Obama crashes; Hillary Waits – UPDATE

Don’t know if this is making the rounds, but it should be – Obi’s Sister cracked me up with this opening:

While the honeymoon has been over for a while, inside sources whisper that Obama is now sleeping on America’s couch. It won’t be long before he’s kicked out of the house and asks his secretary find him a place to live.

Obi’s Sister wonders why Hillary Clinton did not speak up about strong-arm tactics from Obamites during the 2008 campaign? Hillary, like Ronald Reagan, would never expose another Democrat. She has been biding her time, waiting and watching as a spectacularly unprepared president does a crash-and-burn in the polls. Now, with Obama on the couch, Hillary is letting others handle the lobbing of questions at the Obama team’s tactics.

Hillary Clinton has waited her whole adult life to become the First Female President of the United States. She graduated from Wellesley with people whispering it about her, and Life Magazine covering her. She guested on the Johnny Carson show, when no one knew who she was, for reasons no one understood, and that was the buzz. She married Bill Clinton and waited while he ran Arkansas, tossing her a bone by allowing her to “improve” the state’s education policies. When the Clintons left for the White House, there was nothing stellar to report about education in Arkansas, so we don’t hear much about that.

When Bill hit Washington, Hillary took on healthcare and displayed only a little less tact, transparency and bipartisanship than did Nancy Pelosi, who is the true architect of Obamacare. (Obama doen’t care about policy; he cares about campaigns and crowds. Increasingly, Obama reminds me of Lt. Scheisskopf from Catch-22; with war, incompetence and chaos all around him, his focus is on winning the parade competition).

Hillary waited while policy-wonking and politicizing war tactics in the senate. Now she is waiting while flying about being the president’s least favorite foreign envoy, the Secretary of State who does not get to finesse for him. She is entirely capable of waiting through Obama’s presidency, saying nary a word against him, and then trouncing him soundly in the 2012 primaries. That is what The Rodham does: she waits, she watches, and she learns, and then she wins.

Once upon a time Hillary’s ideal ticket back to the White House might have read Clinton/Obama, but that got screwed up by over-anxious people who saw charisma and popularity and decided they could win on nothing more. Well, they could. Then they discovered they couldn’t govern on a wink and a smile, and a middle-finger-face scratch.

Hillary has waited and will wait. She’s taken plenty for the party, and remained loyal; that has been noted. In the interim, she has actually made independents, centrists and even some conservatives who had previously declared that they would cut off their hands before casting a vote in her direction, look at her with something like longing. They’ve decided they would have preferred her, 1000 times, over the relentless reformer in the White House and his whip-cracking wife.

Bill Clinton may be the First Gentleman who tells us all to eat our green beans, and that dessert is “not a right,” but he’ll at least manage to do it after telling us all about his past, fried-banana-eating life, and cracking a smile or two.

And Bill Clinton would never be so tone deaf as to tell people, in the midst of a major recession/depression, to take their vacations at the tar-balled beaches of the Gulf States, while the First Family heads in the other direction. He would never, intentionally or not, deliver a message that says, essentially, that tarball-beaches, are just fine for the little people.

Then again, under a President Hillary, it is entirely likely that there would be no tar-balled beaches in the Gulf; had the BP blast happened on Hillary Clinton’s watch, there would have been no need for silly talk of “boots on necks” and “ass-kicking,” because the federal government’s response to the crisis would have been swift, competent, energetic and focused on containment, containment, containment of that spill.

Because Hillary Clinton knows what apparently the “sort of god” fellow who the “mediating intelligences” in the gatekeeping press told us was “taking a step down, to be president” does not understand: it’s the economy, stupid. You get ahead of a crisis, you don’t allow circumstances to overtake you; you don’t allow environmental and economic catastrophe to take hold in people’s minds or imaginations. You raise the flag, you accept the help, you send the supertankers and you never give up. You keep the people working, because as long as they’re working and manufacturing and spending, and dreaming, they believe that everything is alright, and that the future holds something for their children.

