Snapshot of America, May 2010 – UPDATED

Strange days, my friends

Earlier this month, a voting-rights attorney from the Department of Justice resigned because, well, because the Justice Department refused to prosecute a clear case of voter intimidation.

Intimidation, it seems, is currently in vogue, in the Obama government.

Making Politics Personal/Photo Nina Easton

Just about a year after President Obama told bankers I am the only things standing between you and pitchforks, union thugs supported by Obama’s pals (and perhaps by the anti-capitalist-in-Chief?) decide to protest foreclosures at the private home of a (life-long Democrat) Bank of America attorney, whose terrified son was the only one home as 14 busloads (escorted by DC police) arrived.

UPDATE: The DC Police say there was no escort. Without pictures, we have to take their word on it. UPDATE II: Or, perhaps not. The story becomes convoluted as the ass-covering begins.

The lies:

The hypocrisy and hypocrisy

Addressing his troops, the Commander in Chief tells them that his new “security strategy” means they are going to serve America within a new international order…or something.

The insanity:
Meanwhile, the Federal Government mumbles that it might prefer not to enforce those laws it does not like. The party in power, laughs at the state of Arizona, and the Governor of Arizona mocks them in return:

And in Connecticut, the senate race now includes a woman familiar with smackdowns

But don’t let it get you down; do not despair. The truth is, despite all of that craziness coming down from the elites at the top, the truth is, ordinary people are still quietly heroic, and I believe their sanity will win out, eventually.

But check out Bill Whittle on Tony Stark and Milton Friedman. It’s a great program, but what is mesmerizing is a bit of tape from the 1970′s, when–apparently–people still actually conversed and listened to each other.

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  • Joseph Marshall

    Oh, good grief! Now Barack the Antichrist is somehow responsible for riots in Greece and a mere noisy crowd in Maryland.

    Tecnically, the crowd broke the law and tresspassed and they did not keep moving as they were legally supposed to. And the police in Maryland were not prepared to practice serious crowd control, because of a failure of the DC police to coordinate with them. So they let the law slide a little.

    Well, gee. You’ve a real beef there. With the DC police.

    Funny that I’ve never heard you talk about “intimidation” in front of an abortion clinic. Or homicide by gunfire or explosives there, or in a clinic member’s home.

    Do you really not understand how trivial and foolish this stuff sounds?

    Just like the DC police, Obama is not above criticism [though not for the day to day failings of the DC Police--you should address that to the Police Chief].

    He might advocate the wrong policy every time he speaks in public. It might be wrong for reasons, and you might reasonably call him out for being wrong. That is, if you were willing to give some genuine reasons for it beyond the hyperbolic and hysterical blather of your source:

    Political control of the marketplace always degenerates into the political class robbing independent citizens and unpopular industries, to maintain the support of indentured constituents. Packaged votes and bundled political donations, from loyal and motivated groups, are a far easier route to power than somehow keeping the majority of the country happy – a goal that always eludes socialism, because compulsion and ideology make poor substitutes for ambition and innovation.

    But then I suppose you cannot see how absolutely empty of intelligible content this is. It is mere word salad.

    You live in a parallel universe populated by hysterical fruitcakes who can’t write a general conclusion in English well enough to clearly articulate what is being talked about, who is doing it, where it is occuring, how it is being acomplished, how much or how many times

    [Joseph, while I am always happy to see you here, I don't think I'm going to stand for you slandering me; you know full well that you have read condemnation, by me, of any sort of violence directed toward abortion-providers, particularly the murder of same. You have never seen me promote intimidation, and never will. If you don't see what's wrong with a private citizen - let me say that again, a PRIVATE CITIZEN having his home - let me say that again HIS PRIVATE HOME, not his place of business - made the target of 14 busloads full of 500 people feeling free to stand on his lawn and shout from bullhorns, then perhaps you need to think about that. Maybe you should consider who the hysterical "fruitcakes" are (nice namecalling, too). Your spelling and your very unreasonable comments tell me that you are not in your best shape today, friend. But you should perhaps watch the link to Bill Whittle, and the exchange between Friedman and Phil Donoghue and ask yourself why no one, on either side, seems capable of such calm and thoughtful discussion anymore. admin]

  • Joseph Marshall

    [Well, oops. I guess that "submit comment" button down there really works.]

    …it has occurred, and how large or how small the result is.

    It’s very depressing. Everybody’s prose in this segment of the political spectrum seems to have degenerated into this paniced and overheated mush. It cannot even be talked about intelligibly–because it has no content. And it is not even, strictly speaking, wrong–because it has no content.

