Lizzie's New Adventure!

Recent weeks have brought some new opportunities and looming adventures my way, and I will be rolling them out a little at a time, just to keep you in suspense, but today I can tell you that in addition to blogging here at First Things and contributing the occasional On the Square piece, I will also be managing the Catholic Portal over at Patheos.com.

Some of you may recognize Patheos from my blogroll, and recent links by this and other blogs, including Hot Air and Instapundit have made to the site, thanks to Tim Dalrymple’s three-part exposition on Social Justice, Tea Parties and Christianity. Tim, btw, manages the Evangelical Portal at Patheos, which is quickly becoming popular with thoughtful people who want to do more than skim the surface of religion, spirituality and ecumenism.

While Buster says that hearing me say I was “the portal manager” of anything has shaken his whole world view, the opportunity Patheos is offering me to be creative and try new things was too exciting to pass up. Given Patheos’ commitment to provide accurate information on a variety of faiths, and up-to-the-minute reflections on how the social and political stories of the day are viewed through the prism of spirituality, I think Patheos’ reach will quickly expand, fostering some pretty good conversations.

I am hoping that my first entry to the site, which examines reactions to CBS Correspondent Barry Petersen’s recent personal revelations about his wife’s early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease and the choices he has made in his marriage, and what the reactions to his story may be telling us about marriage, society and our endurance levels, will get a good conversation started, too.

You can read it here. And don’t be afraid to comment!

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  • saveliberty

    :) I love the name of the website!

    Your first entry was an excellent read and I did leave a comment.

  • Warren Jewell

    Ummm – what does ‘patheos’ mean? Cross between ‘pithy’ and ‘pathos’?

    (I just may be with Buster.)

    [A mash-up, a play on words: Path (as in being on a PATH) and Theos, as in God. The God-path. -admin]

  • Susan

    A huge congratulations to you! You will be fantastic there. May you be richly blessed in the days and years ahead, dear Lizzie.

  • Veronica

    Congratulations, Elizabeth, I just know you’ll touch a lot of hearts, minds and souls with your thoughtful reflections.

    As for Barry’s decision – I have a friend (her name is Elizabeth too!) who finds herself in the same position as Barry. She is extremely lonely, but she has said many times that she married Tom “for better or worse, in sickness and in health” and she intends to keep that vow until the death of her husband. It’s not easy, but a promise is a promise……

  • Tom Grey

    Wow, last week I *did* notice Patheos on your blogroll, and tried it, and liked it.

    I believe there is a HUGE Catholic problem with “Social Justice”.
    It can not be justice to use force to deprive innocent, successful workers or owners or investors of the benefits of their peaceful, honest cooperation.
    The Pope’s encyclical last year doesn’t quite call for this, but whenever “social justice” is combined with gov’t, the result is that injustice.

    The world needs PEACEFUL social justice, or else it’s not just.

    Hope to read more thoughtful and thought-provoking stuff of yours there, too. Congrats!