Mark Sanford: Crying in Argentina? UPDATES!

While Iran is in tumult, the whole world pauses: for a pathetic, sad, Sanford presser in which he admits he has been cheating on his wife.

Now, go away, sir. Bravo to your wife for not standing there with you, allowing the cameras to chronicle her misery. You were never going to be president, anyway, because -as I have said repeatedly – men who seem like competent middle-management types are DONE being president in this country:

A staid, respectable white fellow with no twinge of flavor is going to die out there. He’s everyone’s competent project manager, but no one’s CEO.

And you spent the last 5 days CRYING in Argentina? Don’t you know that song, yet? No crying in Argentina, for anyone!

It’s not that I have no compassion for human failing. I do. I fail all the time and my sins, dropped into the big bucket of human sinfulness, resound and reverberate no less than Sanford’s.

I’m just so SICK of these people with power – our so-called “leadership” – sneaking around, making excuses and carrying on while the country is in serious trouble. And it’s doubly annoying when it is someone from the right; pols on the left haven’t, at least, been mouthing platitudes about values and the sanctity of marriage, give them that.

At least Sanford did not do the “cover it up” routine (ala Bill Clinton, which only made things worse for him and his family) at least Sanford is coming clean, and yes, he seems to be expressing genuine contrition about what he’s done…but enough of this, already.

I am at a loss to understand how it is that politicians, particularly politicians on the right (who know they will find no sympathy or protection from the press) seem oblivious to the fact that if they’re doing something that can destroy their careers, there are going to be opposition people out there, just lying in wait for the chance to expose them, or to pounce and devour if the politician exposes himself! You’d think they’d be smarter about how they conduct themselves, or they’d think long and hard, not just twice but a dozen times, before they indulged themselves in behavior that can only blow up in their faces.

I am not without compassion, but Gov. Sanford just handed the whole nation a crap sandwich that the press will chew on for weeks and weeks, while they ignore other – much more pressing and meaningful – stories. And in that way, we are all injured.

Gov. Sanford, glad you did the right thing and came clean, now get off the stage, so the press can get back to not covering the shambles of our economy or this story and not asking Barney Frank if he is learning disabled, not asking uncomfortable questions about healthcare, and the climate, or this issue or ohh…what’s the point. There is a sex scandal to report about, and sex trumps everything, especially when the story uncovers someone with an R after his name. As we all know, sex is “private” except when it is not, and the world is full of perpetual adolescents (on every side) who will immediately follow this (or the execrable “Jon & Kate Divorce” story) to the exclusion of anything else.

Sigh…alright, I’ll link around. I guess I’m a whore, too.

Roger L. Simon:
When eyes of the nation should be focused, Sanford knocks our glasses off! Yes…I was heartbroken when I heard this news, not for Sanford (although for his wife, yes) but for the Iranian people who need our support today and who – with this story – will see coverage from the short-attention span media wane, as the press follows a titillating story and the political blood it leaves in the water.

Howard Kurtz tweets more compassion than I felt:

This was a man in pain, unraveling on live TV. Sanford kept flagellating himself. Pundits who talked about 2012 missed pt: the human drama.

Pursuing Holiness: Can men and women be friends?

Ed Morrissey: “No sniveling” also [this] makes Sanford the most famous Republican on foreign affairs at the moment

Jim Geraghty: His career is over

Confederate Yankee: Foreign affairs; yer doing it wrong

Ramesh: It’s Republican Infidelity Month!

Malkin: A surreal disaster of a press conference

He had a hell of a lot more passion and pathos for his mistress than his own wife. He referred wistfully to the “great friendship” and “that sparking thing” he had with the mistress for eight years — during which his wife was raising his four children.

RGA: Kathryn Lopez has their statement

Don’t cry for me: South Carolina

Quoting Mark Twain, you’re doing it wrong!

Noisy Room: Corruption & Immorality know no bias, only the press does

Bookworm: Sanford’s odd cadences

Maureen Dowd: Perpetually 14

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  • Dee

    I almost felt ill when I read that Barney Frank is asking – yet again – that loans for condos “be relaxed”. It appears he has NO learning curve. NO accountability either.

