Sunday Linkaround

What your coffee-drinking can lead to:
The Carmelite Monks have their land and are making their astounding plans for a New Mount Carmel, thanks to you all of us caffeine addicts who can’t get enough of the outstanding Mystic Monk Coffee they blend! Keep drinking! :-) We could do a lot worse! That drawing, with the individual hermitages, just knocks me out!

Get to know John Henry Newman; you’ll be hearing a lot about him in coming weeks, and Sr. Mary Ann Walsh’s piece is a good place to start.

Honoring a fallen Marine

Long form: A few weeks ago FT ran this piece on the home page. An extended version is now up at Patheos

What it takes to be a uniter: an unpopular position

Links for the college bound and their parents.

Which reminds me, don’t forget to balance out their Orientations with some of this sensible thinking

Interview With an Exorcist:
Part II

Obama’s misread?. Aw, if he had just governed from the centrist, post-racial, moderate place on which he’d campaigned, he might be the most popular president, ever. This wasn’t a misread. It was a bait-and-switch.

Sissy Willis: one of those “keep scrolling” posts

More on the Psyops of the Mosque from Shrinkwrapped and Gay Patriot

Kim Priestap on why Entrepreneurs are the good guys. Also, see road best traveled and measuring your entrepreneurial instincts

Death Panels: Althouse calls it

Sr. Mary Anthony, RIP

About Elizabeth Scalia
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  • Pingback: Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup » Pirate's Cove

  • Pingback: Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup » Pirate's Cove

  • