TheAnchoress

    Rand, you sound positively cavalier. If I’d said “chill” to you these past 5-7 years, I doubt you’d find that either convincing or substantive.

    Funny how things work when shoes are on different feet, isn’t it? For all of us.

    We’ll see what happens.

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  • rcareaga

    Cavalier? I always thought I’d look good in one of those plumed hats (don’t know about the shoes, though). That King-and-Cromwell dustup is an early example of what we may call the Law of Martial Couture, which is: in war, the side with the best tailoring generally loses. I doubt whether this may be profitably extrapolated to campaign branding, though…

  • http://reflectionsbykris.squarespace.com KrisinNewEngland

    …right now Obama is making me uncomfortable…

    He’s made me uncomfortable from day one, but lately it’s gotten to the point where my flesh crawls whenever someone mentions his name.

    He frightens me – his talk about Civilian National Security, that outrageous seal, demanding to use a larger venue in Denver for his acceptance speech (even that shows hubris) his speech in Berlin today – calling on the world to break down the walls of religion – calling himself a citizen of the world. That poster – GACK – and his last minute cancellation of a visit to Ramstein & Landstuhl; while he had time to work out and go shopping and sightseeing.

    His arrogance knows no limits. He is even now starting to put together a Presidential transition team. He talks about unifying the world.

    Antichrist indeed.

  • Terrye

    McCain is gaining nationally according to Rasmussens, Gallup and Fox. And the Washington Post says he is gaining in several battle ground states as well.

    People are turned off by Obama. Why? Well if he wants to be the Commander in Chief he should spend his time in Germany visiting American soldiers, not performing for chanting foreigners. The truth is there are a lot of people in Europe who do not like America. They feel comfortable with Obama. That in turn makes me uncomfortable. They think he is one of them, maybe he is.

  • tim maguire

    I know there are only a few Hitler references here and no direct comparisons yet, but could we please put a moratorium on them? Here, there and everywhere, let’s nip this in the bud before it gets out of hand.

    Yes, Obama is building a cult of personality, yes he is the kind of leader that could slip into fascism, but it is easy to make those points without using the H word.

    I’ve always felt that Bob Barr holds the key to an Obama presidency (Obama can’t possibly win it on his own merits) but at the moment, Barr is a non-factor. Despite my longstanding lack of faith in his ability to close the deal, Obama’s recent cluelessness surprises me. He’s a smart Chicago brawler who knows how to play a crowd and yet he seems to not be aware of the existence of the internet, of YouTube, of the waybackmachine, and far more importantly and equally unforgivably, he seems completely unaware of how bad it looks for an American politician to be popular in Europe and for an American politician who is more popular in Europe than in America to go to Europe to bad-mouth Americans…I’m sorry, he’s just too obtuse to be president.

  • rcareaga

    That delicate note of xenophobia: The truth is there are a lot of people in Europe who do not like America. They feel comfortable with Obama. That in turn makes me uncomfortable. They think he is one of them, maybe he is. I anticipate that the discomfiture that Obama induces in a certain insular and suspicious mindset will provide many of us in the more, ah, cosmopolitan parts of the country with a steady supply of mirthful moments in the months and (inshallah!) years to come.

  • Terrye

    I think of Obama has more like Huey Long than Hitler.

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  • http://www.plumbbobblog.com philwynk

    Hey, I’m not usually the religious nut or the conspiracy theorist, but somebody’s got to say it:

    If this guy is not the Antichrist, he’s doing a remarkable impersonation.

  • http://www.plumbbobblog.com philwynk

    rcareaga wrote:

    I anticipate that the discomfiture that Obama induces in a certain insular and suspicious mindset will provide many of us in the more, ah, cosmopolitan parts of the country with a steady supply of mirthful moments in the months and (inshallah!) years to come.

    “Insular.” “Suspicious.”

    Let leftists talk long enough — and that never needs to be very long — and they will always, always exhibit the characteristic that lies at the core of leftist philosophy, and explains why leftists are impervious to reason or persuasion: their politics are driven by their need to feel superior to the masses.

    I was a leftist once, myself, and while that thought never consciously crossed my mind, it most certainly drove my thinking on politics and religion. It wasn’t until I became Christian and allowed the Holy Spirit to start altering my view of myself (“Wow, I’m not really the most moral human being on the planet, am I?”) and of others (“God seems to love them as much as He loves me…”) that I was able to release my leftist views and learn genuinely to love people, and the political system that grants them liberty.

    I don’t like Michael Savage, but he’s not far wrong when he says “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” It’s not “liberalism,” and it’s not a mental disorder; it’s progressivism, and it’s a disease of the soul called hubris.

    No, rcareaga, it’s not because I’m “insular” that Obama makes me nervous. It’s because I know what virtue looks like in a leader, and he’s not it.

  • rcareaga

    In the spirit of good sportsmanship, incidentally, I proffer this bit of advice to the foes of the Annointed One: you’ll want to settle on a consistent meme. I mean, we’ve got “Obama is a gaffe-prone doofus, Dan Quayle with melanin,” and in the same thread “Obama is the Antichrist.” Hard to reconcile these, really. The “Left Behind” demographic (to cite a segment that would seem rapturously receptive to the meme) is quite properly entitled to expect much more in an Antichrist: more sinister, more imbued with diabolical cunning and even a soupçon of the supernatural. You’re just going to muddle the message if you simultaneously dismiss the guy as a naïve novice with a penchant for absurd verbal pratfalls. I realize that we’re still in the test-marketing phase here, but focus, people! Focus!

  • TheAnchoress

    We’ll take that under advisement, Rand, but DO be patient. We’ve watched the left try to find the consistent meme on Bush for these 9 years – since before he was elected. All this time and he is still either the “stupidest man born of woman”, a barely humanoid chimp, or he is the “eeeeeeevil geeeeenius!’

    Beams and splinters, my friend, beams and splinters.

  • rcareaga

    Actually, Anchoress, according to my email records we in the Legions of the Left (“Toiling to Establish the One-World Marxist Caliphate Since Time Out of Mind”®) received our current meme marching orders from the dreaded Sith Lord Kos by summer 04. I can’t divulge the exact details over a clear circuit, of course, but in broad outline the “evil genius” component was assigned to kindly, avuncular, nakedly sinister Dick Cheney, while the Dauphin is to be properly regarded as the veep’s dimbulb catspaw. The “chimpanzee” imagery has been, as web designers say in discussing older HTML syntax, deprecated, and catchy puns and soubriquets based on the second and fourth Caesars are now employed only in-house. Hope this helps.


  • TheAnchoress

    uh-huh, yeah well it seems many didn’t get the memo.

    I know you are enjoying yourself and seem to have boundless energy for this pointless exposition of how we’re actually pretty much the same in our allegiances and prejudices, but I’m getting bored. Insomnia makes me a bit techty.

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