  • texas

    On face value this is horrible. Cheating on your spouse is wrong on so many levels. I can’t help but wonder the timing of all of this. I mean, Ensign last week and Sanford this week? They were all Leaders of the Party and one by one they are being eliminated. I don’t know why but it feels like “Chicago politics” in action here. Something more sinister. Can’t explain it.

    Also, you are right about the double standards between Dems and Reps.

  • Gayle Miller

    At least he came clean on his own rather than being “outed” by the Huffington Post or Daily Kos. Meanwhile, that blithering idiot Barney Frank is setting us up to repeat OLD mistakes and the Iranian Spring is imploding (sort of) before our very eyes! And we now discover that it was Jon Gosselin who was the impetus behind the divorce! And he didn’t have to ask her permission first! And you and I do not lack for things to blog about!

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  • elizabethk

    You write what I am thinking, that I hope his wife does NOT back him up through this. These men must be held accountable for this behavior, despicable – with four sons! Where are the REAL men!?

  • Bender

    I wouldn’t say that he came clean on his own — not after Pravda has been like sharks smelling blood in the water the last couple of days making a HUGE story out of a non-story, that Sanford was out of touch for a couple of days. They lucked out that there actually was something after all.

    Either way, it’s time to go.

    Time to clean house. The GOP can hardly go any lower, so there is no excuse for not now getting rid of all the rot and deadwood. From the squishy tapeworm RINOs to the immoral frauds to the unprincipled pragmatists, it is time for them all to go.

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  • Fen

    Agreed. Its why I left the Party. We worked our tails off getting these guys elected, a GOP controlled Congress. And still they couldn’t keep their hand out of the cash box, couldn’t keep their zipper up.

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  • Respawn

    Look, it ticks me off when a rightie does this kind of crap, too – because it gives the liars on the Left (who truly don’t give a shit about things like this) ammunition against us – because we DO care about things like this. Like Ayn Rand wrote in “Atlas Shrugged,” they use our highest values against us.

    But the REAL point is that we have developed a political class in this country, Left AND Right, which is hypocritical, power hungry, amoral, self-absorbed and unaccountable. Read the tea leaves, folks – we MUST get rid of career politicians if we are to save our great Republic. Vote the Anti-Incumbent ticket; send ALL the bastards home.

  • March Hare

    Ed ( has a great “Facepalm” poster he uses for some of his articles. If the news keeps up like this, I think I’m going to have to borrow it.

    I would suggest sending one to Mr. Frank but I don’t think he’d understand. ;)

  • CV

    Actually, the fact that Sanford disappeared to “cry in Argentina” is kind of funny, in a very pathetic sort of way.

    Regarding one of your unrelated links, I’m not clear on why you tagged the clip, in which Warren Buffet slams cap and trade as a regressive tax, as a “lie.” Isn’t it a good thing that a business genius and high profile Obama supporter like Buffet is shining a light on the real costs all of us will have to bear under cap and trade? At least a few more people might sit up and pay attention.

    I may have missed something, but this puzzled me.

    [I knew I had gotten distracted as I linked something; that was it. I'll clarify - admin]

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  • SAM

    “You’d think they’d be smarter about how they conduct themselves, or they’d think long and hard, not just twice but a dozen times, before they indulged themselves…”

    Oh, he was thinking long and hard… That was the problem

  • Hucbald

    What IS IT with these guys that they can’t keep their wicks dry?! Count me among the not buying it crowd. I was miserably married for YEARS and never cheated. It takes WORK to cheat, it doesn’t just “happen.” Much effort is involved, as his schedule conniptions indicate.

    I have no sympathy. None. Not a jot. These “men” are rotten to the core.

  • Debbie

    I’m sorry, but as a dumped wife, I do not have compassion for this man. Oh yes, I’m a sinner – big time, but give me a break. What an a**. What gets into these people. What exactly are they smoking once they get into power that completely obliterates their ability to think? Or maybe that’s what they would have been with or without power. Who knows. All I know is this guy is shameful!

