Climategate Googlegate linkfest

I am seriously behind on real work and the dog has decided that whole-house vacuuming must now occur twice daily as she sheds like nothing I’ve ever seen.

This is what life is like with a Border Collie. Smartest dogs in the world, but you have two choices: vacuum so much that the machine begins to feel like an extension of your arm, or don’t vacuum, put on some Star Trek gear and call the mounting hair balls “Tribbles.”

So let me drop off all these links to climategate, beginning with the curious situation at Google, and at least get my tab-bar cleared! Happy reading!

It appears Google does not like Climategate. Perhaps they consider it too evil to be linked to.

Note how few of these links are originating with US publications.

UK Times Online: Climate Data Dumped

Christopher Booker (UK): Worst Scientific Scandal of our Generation

Guardian UK: So? Everything Will Have to Change, Anyway. Global Warming Real! And it’s going to be profitable, too!

UK Telegraph: East Anglia Does U-Turn in Climate-Change Row

BBC: Inquiry into stolen emails. Yes, that’s the big story.

Video: “Destroy the Data”: Investigations must begin re criminality

Financial Times (UK): Secrecy in Science is Corrosive Force

Toronto Sun: Botch, after botch, after botch

Conrad Black, Nat’l Post, Canada: The Great Green Fraud

Clive Crook, The Atlantic – MUST READ: “The stink of intellectual corruption is overpowering.”

Glenn Harlan Reynolds, US: The Internet is Slowly Moving the Story. Yes, but sadly, the Mainstream Media still controls the national conversation, and right now they’ve steered it toward Tiger Woods and GateCrashGate, although even GateCrashGate is getting short shrift.

Wall Street Journal: If you can’t trust scientists…

Bjorn Lomborg: World’s Poor Poorly Served by Boondoggling

Meanwhile, one has to wonder WHO exactly are the “denialists” (and the hysterics) here? (H/T)

Washington Post, US: Whaaa?

Ed Morrissey, US: A very weird science

NY Post (Opinion): Climate Con

Michael Barone (Opinion, US) Garbage In, Garbage Out

NY Times Blog: Climategate is discouraging young scientists

American Thinker (Opinion): Global Warming Fraud, and the Future of Science

The White House, USA: “the science is settled…”. Well yeah, if by “settled” you mean, discredited.

Staggeringly vapid and probably hypocritical (US): Hey, there is no proof of GOD, and people believe in GOD, so why shouldn’t they believe in Global Warming!

Reason: Climategate and Scientific Chicanery

Treacher: Has some fun with it

Ace: They’ll release all the data they haven’t thrown away!

Here is a list: of all the things caused by Global Warming. As my Auntie Lillie would might have said: when you can blame everything on one thing, you’re clearly running on something other than intellect.

Otherwise, the US Press is concerned with All-Tiger-Woods, All-The-Time.

O/T: Derek Jeter is SI’s Sportsman of the Year. He should be MVP, too. I don’t care how good Mauer is, and he’s very good, Jeter not only had a spectacular year, he Captain’ed his team to the World Series (where he batted over .400) too. He should be MVP.

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  • EJHill

    In all deference to The Anchoress and her Yankeeness… there is a reason why MVP voting is done BEFORE the postseason begins. Joe Mauer is your AL MVP.

    [Still should have been Jeter, though. He got cheated when Pedroia got the MVP. There is a debt there. -admin :-) ]

  • Charlie (Colorado)

    Anchoress, that “google hates climategate” thing has been around for the whole last couple of week, and every time anyone else tries it, they get plenty of hits. I just did.

  • Gerry
  • Tom Carty

    I agree with almost everything the Anchoress says but draw the line at her Yankee cheer leading. Up here in Canada, we love Joe Mauer too because he grew up playing in the snow just like we did!

  • Mutnodjmet

    Anchoress: Your comment about “Goggle” leads me to mention my new favorite search site:

    I was turned onto this site after 9-11, when Goggle failed to mark the anniversary graphically — despite the fact they want “black” for a special environmental day and seem to have a graphic for all the elite/glitterati occasions. had a depiction of the WTC light memorial on Sept. 11th.

    I really find to be superior in all regards. It has a great search capacity (check its listing for Climategate; for example, the first listing is I find the search more tailored and the presentation less cluttered.

    I will only do a Google-search as a ‘back-up” now. I have also jettisoned wikipedia, based on their shabby handling of the entries related to conservative issues and personalities.

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  • MJ

    And, here I thought I was the only one with a dog who is shedding profusely in November!! Not good for the energy usage thing.

  • Peggy Coffey

    I have Weimaraners, very short hair, and they seem to be molting. I see their getts very fuzzy and then it’s everywhere. My dogs love cold weather too, so this might not be good for all the warm weather lovers.

  • Buttercup67k

    Anchoress: You might try a roomba for the dog hair. I don’t have one right now due to having young children with many small toys, but if your kids are older/out of the house, this might work for you. Amazon has numerous reviews.

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  • kimsch

    I must rave and rave about the Dyson Animal vacuum (purple).

    I have three cats and a Siberian who all shed, all the time, most especially Le Chien Nikita. Little Baby Tiffany (Tiffy) the 4 month old Yorkie/Bichon doesn’t shed.

    The Animal picks it all up. And because it’s bagless, one can easily see when it needs to be emptied into the trash. The Animal comes with a few attachments including a hand-held roller attachment to get the animal fur off of furniture too.

    I just love it!

    *** I received no compensation or consideration for this good review of the Dyson Animal. I bought mine with my own money and I really love it! ***

  • Deb

    Try vacuuming the dog twice a day. It’ll save you a lot of work and the dog may enjoy it once used to the process.

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