Cardinal DiNardo at Baptist U

I can’t remember where I came upon this video -it might have been from First Things’ Evangel blog- but I like it a lot, and I think y’all will, too: Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, the Archbishop of Galveston-Houston, doing the convocation at Houston Baptist University.

An excellent video for an extended Sunday Coffee Break.

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  • Robb76

    I saw it on mere comments touchstone blog a couple of days ago. Well worth the time for a second viewing.

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  • Terri K

    Daniel Cardinal DiNardo is my Archbishop. I first heard him speak at my son’s high school Mother-Son mass for the Immaculate Conception when he was Coadjutor Bishop. His presentation of Mary, as mother, was one of the most thought provoking homilies I have ever experienced.

    He is truly a humble servant of the people. He also has a wicked sense of humor and a beautiful twinkle in his eye!!

    All I can say is catch Cardinal DiNardo’s homilies whenever you can. You won’t be sorry :-)

  • Mimsy

    The Cardinal is quite popular here in Houston. He is a great speaker and loves to be out with his flock.