Bush was right. Victorious, too – UPDATED

I’m still trying to keep to my new pledge of only writing about politics when it intersects with religion, but it does seem only fair to note that, Old Europe, which has been struggling all along with its restrictions, has finally admitted that, President Bush was right to keep America out of the Kyoto treaty.

That’s all I’m going to say. Bush was right. Lots of numbers simply should not be trusted enough to build policy on them.

And he also was effective on the environment in ways you never heard about in the mainstream media.

Bush was also right about Gitmo, which the press and the President-Elect seem to be discovering.

Bush was also right – and courageous – about the surge in Iraq, where…ummm…we seem to have achieved a quiet and roundly ignored victory, as demonstrated here, and here, and here.

I still call for his impeachment.

Meanwhile, President-Elect Obama, who is accustomed to only the loftiest and most positive pearls dropped in his direction by the self-destroyed and excessively besotted press, is getting a small taste of what it’s like to be the hated American President. It will be interesting to watch him grow into the office.

Did I mention, btw, that Bush was right?

Gateway Pundit: White House Declares Strategic Victory
Jules Crittenden: War is Over Indicator #52

UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds links to more news on the Kyoto backtracking

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  • gs

    Did I mention, btw, that Bush was right?

    Anchoress, you’ll make a Democrat out of me yet… :-(

    [But you'd still come here and read me, right? Because I'm pretty adorable, sometimes! ;-) Admin]

  • Francesca

    Thank you for pointing out that Bush has been right about many things. How he has managed to survive such appalling hatred as the left has relentlessly thrown at him is simply amazing.

  • gs

    [But you'd still come here and read me, right?... Admin]

    Of course. I’ll drop by en route to Arianna’s. ;-)

    [Aw, Arianna has more money than I do, but who loves ya? Come on now, who loves ya? - admin]

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com/ Bender B. Rodriguez

    How he has managed to survive such appalling hatred as the left has relentlessly thrown at him is simply amazing.

    He had help. It’s called “grace.”

    I know that many folks would have liked for him to defend himself at least once in a while, instead of constantly offering the other cheek, but really, what good would it have done? Most likely, all that it would have done is frustrate him as he tried and tried in vain to defend himself to people who do not care about truth. So, perhaps the better strategy (for him personally) is simply to continue to take their abuse meekly. He knows the truth, and so does He.

  • http://ibasho.blogspot.com Papa

    Not to take anything away from President Bush, but let’s give credit where it’s due: Regarding the Kyoto Protocol, President Bush was right to [i]maintain the Clinton administration’s policy of non-ratification[/i]. ;)

  • http://chrisnicel.typepad.com/knittingsanity chrisnicel

    I work with many people who are “card-carrying” members of the “BUSH is DANGEROUS” brigade – One member, who actually shuddered when mentioning Bush, was convinces that Bush was evil incarnate.

    I challenged him with this statement “I can find ONE thing that Bush has done in office that you will absolutely, without hesitation, agree is a good idea.” To whit he replied – “It will be a cold day in H-E-double toothpicks (no sic) when I think Bush did something right”

    So I “fished” (pun intended) out the, heretofore unseen, news reports about Bush and the environment (link here) and sent it to this ARDENT environmentalist.

    His response – “He couldn’t have done it for good, there MUST have been a profit!”



  • http://ibasho.blogspot.com Papa

    How does one use italics in a comment here? With <em> tags?

  • http://ibasho.blogspot.com Papa

    That works.

    Sorry for the test. Feel free to delete this and the previous comment.

    (You could also change my [i][/i] in comment #4 to EM tags if you are feeling generous. Many thanks.)

  • http://ibasho.blogspot.com Papa

    … or not. The public embarrassment will help me learn.

  • gs

    [Aw, Arianna has more money than I do, but who loves ya? Come on now, who loves ya? - admin]

    Vell skvorrel, I mean Anchoress, I guess I’m nathink but a soft-hearted sentimental fool…

    I’ll drop by on the way back from Arianna’s.

  • gs

    Oh, and I could swipe some delicacies from Arianna’s table and pass them through the small side window through which you receive foods, etc.

    Never fear. I respect your asceticism far too much to offend you that way.

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  • Patrick

    The Kyoto Treaty was already rejected by the Senate, so Bush didn’t really have to do much. It was already dead by the time he was sworn into office.

    (I get irritated when people blame Bush for not doing something about Kyoto and can’t get it through their tiny overheated little heads that the Senate is the one that ratifies treaties. Bush is under no obligation to follow a non-ratified treaty, nor is he obligated to sign it again or resubmit it so he can look all enlightened and such like Clinton did when he signed the stupid thing.)

  • pendell

    So the white house is declaring victory, eh?

    Color me skeptical, but ‘declaring victory and going home’ doesn’t usually mean you *won*.

    What happens afterward is just as important.

    We *won* Vietnam, also, in 1973. The Viet Cong were destroyed. The North Vietnamese army was nigh-annihilated in the Eastern Offensive. Relentless bombing in Linebacker II brought the North to the negotiating table. We went home, job well done.

    Then we cut off the South Vietnamese we left behind from aid while the North Vietnamese, showered with money by the Russians, rebuilt their army. And tried again in 1975.

    Pretty much the same offensive that had already tried and failed in 1973. But this time we stood aside and did nothing.

    And South Vietnam died.

    So I agree that much good has been done in Iraq in the previous few years, but I refuse to go along with declaring ‘victory’. If the current government of Iraq is able to stand in ten years through the next administration, I will indeed declare ‘victory’. But I still think it’s too early to prematurely celebrate.


    Brian P.

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