It's Only the Greatest Commercial Evah!

Oh, indulge me.

How the video was made

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  • Erika

    Yes (blush). I actually love these commercials to the point that I went to Sam’s Club and bought “my man” a bulk package of Old Spice. Just to show my support.

  • Wendy

    The first time I saw this I watched it about 10 times just cracking up. It is a hilarious satire piece!

  • Gina Elicker

    My husband absolutely cracks up at these commercials. They are hilarious.

  • Less

    I was highly amused throughout the whole thing – great concept, the guy has great timing – and then…

    “I’m on a horse”

    HUGE laughter. Makes me laugh now just thinking about it. AWESOME ad!

  • Kirstin

    I shall have to dissent. I can’t stand that commercial. I know, I know, it’s tongue-in-cheek, but, sorry, ugh.

  • Sal

    “Two tickets to that thing you love.”
    His voice reminds me of Sean Connery, a little.

  • Terry

    Genius. And I hope they give the writer of that commercial a bonus. I can’t imagine the pitch meeting where they proposed it–it’s one of those things that i can just see someone saying “Wait, wait! You’ve gotta keep listening!”

  • Jeff

    I do love this commercial. It’s hilarious because it reflects reality.

  • dymphna

    I love this one so much I’ve watched it several times.

  • Andy

    I love this also. There is a “making of” video on YouTube. This was done in one take. (Of course it took many takes, but that is still amazing).

  • Joi

    A great ad!

    Did you see the clips of him on Ellen’s show? I don’t watch the show, but the clips of him on there are quite good–he’s very charming!