  • A mom

    Anchoress, that’s exactly how I felt watching the presser. He needs to RESIGN as Governor, and right NOW! Get off the stage entirely. Just another selfish, narcissistic pol, Yes, we’re all sinners. But for God’s sake, if you’re a politician, and a conservative one at that, can’t you figure this out?!? Good God, he had 8 years to realize this was a stupid thing to do… but no, he kept going. Idiot. I’m sick of the lot of ‘em; I’m with Respawn.

    The whole press conference just made me sick. It was so self-serving. I saw no real contrition at all; I saw someone who loved being in the spotlight and thought he has a heartbreaking, wonderful story to tell, and isn’t he great, asking for forgiveness of everybody and his brother.

    And you’re right, this takes attention off the things that are really important, such as the bloodshed in Iran and the path our President has us on.

  • RCL

    “A staid, respectable white fellow with no twinge of flavor is going to die out there.”

    I sure hope so. We need characters. It’s no coincidence that the word means both moral courage and colorful personality. These “competent”, tassle-loafered politicians are self-centered phonies looking to cajole, coerce or steal everything the can.

    We have very few leaders of character; Palin being the most obvious exception. We’ve got to start from scratch by leaving the Democrat & Republican Party to rot and turning every incumbent out on their ear.

  • LostSailor

    “As we all know, sex is “private” except when it is not…”

    Sex (at least when combined with politics) used to be private. That pretty much went away when it was used as weapon to bring down Clinton. I feel sorry only for Sanford’s family.

  • Mwalimu Daudi

    I am not without compassion, but Gov. Sanford just handed the whole nation a crap sandwich that the press will chew on for weeks and weeks, while they ignore other – much more pressing and meaningful – stories. And in that way, we are all injured.

    Come on – the state-run media didn’t need Sanford to ignore important issues. The fact that somewhere a non-leftist has a pulse and is still breathing is all the excuse they have ever needed.

    Instead of admitting infidelity, Sanford could have have announced at the press conference that he had discovered the cure for HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, and malaria while ending world hunger, and the state-run media would still demonize him. If a politician has an “R” after his/her name, then that’s literally all the state-run media can see.

  • Dave Jurin

    On a brighter note, he did finally come across a stimulus package he could live with.

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  • Trouble

    Boo. Hiss. Thanks a buttload, Gov’ner Lepetomaine; you’ve just handed the lefties another machine gun.

    This sort of nonsense drove me to re-register as an independent also. If you’re going to bang the “family virtues” gong, you’d better walk the walk; otherwise, do yourself and the rest of us a big fat favor and shaddap.

    Hucbald – I was in the same situation as you (woman-on-man abuse does occur, by the way) and never even so much as went on a date until I’d filed for divorce and was legally separated. I wouldn’t do that to the kids.

  • tgb1001

    What’s this about Bill Clinton being unfaithful? I saw none of THAT in the “media”!

  • thatcher

    I was so happy to see she didn’t do the press conference with him. Apparently, she kicked him out a couple of weeks ago and told him not to call so he runs off to chicky-poo in Argentina.
    I wish her and the boys all the best.

  • Newguy40

    I did not see my view mentioned directly so I’ll just add knowing I am a bit late to the comment “party”.

    I am heartily sick of the whole “Public Confessional” viz Press Conference viz the MSM.

    The whole thing has gotten so routine it’s no longer of interest/value/insert POV here…

    I, too am not with out compassion, and will make my best effort with the whole “log in the eye thing”. But, really, enough already.

  • YogusBearus

    One has to wonder if at some level this was conscious political suicide. Agreed, he needs to resign immediately as governor.

  • Patrick Doyle

    Anchoress, you had best chop off your husband’s tackle before he commits the sins of the flesh. This stuff spreads like H1N1 among the religious right.

  • Gerry

    Thanks (not) troll – are you stupid enough to believe that anyone is going to read through your unending trash post?

    [Just so you know, Joseph is not a troll, but an old friend of this blog. Unrepentantly liberal, but a good guy and a serious Buddhist who once took the time (and the risk) to come to the defense of Pope Benedict XVI when he was being smeared. We disagree - and will forever - but we are friendly. Joe does get long-winded, sometimes, though. :-) -admin]

  • JorgXMcKie

    Honestly, no one (elected, appointed, hired, whatever) should be allowed to collect a government paycheck for more than 20 years — total.

    Feeding at the public trough is toxic.

  • Joseph Marshall

    I regret that my comment somehow got submitted out from under me.

    I can stop there, since Gerry has correctly, if rudely, pointed out that I am becoming long-winded. And confusing him or any of your readers with mere fact and evidence is probably unsportsmanlike.

    [Bad mood, Joseph? I'm wondering if, upon reflection, you really want to say some of the things you've said, or if you're just letting your mood get away from you. But we can talk about that privately. I will hold back your comment until you've had a chance to think about it. -admin]

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  • Mr. H

    In addition to his betrayal of his family, he intentionally deceived the people of South Carolina and was missing in action for days without anyone knowing where he was.

    Inexcusable behavior for a governor.

    I hope he has the decency to resign his position.

    Mr. H

  • Victor

    All I can say is that the one without sin should cast the first stone!

    What are you talking about sinner vic!?

    I was just about to try and figure that out but my wife is calling me to play cards so no more comments for me tonight and that makes me kind of sad. :(


  • Chuck

    Well, let’s be honest. The Iran thing is getting old. I mean really, how many times do we want to watch Iranians get their heads beat in when we can have a good laugh at the expence of another bible-thumping hypocrite politician?

    This just shows that our priorities are right. Iran does not matter. Iran never matters.

  • Robert Belvedere

    Mr. Sanford should resign the governorship. He is a conservative. We conservatives preach high standards of moral and ethical behaviour. We are therefore obligated to hold ourselves to those high standards. When we violate those standards and we are elected officials who were elected based on the advocacy of said high standards, we have betrayed those who voted for us. Therefore, the only honorable action to take is to resign the elected office.

    Mr. Sanford should go and spend time working on either saving his marriage and salving the wounds he has inflicted on his wife and children or working on making a divorce as painless as possible for his wife and children. He should be a man and shoulder any consequences no matter how painful to himself. Whatever way it is decided to proceed, it should be done in private for the sake of your family and friends

    Last and least, he has damaged the conservative cause at a very bad moment for it. If he has any honor, he should figuratively take the Luger, go in his den, and do the right thing for the sake of those of us who are struggling to save this country as it speeds down the road to perdition.

    You are not damned for eternity sir, but you are obliged to spend some time in purgatory.

    Quoted from and linked to at:

  • Alex M.

    Another GOP cracker hypocrite, shocking.

    [Yeah. Too bad everyone in the GOP isn't sinless and scandal free like everyone on the left. As Howard Kurtz just twittered, Barney Frank had a prostitution ring working out of his basement and yet he still enjoys his career. How awful that people on the right actually think their leadership should resign when they're caught being jerks. admin]

  • John

    let him (or her) that is without sin cast the first stone

  • Allison

    You’d think they’d be smarter about how they conduct themselves, or they’d think long and hard, not just twice but a dozen times, before they indulged themselves in behavior that can only blow up in their faces.

    Taken to the logical conclusion, they HAVE thought about it a dozen times. And they’ve chosen to do it anyway.

    That’s the real awfulness. Their lust is part of it, but it’s their pride, their overwhelming sense of power, allows them to think they are different, that they can get away with it, that they aren’t a debased depraved sinner destroying everything and everyone around them with their lies.

  • Scott Hebert

    It’s rather interesting, at this point, in a sick sort of way. Conservatives have a message, but not messengers. Liberals, meanwhile, have messengers, but no message.

    Oh, and to the person who was saying that we’ve had enough of Iran, I hope to God (literally) that you were being sarcastic. What is happening in Iran, quite frankly, is more important than anything else happening in the world right now.

  • Barry Kearns

    I stick by the maxim taught to me by my grandfather: “Never, ever trust a man who cheats on his wife”.