Barack Obama’s miserable, pessimistic, put-your-dreams-away presidency has been Hillary Clinton’s best rehabilitation; it has–O irony!–provided a crisis-filled opportunity.

Coming off the good publicity her daughter’s wedding will engender, we’ll see more and more stories about elite Democrat gatherings where Obama’s destructive policies will be exposed, even as he is never named.

And the whispered buzz will build: Hillary! She should have won in ’08; she was robbed and we were fooled. It was always Hillary! Barbra Streisand will come out of retirement to announce that while she voted loyally in ’08, she will vote lovingly in ’10 and political theater in America will get back to being recognizable.

I can’t wait to see The Rodham back on the campaign trail. 2012 will be interesting.

UPDATE: A day later, Pete DuPont seems to be thinking similarly while Neo-neocon says Hillary Schmillary!

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  • Shana

    WHY is Hillary the only alternative for the Democrats? She rode her husband’s coattails as long as she could, is the most scripted politician ever, does not take questions unless she has them upfront or from a plant, and has taken serial abuse from Bill. Yes, she is waiting, just like a spider, and she is angry.

  • bt

    Can you imagine it? Clinton vs. Palin?!

  • DJ

    “The Rodham”?? Anchoress, you disappoint. A nickname like that indicates affection and a certain je ne sais quoi for a woman who called General Petraeus a liar in the middle of a war, who supports abortion with all her might, who just told the international world that economic inequality in her own country was becoming worse (while she and Bill are buying an $11 million home), who said that the GOP was running the House of Representatives like a plantation but was silent when Massa Pelosi took over, who has participated without protest in Obama’s execrable foreign policy such as supporting the would-be dictator in Honduras, the Russian Reset, the lack of support for Iran’s dissidents and her public humiliation of Netanyahu, who is fast to blame the “vast right wing conspiracy”, etc., etc. Anchoress, I am surprised at you.

  • PackerBronco

    Imagine if Hillary does challenge Obama in 2012 and wins the nomination, what happens to the Black vote in the general election? The Dems need a high turnout in the Black community and if you think that they’ll get it after the first African-American president gets stabbed in the back by his own party (at least that’s how they’ll perceive it), you’re crazy.

    The only way I could see Hillary getting the nomination AND winning the general is if Obama pulls an LBJ and declines to run for a 2nd term.

    Of course, for him to decide to do that, he’ll really have to screw up the economy and foreign policy in an epic fashion and if that happens, I don’t see any Democrat winning in 2012.

  • Jennifer

    By the way, that picture of Hillary is one of the best I’ve seen of her. It really captures her and reveals her.

    [I happen to think she looks very pretty in that picture! :-) admin]

    Me, too. But it’s the expression on her face that really gets me… part serious, part sly smile, part I-know-something-you-don’t, part pleased, confident; all very intriguing.

  • Bender

    Just like Bill was the first black president, Hillary was the first Barack Obama.

    The only difference between the two, ideologically and psychologically, is that Hillary married Bill, which meant having the experience of being a governor’s wife, and then a president’s wife, which gave her the opportunity to see how the world really works.

    Had she not married Bill, it is highly likely that her life would have followed the same track as Obama’s — the cocoon of academia and leftist groups, the elite who have never really done anything, but nevertheless think themselves experts on everything.

    Ideologically, Hillary and Obama (and Michelle) are the same — hardcore leftist, with the associated lust for power. And psychologically they are the same too — narcissist, short-tempered, mean, and antagonistic.

  • http://runswithangels.wordpress.com/ Jan

    I don’t think she looks pretty in that photo or any other, and I don’t think she loves this country. I think she loves Hillary, period.

    I see nothing but an almost mocking disdain in her expression and the things she purportedly said and did while First Lady in both Arkansas and The White House totally remove any sheen of pleasantry that one might be tempted to ascribe to her looks.

    I guess I’m saying that beauty really is only skin deep, in my opinion.

