The Swampedland Roundup

It’s only Tuesday and I’m so swamped that I haven’t even checked out Instapundit (and this little intro of his is why I must check him everyday!), yet, but I have some 50 tabs open; always a sign that it’s time for a headline roundup. Fasten your seatbelts, kids!

Start with the LA Times’ complaint that the Obama administration stifles media. To which we politely respond, oh yes? You have noticed?

China is not liking our debt

WTC-Mosque/Obama Stuff: Lots of people writing well, so I needn’t write at all, but allow me to say that if we had by now managed to have built new towers at the WTC, this mosque would not matter. The problem is America’s political paralysis has kept the WTC from being rebuilt, and now the mosque becomes a huge psyops victory. It didn’t have to be like this.

Anyhow, read Ross Douthat, Claudia Rosett Jim Geraghty, Jennifer Rubin, Andy McCarthy, Roger L. Simon, Rich Lowry, Dave Weigel, Juliette Akinyi Ochieng, The Corner, Milbank, Tunku Varadarajan, Dinocrat, National Examiner, Don Surber, James Lewis and Frank J.

Brutally Honest: has a different take than the narrative

A shocking declaration in history: “we demand the whole man…”. Guess who said it? H/T

Bizzyblog: it’s almost disheartening.

CNN: Is Obama’s presidency becoming incoherent? Becoming?

New Ledger: a Presidential Meltdown?

Aw, well, he’ll always have Newsweek. And Halperin. The little people, for whom gibberish used to suffice? not so much.

You Little People: Learn how to control your spending! Otherwise you won’t be able to pay your taxes! More “little people” stuff

It Begins; that was quick: Obamacare devolves to treatments diminished in scope and being directed toward the well-connected elites, who will not know rationing. Best to join the bureaucrat class

Timothy Carney: Machiavellian?. I don’t know that it’s that clever.

Gerard Vanderleun looks at the “not-so-great” generation. He also reveals that he’s going to be part of the optimistic-sounding “Right Network”. Vanderleun is always full of surprises!

8 Days? Really?

Whence Fatherhood: Remember last week I wrote about the need to save Fatherhood to save the world? Today Kathryn Jean Lopez takes a look at the cultural impact of art on the question.

And a different kind of motherhood

A picture: worth a thousand words or 20 miles

Why aren’t people allowed to support and sustain themselves?

Meanwhile, Dreams of My Father is required reading at SMU?

Global Warming: Lost in the Noise

Mary Eberstadt: Is this kid making me look miserable?

Does this DOJ make us look ineffectual?

Imagine if it were Bush: Part 12,874

Timothy Dalrymple: The man works harder than anyone I can think of. He is astoundingly prolific. Here he writes On the Dire Need for the Imitation of Christ

Preaching to her choir: Norah O’ Donnell. She and Rosie would never have survived Orianna Fallaci, a true woman of the left.

Joseph Bottum: Publicizing Privacy

Cyberbubbling: some thoughts

Patrick O’ Hannigan: Church History Refresher

Pink Floyd and Catholicism?

To Christ: through Mary and…Mary’s Meals

Returning to church after 80 years away!

Conversion Diary: Interview with an Exorcist

Lies, Damned Lies

Flotsam and Jetsom

The Expendables Wham Bang Boom

Sigh-rony. Also, why Stalinists hate hard-drives

Here is an unusual perspective

Finally: Animaniacs!

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  • John

    That’s not George Weigel – it’s Dave.

    [Heh! Thanks! George, of course, writes for FT, so I made a typo! -admin]

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  • Bender

    I don’t understand the “we need to allow the mosque to show the world how good America is” argument anymore than I understood the “we need to rebuild the WTC twice as high to show the world how tough we are” argument.

    If you ask me, NEITHER OF THEM SHOULD BE BUILT. For one thing, we should treat the grave of 3000 people like a grubby place of commerce. For another, from a purely practical engineering consideration, we shouldn’t be building these huge skyscrapers anywhere, period, since they can’t last forever in the best of circumstances and there is no safe way to bring them down when they get too old.

    As for the mosque, in addition to the gay bar on one side of it, I’m all for the Charles Martel Memorial Center on the other side.

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  • brooklyn

    Norah O’ Donnell is a symbol of the Partisans sold to the American Public for decades, as “journalists”.

    For years, quietly many of the most influential Establishments – Institutions in the USA, were slowly overwhelmed by irrational, unethical, misguided Democratic Partisans. Print, TV, Music, Film, Courts, Universities, Schools, etc., all grew to empower the ‘GROUP THINK’ of pushing for the Democratic Party and it’s various mantras.

    It is a riot to think, this is the same Partisan, who once defended and shaped coverage of the Clinton Impeachment, to protect a deceitful President because of his Party Affiliation.

    Back then, the knowledge of the overt Partisan “swindle” in these various institutions wasn’t completely revealed – even as many of us questioned the overt biased coverage – presentation.

