Dubya & Laura Surprise Troops

Cool. Classy.

Kim Priestap has quotes, and links to more pictures of a surprised visit Mr. & Mrs. made to the Dallas USO, where they greeted returning troops.

The pictures are great. Troops look both surprised and delighted. Bushes just look delighted.

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  • Jeff

    What a breath of fresh air to see that.

  • Jim Hicks

    I miss him so much! We lost a class act when his terms ended.

  • Ellen

    I’ll take their warmth over Obama’s cool any day.

  • http://jscafenette.com Manny

    What a classy man Bush is. I want him back. I may not have always agreed with all of his decisions, but I never doubted he was acting in the best interest of the American people.

  • jane

    President Bush and Laura: true patriots who really care about the troops. George W. was a real Commander in Chief, unlike Obam-bam who seems to resent this presidential role, as he peremptorily salutes his guard when emerging from the presidential helicopter and seldom “graces” the American troops with his sartorial splendour.

    Obama seems to like the perks of the job but not the substance.

    ‘Wrong priorities, Mr. President.

  • J. Bob

    They have REAL class, and are missed.

  • Maureen

    I miss Bush

  • Marie

    Bush is a real class act. Even now that Obama is messing up and blaming him for all that mess, Bush keeps quiet. He’s not releasing his autobiography until after the midterm elections, just so he’s out of the way while Obama’s team does its worst.

    A real gentleman, that Dubya!

  • Fuquay Steve

    Miss me yet? Yep.

  • Elaine

    Maybe someday I will understand why President Bush never defended himself when all those mean and hateful things were said about him. That really hurt me because I always felt that he had the best interest of the country at heart. I felt that he was watching our backs after 9/11 and was consumed with protecting us.

  • c matt

    but I never doubted he was acting in the best interest of the American people

    At least what he thought was the best interest. I think his biggest problem (one he shared with the current administration and many others) is he had too many narrow minded advisors and listened to them too closely.

  • P. Buchta

    Get real folks! He really put a lot of people in harms way by not having his priorities set straight in Afghanistan. I’ll put it this way. If he wasn’t elected president, we wouldn’t be in the dire straights that we’re in now. One of the worst presidents there ever was.

  • Doc

    Mr. Buchta, President Gore would have saved us from which dire straights?

  • Doc

    One more comment. The Dallas USO put these pics on their Facebook page. Can you even imagine Clinton, or Obama, once he is a former president, ever considering a gesture like this without a carefully orchestrated PR campaign? The Bushes look like they just decided to show up and thank the troops.

  • Nony Mouse

    I hear you. If I were returning home to, say California, I’d be happy to be appreciated by a welcome home gathering. If Mr. Schwarzenegger or Ms. Pelosi was there sans press, I’d be floored.

  • DWiss

    Historians will decide if Bush was a good or bad president, and that opinion will change with the generations.

    I agree with most of the opinions here: Bush may have had his flaws (when have we had a perfect president?) but he acted with integrity. I miss him too.

  • R Tamura

    Thank you Mr. President and Mrs. Bush. I miss you and Mrs Bush! God bless you both.

  • S Cary

    Thank you to GW & Laura bush. I miss them. They were a first couple I could admire and respect. And still do.

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com/ Bender

    Maybe someday I will understand why President Bush never defended himself when all those mean and hateful things were said about him.

    It was discussed here at the time, now and then. I think it is because he is a believer, a true and sincere believer, and therefore he has been assured that the world would hate him, but not to worry because they hated Him first. The world did not and does not hate George W. solely because he is a Christian, but it was/is a part of it. And it was a part of his response, or lack thereof.

    If you do the right thing, you will be hated, you will be attacked — that is what Jesus told us. And George W. always believed that he was doing “the right thing.” He was sincere in his efforts. He wanted to do what was right and tried to do so. Even when it came to war, he wanted to and tried to do the right thing, the good thing, the moral thing. He anguished over his wartime decisions.

    And for all those who attack him as not listening to anti-war Catholic voices, including bishops and Pope John Paul II, for violating “just war” principles, history shows that he did consider those principles and applied them in a way that he thought right and proper. What his detractors fail to concede, though, is that he had more information and military intelligence than war opponents.

