Tsunami & Calamity; I miss Bush -UPDATED

The pictures from The Philippines are harrowing.

Things sound terrible in Indonesia, so let us pray, particularly since more tremblors are expected and who knows what can happen in the Pacific.

I know this is Friday, and therefore a non-political day for this blog, but in reading this report, I can’t help but remember President Bush’s response to the ’04 Tsunami, how he immediately sent aid and naval vessels (and committed to long term relief to that area).

And I remember some snotnose from the UN calling him, and our nation “stingy” because although we’d done more than any other nation in that terrible crisis, we hadn’t done enough to suit him.

Then I read the lame response of our current, and weirdly detached president:

“Indonesia’s an extraordinary country that’s known extraordinary hardship from natural disasters,” Mr. Obama said at the White House. “I know firsthand that the Indonesian people are strong and resilient and have the spirit to overcome this enormous challenge. As they do, they need to know that America will be their friend and partner.”

Empty, detached, meaningless. Just words. Cold, cold words.

But then again, if America is no longer an exceptional country, why would her president make an exceptional response?

In ’04, when tsunami hit, Bush was with the heads of Europe, and while they were all gathered before the reporters making concerned statements, with trembling lips, Bush excused himself and began to order our Navy and all hands to the area of devastation. He started getting the assistance-funds released.

Obama is now in Europe, busily “fighting” to get the Olympics* for his pals in Chicago (as though he’d have gone there if the games were not a done deal) and the best he can do is say, “aw…we’ll be your friend. We’re ready to be your friend!” I doubt that the UN will call him “stingy.” I am sure Obama will not have to defend himself to CBS News. What a mess.

America “remade.”

I think I’ll file this one under “Bush Good.”

And here is the Red Cross Disaster Relief page.

UPDATE: *The Obama Offensive on the Olympics appears to have failed as Chicago is eliminated in the first round.

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  • dick

    One more reason for OBAMA – One Huge Mistake, America!!

    Why our president thinks it is more important to do a Chamber of Commerce visit to the IOC than it is to help the country where he at one time lived tells me exactly what kind of man he is – and I surely do not like the answer to that one. Does he really even care about people at all unless they are worshipping him or disdaining his country? I really don’t think he does.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    As I recall, it took the UN weeks to get their act together, and actually send help in the aftermath of the last tsunami.

    Americans got there right away. And, yet, we’re “stingy”.

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  • SjB

    You are so very right about Bush. For all of his flaws and mistakes, he was a decent man. A man of compassion who feared God.

    Another decent man I remember is President Ford. He committed political/career suicide by pardoning Nixon, so our nation would not be eviscerated. I remember him as a President who constantly put the good of the nation above his own ambitions. (Such a stark contrast to those who want to prosecute the Bush administration – if Obama was not after blood, he would be restraining Holder, but then again… look at the man who he chose to fill the position of Attorney General. Does he merely do the will of his master? dismiss charges for voter intimidation and pursue Bush, Big O needs a scapegoat and diversions to get people’s eyes upon the sideshow and off of his actions).

  • http://deacondean.blogspot.com Deacon Dean

    Dearest Anchoress,

    This is just for you.


  • Sam

    I don’t know why this should surprise anyone. Look at the lack of response Kentucky got this past winter after the ice storms and Georgia got these past weeks after the flooding. He barely did anything for them, why does anyone expect him to do anything for anyone else?

    Love the picture Deacon Dean and yes I do!

  • Rich Fader

    I agree. Particularly considering that he spent part of his childhood over there, that statement seems a bit muted.

  • John

    President Obama’s statement is more about him than the suffering in Indonesia.

    “I know first hand…” screams how smart and worldly our first citizen is.

    “…America will be your friend…” says look at me and how nice we are. While you are buried under rubble we’ll be nice to you.

    Self affirming logorhea. Uhg.

  • MJ

    And, now we know the President wasted his trip to Copenhagen! With all that is going on in the world, he needs to get his priorities in order.

  • http://www.savkobabe.blogspot.com Gayle Miller

    The trip to Copenhagen was a bust! He cannot even close a “sure thing”! What a putz we are stuck with for the next 3+ years! We must pray for him to acquire some small measure of the wisdom, humanity and intelligence of his predecessor!

  • Myssi

    I thought everyone was supposed to like us now? Or, maybe we didn’t get the Olympics because even the IOC knows that Obama isn’t doing enough to protect us from terrorism and they don’t want to be responsible for bringing the world here to be attacked.

    I wonder what Mayor Daley thinks of his political patronage now?

  • Margo

    And can everyone imagine what the left would be saying if Bush had done what Obama did? Spending $1.2 million in fuel alone to fly to Europe during an economic crisis in an effort for, let’s say, Dallas to get the Olympics?

  • Bender

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

    I never understood the know-everything fools (whisper – Hannity) who said that it was obvious Chicago had it wrapped up and that was why Obama was going over.

    The U.S. has had the Olympics a couple zilliion times the last few years. I’m sure the rest of the world wants a turn. Besides, with everyone shooting and beating everyone else to death in Chicago, why would they want to go there?

  • That One Girl a.k.a Bender’s Cheerleader

    He’s really diminished the office of the president with this pathetic little game he played. I wonder if he’ll ever get over himself?

  • SjB

    Wow. Has is dawned on anyone else how the IOC publicly slapped Obama and let him know what they think of him and his presidency?

    Put the pieces together: IOC let it be known that Obama not being there might hurt Chicago’s bid…. Chicago and Obama thought they were the favorites with Rio and his presence would put them over the top. The IOC let them make fools of themselves in front of the world.

    I love those Old-World tactics… they just disciplined him publicly for his hubris (think of all of his international speeches, NATO, etc). :)

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  • http://fkclinic.blogspot.com Nancy Reyes

    the US military are already helping in Manila, both SEALS and the Marines…and next week the joint military training exercizes may be changed to do relief/cleanup work.

    Please pray for us.
    Manila’s flooding is bad, but the typhoon today could devestate the north…and it is harvest time, so many farmers who didn’t harvest yet may lose their crops.

  • http://www.allhands-ondeck.blogspot.com/ Mr. H

    President Bush was a good man.

    Let us not forget his AIDs initiative that saved a 1,000,000+ lives in Africa.

    See the story here