Obama = Bush 3?

Oh, the headline is just there to piss some people off, but I was really shocked (and somewhat gratified) to see this bit by the Daily Show.

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“YOU’RE the same rhetoric!”

Hey, credit Jon Stewart with daring to acknowledge what no one in the press will, even if he’d rather not: that the “arrogant swaggering cowboy” did the things he did, and said what he said, because those are the things you do and say to terrorists, whether the Upper West Side likes it, or not.

Obama – getting those daily threat reports – has figured it out.

And apparently, the left has figured out that “when Obama says it, he doesn’t really mean it, so that gives me hope.”

Okay. And if it tells the terrorist that “if Obama doesn’t mean it,” then we’re back to being the weak horse that Osama saw during the Clinton years, when AlQaeda attacked our interests (or vessels) every 18 months or so, because they knew they could, without fear of retaliation. They took two luxurious years planning and coordinating an attack on multiple sites in America, because no one was bothering them.

So, Obama had better mean it; he has no choice but to mean it, if he wants his nation safe, and his re-election secured.

A bitter truth for some, I think.

As an aside, did you note the hesitancy of the audience to laugh at this stuff? They’re really so besotted, they think they’re not supposed to laugh or question President Obama, who Hollywood is declaring we must “pledge to serve.”

The president is the servant of the nation, not the other way around, and when we reach a point where we can’t laugh at our president because it’s not “correct” to do so, then we can gauge our health as a democratic nation to be “unwell.” And fading.

I suspect Jon Stewart will be one of the last comedians to fold. He’s going to hold Obama’s feet to the fire, but with yucks. Good for him. Never surrender the right to free speech, and the freedom to laugh.

And besides, as we’ve heard for the last 8 years, dissent is still “the highest form of patriotism,” and we learned yesterday, “it’s cool again to be patriotic!”

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  • jbmom26

    While watching the events of yesterday, this part of the ceremonies caught my eye and made me chuckle. It’s Pres Obama signing something as his first official act as Pres. Note what he says as he takes the pen and starts signing (around the 27 sec mark).

  • http://jscafenette.com Jeanette

    It’s simple, really. If a president or any other elected
    official has a “D” after his/her name, then what he/she
    says must be right.

    Interesting how Stewart showed basically the same quotes
    from the two different presidents.

    I’m ticked off at the way Obama criticized Bush in his
    Inagural address, and I won’t soon forget that.

    I also won’t forget what I read about the boos from the
    crowd when the man who has kept them safe for seven years
    came out on the platform.

    I’m so glad so many of us are still around to know Obama
    puts his pants on one leg at a time and has all the same
    bodily functions we all have.

    Any person who allows someone to call him “messiah” and
    not try to stop it is to be carefully watched.

    Our soldiers will be wearing blue helmets again al la Bill

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