  • archangel

    Going through comments and shot-gunning.

    1) Condi doesn’t want it

    2) Shrillary is still Shrillary. Any comparison between her and BHO is like comparing two dung beatles rolling their treasures and trying to decide which peice of dung is better.

    3) I think debate regarding BHO’s prospects in 2012 is putting the cart before the horse. I personally question his prospects after 2010.

    We have yet to see how he reacts to losing his fanny in November. Even the some respectable Dems are now saying their in deep doo-doo. So if THEY’RE saying it at this point, you know its gonna get ugly. I see a situation where BHO could go one of two ways. He would go all Hugo Chavez on us if he thought he could. It would not shock me to see him start using the “Executive Order” process much like he did the recent recess appointment of our own “Dr. Mengle”.

    Anyone who thinks he’s gonna listen to Billary and company after November, I think are fooling themselves. IMO, the internal policy wars will just be beginning when the next Congress convenes. It’ll be open warfare between Congress and the President. IMO, he’s a one termer regardless. And if there’s any fire in the Blago trials along with any other potential constitutional crisis he creates through his recklessness… he just may become historic for another reason.

  • Maureen

    I think HRC would be better than Obama but unfortunately her time has passed (and I say that as a 55 year old woman).

    For better or worse, the US will demand a young person (maximum age 55) to take the Presidency.

  • http://jscafenette.com Manny

    All I can say is, if Hillary gets the chance she will castrate Obama like a dog needing to be neutered. ;)

  • M.L.Johnson

    I think you might be right. Why else would James Carville be so publicly trashing Obama over the oil spill, if not preparing the way for Hillary?

  • Shana

    I guess I just don’t like the Clintons because I have never known them to pay for ANYTHING. They have sucked on the taxpayers since they left Yale Law and this new house, if they are paying for it, will be the first thing they have gone into their own pockets for. Open your eyes and try to come up with one instance that they didn’t use OPM or got reimbursed, i.e., the mortgage payment on their house in NY being the same amount they charge the taxpayers for the Secret Service that reside there. She may have loaned her campaign money, but she got other poor saps to reimburse her highness. They are shameless grifters of the highest order.

  • bt

    If only Hillary were Catholic*. I think she is a savvy (word chosen carefully) politician. Unfortunately, much of her platform would probably be against what Catholics want. I believe on the Life issues, she is on par with Obama though with the connections she has, she might be able to cause even more damage.

    *prayer required

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  • http://home.earthlink.net/~nooriginalthought/ Charles

    Hillary runs for president again? I have just two words:

    Africa and video

    Whoever she runs against should have a field day with political TV spots using the video tape of her shouting down an African student who asked what President Clinton thinks. It doesn’t matter that there was a mistake in the question (If I remember correctly it was suppose to be what did President Obama think). What matters is that she lost control ofher emotions. Not someone whom we want to have control of the nuclear “football,” now is it?

  • http://www.climatereview.net OzzieJimbo

    Great article, The Anchoress, I like your informed but cutting, Joan Rivers style.

    Obama won’t make a second term. America has realised the emperor has no clothes – phew. Hilary might well take the nomination, but looking at the posts in this forum, she hasn’t got the female vote. Perhaps the ladies will accept girl-power through hard-shooting Pallin?

  • Fu Zhen

    Whence the concept that Hilary is intelligent, capable, savvy, adept? She’s one of the most mediocre minds flopping about in the public sphere. I’m very sorry, but she’s a dumbbell.

  • Doc

    Before the munchkins all gather ’round Obama singing Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead, we should remember that Clinton was considered a lame duck while Newt was blasting through his Contract with America in the first hundred days of the Republican congress. Then Oklahoma City blew up and Clinton sure didn’t let that crisis go to waste. It started his comeback.

  • Bender

    It looks like Hillary is trying her best to get us involved in a nuclear war with North Korea. I’m telling you, that “reset button” of hers was nothing except an invitation for provocation by all the bad guys out there.