Good-natured Resistance

Really, since Patheos is in the midst of an absolutely huge Future of Evangelicalism week, I must put up a little good-natured resistance.

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  • charles

    Good-natured resistance ain’t gonna save marriage.

    [Why, is marriage in trouble? Non-conforming churches certainly are. -admin]

  • DaveO

    Thank you for sharing this article. What I got out of it was the form and format of worship (structured, liturgical, hierarchical) appeals to evangelicals who prefer a framework for worshipping.

    What I didn’t get out of the article was a discussion of how evangelicals (who seem to trend to anarchy in terms of form and format) who convert to Roman Catholicism address the roles of Ste. Mary and of the priests. The adding of layers between Jesus Christ and the believer is not addressed, other than perhaps as an ‘enriching intellectual appeal.’

    Will the infusion of evangelicals lead to a return of pre-Vatican II norms, but with a higher degree of accountability of those called to ministry in the Roman Catholic Church. My understanding of history indicates large groups of conservative believers force the Church (or any religious entity) to become much more conservative.

    Again, thank you for sharing!