    He needs to resign. Either he volunteers, or he gets pushed. Vanishing for a week without making any arrangements for matters to be handled in his absence, lying to his own staffers… that’s inexcusable in and of itself. If he cannot keep things “together enough” to arrange for some time off for personal soul-searching (over a crisis of his own creation), and make those arrangements in a dignified, professional manner, then he cannot be trusted with the office, period.

  • Howard Young

    It’s interesting how many of those entering comments are leaping directly from Sanford’s mea culpa to how despicable the Democrats are. They have their own failings and are not responsible for his.

  • Western Chauvinist

    Setting aside the moral issues for a moment, I find Sanford’s behavior stupid and irresponsible. He should resign or be fired on that basis alone. His judgment is obviously lacking if he thought he could get away with the affair and an executive at his level abandoning his position and going incommunicado for a week is inexcusable. I disagree with the bloggers claiming his actions are tantamount to abuse of his constituents (must everyone be a victim?), but deeply irresponsible – yes. One of the many tragedies resulting from his sin is that any good he may have done in his career is erased forever.

    And speaking of sin, this is a good example of how the effects of sinfulness are never isolated to the sinner. Especially if the sinner is a conservative. God pity his poor family.

    BTW – did anyone else notice the happy-faced women in the background during his press conference? I saw three women smiling broadly while he revealed the devastation in his personal life. What’s up with that?

    [Please pardon my using your comment to deliver a message, but I have no other way to do it. To the anti-Christian hater who keeps trying to post comments here, please note that I do not post comments from people with fake email addresses. So your email address, like the ones that say @dieAnchoressdie is keeping me from allowing your lovely, tolerant, mature and intelligent musings to be placed into conversations. That said, whether Sanford "came clean" enough for you does not change fact that he "came clean" more than, say...oh...Clinton, when he was caught, and did not engage in a cover up. And it's so stupid to have to rehash that. -admin]

  • tbogg

    “There is a sex scandal to report about, and sex trumps everything, especially when the story uncovers someone with an R after his name.”

    Anchoress, I am so sorry to hear about your coma that lasted from Jan 17, 1998 to Feb 12, 1999.

    Bless your heart.

  • Roz Smith

    There is very little difference between Sanford’s situation and that of Rudy Guiliani.

    Both were married with young children- the second marriage, by the way for Guiliani , a Catholic – when each man fell in love with another woman. Each man was kicked out of this house by his wife. Sanford seems to have fallen apart where Rudy shrugged it off, camped out a gay friend’s guest room and kept up his affair with the woman who was to become his third wife.

    Lucky for Rudy the custody battle for Gracie mansion which had the poltitcial class gleefully gossiping for months was almost completely forgotten after 9/11.

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  • Bender

    Roz, that “very little difference” was one of the reasons why I could not in good conscience support the guy who did become the GOP nominee.

    You know, there are 300 million people in this country. Figure 120 million are Republicans (40 percent, given a probable 40-40-20 split). Of that 120 million, probably, what, 80 million are of age to hold elective office?

    Out of 80 million possible Republicans, you would think that we could find a couple or three who weren’t total duds or slimy or despicable. Apparently, however, you would think wrong. It is disgusting. (And the Dems are even worse.)

    But now we are reaping the harvest of the Big Tent. Nothing but weeds and thorns and bug-infested rotted fruit.

  • The Dark Avenger

    I don’t know why but it feels like “Chicago politics” in action here. Something more sinister. Can’t explain it.

    Yes, they used an old Daley Machine/Jedi mind trick that made Sanford fly to Argentina to visit his girlfriend and stay out of touch with the state he purports to govern for a few days, along with giving his staff the bright idea to say he was hiking along the Appalachian trail when they had no idea where he was.

    That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

  • Gayle Miller

    Dave Jurin I liked your comment – a lot. I have been doing some exploration and it seems that Mrs. Sanford (who claims to still love her husband) did not acquiesce to the “little woman standing by her man” nonsense of say, Mrs. Spitzer or Hillary Rodham Clinton. Therefore, I have more respect for her and even more contempt for his self-indulgent whoring around! My objection to these horndog politicians is simple. If they cannot continue to keep their marital vows – how can we trust them to keep any promises they may have made to get elected.