    And this is the sort of thing that everybody of your political persuasion reads, cites, and writes in an endless ring-around-the-rosy linkfest where apparently nobody bothers to write anything but this stuff.

    The truth is, despite all of that craziness coming down from the elites at the top, the truth is, ordinary people are still quietly heroic, and I believe their sanity will win out, eventually….but what is mesmerizing is a bit of tape from the 1970’s, when–apparently–people still actually conversed and listened to each other.

    I think that I have been listening [or at least reading] very intently, and I could converse with you quite amiably if I could figure out what and who["craziness", "sanity", "elites", "ordinary people", "people"?] we were conversing about.

  • Greta

    This mob is the crazy organized federal workers under the purple shirt union that got 100 billion from Barry and now is going to raise the roof through the election in payment. Their president was the number one visitor to the white house for months where this plan was organized. This is national and has entered businesses, lobbyist, and as see above private home neighborhoods. It is organized from the top and it is right out of hugo chavez playbook. This is meant to intimidate in the same way as the Islamist mobs. The threat is that if you do not do what Barry says, we will be at your house, your business, and anywhere else we want to shut you down. This is the exact opposite of the tea party in that this is carefully orchastrated and supported by the government.

  • marc

    The “new” Black Panther Party? – dang – where’s Angela Davis when you need her? When I worked for the D.A.’s office in New Orleans, one of the attorney’s and the D.A. attended a Black Panther rally to try to address Panther concerns but said it was impossible (and apparently increasingly scary) to remain there.

  • Zachriel

    Elizabeth Scalia: Meanwhile, the Federal Government mumbles that it might prefer not to enforce those laws it does not like.

    As there are millions of undocumented aliens in the United States, and as few want to deport millions of people, and would require far more resources than are currently allocated for immigration enforcement, the government prioritizes those resources.

    Elizabeth Scalia: Addressing his troops, the Commander in Chief tells them that his new “security strategy” means they are going to serve America within a new international order…or something.

    Clearly, the U.S. requires cooperation with other governments in terms of fighting terror, and for other issues of concern. The U.S. can’t force that cooperation, but must work with those nations to build the mutual trust necessary for a stable international community.

  • gb

    While out to dinner last nite with friends, we were discussing the fact the people are unable to peacefully discuss opposing points of view anymore without resorting to name calling (see comment #1), demonizing, isolating etc. We wondered if maybe this trend is fueled by the internet that affords anyone the option of spreading their virus around to everyone else. I say virus because viruses are usually identified symptomatically and those who can’t argue a topic based on its merits can usually be rather easily identified by their readiness to resort to adolescent symptoms such as villifying, name calling etc.

    For my part, I’ve just started calling out that behavior for what it is & saying something like: You haven’t responded to my objection with evidence to the contrary,you’ve only tried to demean me by calling me (whatever).” I.e., just shining the light of truth on the statement.

    But, for all that, like you said, ordinary people are amazingly helpful, hopeful & in love with the Lord God! I am reminded every single day of 12 yr old Anne Frank’s observation to that effect shortly before the NAZI regime killed her & her family. In the end, she was the victor.

  • Mutnodjmet

    Dear Anchoress: I just returned from a Cub Scout camping trip to read this report on Hot Air. I tell you, in my mind, this was the most chilling aspect:

    “As for why SEIU is singling out Bank of America for thug tactics, supposedly it’s a protest of foreclosures by banks generally but Big Journalism notes that the union apparently owes BoA $90 million, which, per Easton, means $4 million in outstanding interest and fees.”

    I think Obama is striving to make bankers — all bankers — evil so that he and his crew can more readily take over the financial institution. This protest has NOTHING to do with foreclosures, and EVERYTHING to do with the pure exercise of bureaucratic tyranny. We need only look at Greece to see how successful a model union-rule is.

    Thanks for tying much of today’s current events together so artfully. God help us, all.

  • Joseph Marshall

    Oh, I certainly did step out of line. Please forgive me. I wish I could stop wounding because my judgement regularly slips its gears. I know very well that these slips are inexcusable and you have been more than generous to me in spite of them. When your gears have been worn down by too much mania for too long, and by too much chemical control of it, there is no future repair of the teeth.

    The only remedy is prayer and contemplation, to which I am returning. And I cherish the fact that you and many of your readers return to it too. If you let it, it trancends all disagreement and makes a space of peace.

    I am very lucky to have obtained the space and time to do it regularly and often, and I hope someday to have the will to use that time to its full advantage, rather than stumbling and behaving badly in controversy. I pray someday you, and your readers, have such luxury, too, if you choose.