    It took the complete fraud, in efforts to defend the numerous Clinton Scandals, the overt Malfeasance – Incompetence, by Democratic Partisans to reveal fully the level of delusion amongst many of these Partisan players.

    They grew overtly obvious, showing their bigotry of the Republicans returning to power, especially revealing the endless hatred and envy for GW Bush. Ironically, it seems the Bush Family’s class, decency, honesty, success, etc., in comparison to the Clinton Negligence, only grew the level of denial and anger of Democratic Partisans.

    For 8 long years, the deceitful Partisans like Norah O’ Donnell, did everything they could to destroy the Bush Administration. The slander, debasing, undermining, deceit, etc., even compromised the security of many Americans in a post 9-11 Era. All for an ugly Political greed.

    Now, those like Norah O’ Donnell have been included in history, for they are partly responsible for such terrible policies which are making life miserable for all on a Global Scale, provided by the Democratic Party.

    In 1993, the Clinton Administration, with Mr. Coumo Jr., announced their ‘revolution’ in the Mortgage Industry – and went on to use HUD, the DOJ, Fannie – Freddie, to provide loans for those who could not afford them, lowering standards for all to receive Mortgage Loans. This concept would later begin the destruction of today’s Economy.

    Like the Gorelick Wall, which made it so much harder for the USA to protect it’s Citizens, these Democratic Partisan Policies which Norah O’ Donnell empowered for the sake of blind Partisan devotion, have wreaked sincere havoc.

    Even today, we know then Senator Barack Obama filibustered sound efforts to reform the destructive Fannie and Freddie Negligence before he became President. But these issues, which are essential for the American Public to know, are hidden primarily because of the disgraceful existence of liars like Norah O’ Donnell and her fellow Partisan associates pretending to be something other then they are today.

    We will continue to struggle, with this insane fraud being peddled on Our Televisions.

    Even with a bold American Public rejection of the Democratic Partisan folly this NOV., will not deter this gross deceit, exploitation, fraud.

    We all need to encourage a better way, even pray for guidance and the truth. For we have been blinded for years, by unethical Partisans, who are simply obscene, like Norah O’ Donnell.

  • tim maguire

    if we had by now managed to have built new towers at the WTC, this mosque would not matter. The problem is America’s political paralysis has kept the WTC from being rebuilt, and now the mosque becomes a huge psyops victory.

    It’ll take me a while to work through these links, but I wanted to flag this as a very interesting take. I don’t know if I agree with it or not, I’ll have to set on it a while and see what happens, but this is the first new thought I’ve heard on the subject since my first exposure to the controversy.

  • Bender

    Yet another correction by the guy who apparently can’t proof-read the stuff he writes before he sends it –

    “For one thing, we should treat the grave of 3000 people like a grubby place of commerce.”

    That should be (of course) — “For one thing, we should NOT treat the grave of 3000 people like a grubby place of commerce.”

  • Steve Colby

    Re: Is this kid making me look miserable?
    I was reading Eberstadt’s article, then sat down to dinner with my 4 boys. With a smile in my heart and on my face.

  • F

    Anchoress, I’ve now seen two wholesome, family-style movies that actually laud fatherhood in their own unique way. Ramona and Beezus and the other flick is animation, Cloudy With A Chance of Meetballs. Both fun and fairly innocuous. What stood out to me was how much the father was valued in each piece and, how his kids really need his love and presence. In Ramona, the father tells her he is glad he had her and the siblings despite the fact that he could have gone off and been an artist. The relationship in Cloudy w/Meetballs also focuses on the main character’s relationship with his dad as a theme throughout. There is also a hilarious character voiced by Mr. T that also shows a father’s love. Its amazing to me to see 2 recent films that focus on the father in a very positive way.

    Just thought that might give you a glimmer of hope, A. The incredibles was the other anime that wasn’t bad for dads.

    Unrelated: Justice Kennedy could review the Prop 8 stay and possibly overturn it. Please please pray!

  • Barbara

    I’d bet next month’s mortgage payment that those towers would have been rebuilt years ago if there was demand for the office space. There’s too many empty offices and store fronts in lower Manhattan now as it is.

  • Kris, in New England

    Anchoress – I’m not sure I’d be OK with a mosque 2 blocks from any new office space. It’s just plain wrong – insensitive, unnecessary and yes, cruel.

  • Peggy Coffey

    Why can’t the Dems understand that we don’t care if they build a mosque in New York, it’s where they are wanting to build it. I am so tired of being called a racist because I question their motives for building near Ground Zero, which any normal person knows is just a poke in the eye to us. But when I heard that they wanted to break ground on 9/11/2011, I am nearly crazy with anger. Everyone should hear this and everyone should know this.

    [The Democrats DO understand it. They pretend not to, because they don't want to hear it -admin]

  • Doc

    It’s interesting how everyone who opposes the mosque is racist…except for Harry Reid. Harry is “fiercely independant”. Heh. Translation: Pandering to Nevada voters.