Palate Cleanser

The God and Man Roundup below got me itching to hear David Bowie’s Modern Love:

Never gonna fall for
(Modern Love) walks beside me
(Modern Love) walks on by
(Modern Love) gets me to the Church on Time
(Church on Time) terrifies me
(Church on Time) makes me party
(Church on Time) puts my trust in God and Man
(God and Man) no confessions
(God and Man) no religion
(God and Man) don’t believe
in Modern Love

Anyway, searching for that video brought me to this one, and I think it’s pretty delightful, for the most part, and brilliantly edited.

I couldn’t identify all the films, particularly the Christian Bale ones, can you?

Content warning: There is a nano-second ref to condoms and a bit of kissing at the end that’s too tongue-intense for me; I don’t really want to see anyone’s tongues, you know? That’s why I said it was delightful “for the most part.” If you can’t handle it, or suspect you will be offended, please don’t watch it. You’re warned.


Sigh. The stuff at the end was a little “racier’ than I had caught. Here is a link to the video, but I don’t feel right embedding it, now.

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  • Lacey

    Aw, I love movie montages! One of the Christian Bale movies is Little Women, and I think I saw some Newsies in there, but I’m not sure about the others.

  • Michelle

    The Bale films I could id were Empire of the Sun, when he was only 11 or 12 and “discovered” and American Psyco, there were a few period ones I didn’t know, think he is a great actor, love your blog! I check it everyday.

  • Manny L.

    Always loved that song, as well as “Let’s Dance” and “China Girl” from that same album.

    From “Modern Love” we have these lyrics;
    “I catch a paper boy
    but things don’t really change.”

    That may have been true back in 1983 when that album came out, but David Bowie never faced the Obama administration. :-P

  • Mimi

    Just so you know: the tongues both belong to girls and near the end there is brief toplessness, so it’s a bit more objectionable than I thought. (I survived, but fair warning to others…)

    Now your hits will either go way up or way down!

    [There is? I totally didn't see either of those things! -admin]

  • P Buchta

    Yes. My band does this song too… Very melodic. David dressed a way tad wild back then.

  • paige

    This isn’t concerning this current post-

    I just started reading your comments section and I don’t think I will continue. So many of these posters are so outrageously insensitive that I can hardly stomach it.

    I am tempted to spend my evening going to peoples blogs and diagnosing them with the obvious personality disorders they suffer from…. but I will try to resist the urge.

    You are a remarkable woman. You must have a self-confidence of steal to weather some of these comments and commentaries.

  • Therese Z

    Technology makes these montages so much easier, and I love them too.

    Funny what one will notice – watching for the refs you pointed out, I also saw a crotch grab, an almost-kiss between two men, and the tongue-y kiss between two women.

  • Randomizer

    Thanks for linking to the video, that was fantastic. It reminds us of why we love movies. Well, great movies anyway. And it makes me get off the computer and do something fun.

  • Shev

    There were two versions of that video; the one they played on MTV was the one with a bit of tongue that was only a tiny bit racy. There was a longer version that apparently was quite *ahem* racier and I suspect that’s the one our lovely Anchoress found. If you search for the edited version, you might find one you can safely embed.