    Bush sought to do the right thing in his actions. Consequently, from his Christian world-view, he expected to be attacked. That foreknowledge and expectation is one reason that he did not bother to defend himself much. (Although, contrary to the distorted rewrite of history by the MSM and his other opponents, Bush did repeatedly explain and justify his wartime decisions – he told us many times why we at war and how long it was going to last (it could be a LONG time, he warned).)

    A related reason is, given his Christian view, he was “comfortable in his own skin.” He was confident in his views, without being arrogant. He was not an egoist, not a narcissist. He did not have this compulsive need for people to accept and love him, unlike Nixon, unlike Clinton, unlike Obama. One of his greatest qualifications for the job was his expressly stating that he did not need the job, that he would be quite happy going back to Texas if he were not elected. So, he did not have a psychological need to defend himself.

    The other reason he did not bother to defend himself is that he had friends didn’t he? Friends who, if they were friends, should have had his back. THEY should have been the ones defending him. And Bush had fellow Republicans didn’t he? Where the hell were they?? I’ll tell you where, the scum over at places like National Review were jumping on the bash-Bush bandwagon with unrestrained glee. Buffoons like Sean Hannity were all too eager to prove to the world that they too held Bush in contempt.

    So, the third reason Bush did not do more to defend himself, after (1) expecting his enemies to attack him and (1a) not needing public love and validation, and (2) expecting his friends to defend and protect him, is –
    (3) when both your enemies and your “friends” are attacking you, what the hell good is it going to do for you to try to defend yourself?? The only thing you will accomplish is to exasperate yourself, while giving legitimacy to the attacks.

    I really cannot blame George W. too much for not defending himself more. What good would have done? Really? The facts spoke for themselves for anyone who wanted to examine them with sincerity and honesty. Had he defended himself more, his enemies would have ignored him or used his defenses against him and still hated him. And his REAL friends, not the pieces of @#$* who make up most of the Republican Party, knew who he was and why he was and had no need for him to justify himself.

    Miss him yet? I missed him at 12 noon on January 20, 2009.

  • Piano Girl88

    @Bender…beautifully written. Thanks for taking the time to speak up for this dear man. He once was asked about why he didn’t proclaim the WMD that were found in Iraq, and he said his detractors would simply claim that they had been planted. He and the troops knew what had been found, & they knew the truckloads and planes loaded with “stuff” that left Iraq. There were so many valid reasons for going into Iraq, not the least of which was the freeing of about 30 million people from the clutches of Sadaam and his evil sons.

  • Sandra

    I may not have always agreed with his policies and priories, but both George W. and Laura are wonderful people with a real love for this country and a real appreciation for our sons and daughters in uniform.

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  • Brooklyn

    Simply a great President and a truly fine Family.

    Faced the worst form of bigotry, slandered endlessly by ugly Democratic Partisans for their own personal greed – including Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, Barbara Boxer, Chuck Schumer, Charles Rangel, etc.

    Even many Conservatives foolishly blew with the winds, in the face of fears over Iraq (ironically which they pushed as essential policy). The FASHION amongst a small, cynical, vocal, “Know It Alls” from the sidelines, who never ran for Office, never managed a thing, actually undermined their own interests by growing reactionary and emotive. They lost their cool over such tiny things, losing the big picture, even enabling the very worst in the Democratic Party for 2006.

    The biggest example of the absurd contradiction of the FASHIONABLE, was the reality GW Bush was wisely trying to reform Social Security, something even the legendary Gipper never tried.

    Conservative Pundits and some so called Conservative Voters, owe everyone an apology, for their destructive hyperbole, simply did not match reality. The record is clear, they got it wrong, jumping overboard, sinking the best – making matters worse for all Americans.

    Will they admit their error? OF course not, as it is off to the next FASHIONABLE message…

    Hopefully, like in NJ with the fine Chris Christie, fashion was overcome with wiser and cooler heads.

    NOV and 2012 is essential, and frankly, let’s not let a smaller Conservative “Know It All” grouping provide more self destructive nonsense.

    The USA is on fire, and the time to focus on the priority of saving the Nation trumps all this sophistry.