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Fun Game: Google “Obama agrees with Bush on Plame” & count the news outlets covering it. ZERO. unless you’re looking at stuff from 2005, in which case you’ll find tons of articles from Time, Newsweek and the rest decrying the “outting” of a Langley desk jockey; another of those “great moral imperative” stories that seem, well, so unimportant, now that Obama is president.

My New Idea: An Oratory Page. Once this promised site re-do actually happens (and a get a few projects out of the way) I am going to design and add an Oratory Page to the site, with changing Icons, prayers and stuff. I’ll make it an “online prayer room” – a place where you can go and pray when you read troubling stuff. You know, bad news, chilling stuff.

Most Chilling thing I’ve read in a while:
Dissent is not only NOT the highest form of patriotism, anymore; now the simple act of holding a differing opinion will get your ass hauled before congress by – ahem – its so-called “liberal” members:

…it is essential for our policymaking function for you to appear at such a hearing, and if this can not be arranged on a voluntary basis, then we will pursue further steps.

I am waiting to hear any of the constant-complainers of the last 8 years decry this sort of thing. So far, there’s just crickets in the night, chirping away. All the screaming about “Bush-the-Nazi,” destroying our civil liberties and the Fascist Republicans in Congress seems to have been nothing more than P R O J E C T I O N.

You know what projection is, right? It’s when you take the instincts that reside within yourself, and you PROJECT THEM on to another.

Now that we’re seeing something like real fascism here and there in America, these people who projected for 8 long years…seem awfully quiet. Really quiet. Incapable of taking any umbrage unless they can use the old Bush-umbrage, and that food is being taken away from them, on an almost daily basis, by a president who trash-talks his predecessor at every turn, while keeping his National Security policies in place, one after another.

“Barack Obama inherited a set of national-security policies that he rejected during the campaign but now embraces as president. This is a stunning and welcome about-face.”
- Karl Rove, being gracious

President Obama will declare Thursday that the U.S. remains “at war” with the terrorist group al Qaeda and its affiliates, and will argue that his decisions on how to prosecute this war are complicated by the “mess” left behind by the Bush administration, according to a White House official who previewed the speech.

Is there a more ungenerous, ungracious president in your memory? He looks very small when he talks about the “mess” left by Bush, while adopting his policies.

Let us thank God for his inheritance.

“And which is why you woke up this morning to news of one of countless terror busts whose results were, ahem, inherited by the Obama administration.”
Michelle Malkin

The Bush Tax Cut he inherited, will end in 2010, though, and I don’t know if Obama understands that in 2006 even the NY Times had to admit that those tax cuts had generated unprecedented tax revenues.

Surprising Jump in Tax Revenues Is Curbing Deficit — NY Times, July 9, 2006

Good economic news was always “surprising” during the Bush administration. The low unemployment rate, the sustained growth; the good news always came with a “but” and a prediction of doom around the corner. When the doom finally came, though, the press wasn’t interested in finding out what that was all about.

Tracking the stimulus: oh, you didn’t really buy that transparency thing, did you? Because you know, if you bought that you were just dumb.

Michigan unemployment hits 12.9%. Yeah, let’s get that governor out of there and put her on the Supreme Court, and let the president, who has never actually run anything like a business, fix that auto industry.

And Obama is gonna need a LOT of tax revenues generated from businesses and working people, if he wants to spend like a madman.

He doesn’t seem to get that part…that for people to pay taxes, there have to be jobs, and for jobs to exist, businesses need less government regulation, strangling the engine.

But stupid me, Alinsky’s Rule for Radicals was never about generating tax revenue. It was about grabbing power, keeping power, and intimidation, along the lines of that, “we will take further steps” message above.

1-7 Gitmo Detainees: Go back to terrorism when released

Obama is going to Go further than Bush on preventive detention. I guess he’s going to reach all the way back to FDR? But America “lost its way” under Bush.

A little something to ponder:

Former President George W. Bush’s policy of en couraging Middle East democratization has just produced spectacular results in the Kuwaiti general election.

By fruits you shall know them.

For the record: I don’t “hate” President Obama. I think he’s a smart, charming guy with a smart, lovely wife and two adorable daughters. I started out positive, rather than negative, on him I’d probably love him if he was still just a senator; I just don’t think he should be in the White House, taking over our banking and auto industries, trash-talking the guy whose policies he is either holding on to or enhancing, sinking us into 8 trillion dollars in deficits (say what you want, the deficit was receding every year after the Bush tax cuts, until the October Surprise) and bowing to Saudi Kings.

Oh, and The bailouts may never end; no exit strategy

How’s that Oratory page idea sounding to you, now?

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    Does your woodworking hubby have plans for the Prie Dieu or will he wing it? My hubby would be interested in a set of plans if there are any.

    [I like this one very much, and hope he'll come up with something along these lines. But he hasn't even begun to think about it, yet. First there are other projects that must be done, and a job to hang on to! sigh. sdmin]

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    Looking forward to your Oratory Page. Sounds wonderful! :)

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    You know what projection is, right? It’s when you take the instincts that reside within yourself, and you PROJECT THEM on to another.

    Wow. Just…wow.