Morning Prayer; Our Lady of Sorrows

In today’s podcast, I read two psalms and chant one (you are warned!) from the Office of the day. I begin a little differently, though, reading excepts from a 2006 post meditating on the feast day, and the role of Mary as Mother to all of us Christians. The full text can be found here.

Also, Pope Benedict XVI
just wrapped up a successful visit to France that – with all of our storm and election news – we didn’t hear much about in the US. He gets around pretty well for a fellow in his 80′s, who is healthy and fully in his wits; just this year he has been in the US, then Australia, and now France, and I can’t imagine any of this is easy for him. It perhaps puts the lie to the idea that we are all suddenly too old to be useful past a certain age? He led mass 150,000 at Lourdes, which is observing an important anniversary this year, as we have noted here and here. I wrote a little on Lourdes and Mary, here as well.

I think Our Lady of Sorrows may be a powerful intercessor for all in sorrow at this time, particularly those suffering from the effects of Hurricane Ike.

UPDATE: A nice slideshow of The Pope in France.

Deacon Greg has a lovely post up on Our Lady of Sorrows and if you did not get to read his homily for yesterday – The Triumph of the Cross – it’s awfully good, also.

Julie at Happy Catholic has an excellent post with more lovely art.

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  • scaron

    I have a question on Morning Prayer – for the Intercessions, why do you not read the response after each intercession (today it was from the Common of the blessed mother, “May your mother intercede for us, Lord”). I always repeat that after each petition, just like at Mass …

    [The repetition is not necessary, or required and it is one I have simply never included in praying the office for over ten years, so I guess it is simply my preference and habit. I will consider leaving a bit of silence after each intercession for those "repeaters"! :-) - admin]

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    Pope Benedict XVI just wrapped up a successful visit to France that – with all of our storm and election news – we didn’t hear much about in the US.

    If you want to hear much about the Pope (and accurate news, not the twisted stuff they print in the British, French, and U.S. media), your best bet is to subscribe to Zenit news daily e-mails and to check out the Papa Ratzinger Forum, which has all things Benedict, and usually posts translations of homilies, addresses, etc. within a few hours (Zenit and the Vatican are usually a couple of days). Tons of Paris and Lourdes coverage there, with tons of pics and remarks.

  • TomSFO

    Once again, thank you for your podcasts. As a Secular Franciscan I’ve been praying the Liturgy of the Hours for many many years, but mostly alone for there are only rare occasions where I can pray in community. Praying along with your podcast is most rewarding. Somehow praying along with you makes these prayers more fulfilling, and I’m sure has a direct express route to the Lord’s ears.

  • Jenny

    Does your Breviary have the chant melodies included or do you just make them up? I once tried some of the hours during Lent using Universalis, but I just made up the chant melody which was hard and quite spotty. Your melodies are much nicer.

    [Jenny - I have meant to sit at the piano and learn the chant tones in the Breviary, but it's one of those things I never seem to have time to do. Most of the chants I do were learned when I was a teenager attending a particularly wonderful parish that USED chant for the psalms at mass - and not the crappy modern ones, but traditional chants. Although, for some reason my podcast for 9/11 (The Office for the Dead) those chants just came to me. - admin]