Mothers Day is Coming

Let me make it easy for you and help out our monk and nun friends in the process:

If Mom likes to Garden: Send her to heaven with a handbasket. I gave one of these to a garden-loving neighbor for her birthday. She loved it. Apparently the tin of lavender balm which is included is especially good, but I would not know because she has not shared it with me.

I like it sans whipped creme, myself

Buy Mom Coffee and Coffee Accessories: Our Carmelite monk friends have come up with Theme Packs of Coffee (Decaf Dessert Coffees, Cafe Noir for the dark blend lovers, and so on) to bring a little variety to a discerning palate, and summer is coming; this stuff makes scrumptious iced coffee.

Want to send Mom an e-card? Check out the sidebar, under my uggo picture. They’re not nuns or monks, but I like to give my advertisers a plug.

Speaking of non-nuns: Do you remember the Great Headcovering Experiment I wrote about a few months ago? Well, I am still covering (as a friend says, “it’s quite a little tent meeting under there”) but after wrestling with scarves, which I love for private prayer but just fidget me to death in church, and mantillas -which I just can’t cotton to- I finally found a terrific cover, beautifully hand-made.

I know nothing about the proprietress except that her business communications are good and she makes some bang-up headcoverings; they are just beautiful. If your wife or mother covers for worship or prayer, you might want to check out the site. Since so much is done by hand, you may have to pay more for a rush, though.

This is the piece I bought, and I love it; it is light, it’s pretty -I love the venise lace- and it has a comb in front, so it stays blessedly in place!

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  • shanasfo

    Wow – the headcovering site has some really beautiful veils!

    Being very new to using a veil myself, I’m thrilled to find this site – the one veil I have is black, triangular and doesn’t stay very well on my head. I think the longer, lighter veils Devorah sells may be what I need.

    Thank you so much for posting that, E!

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  • Rushad

    Elizabeth, I think you’re pretty blasted spectacular for wearing a head covering to Holy Mass. Whenever I see women at my parish covering their heads I always try to go up to them and thank them for their act of devotion and reverence for Our Lord truly present in the Blessed Sacrament! Thank you, Elizabeth!!!

  • Susan Hagen

    I don’t come from a headcovering tradition but wow, that’s pretty!

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  • Michele

    ahem, not a fan. I love the scarves myself. I’m not a lacy person.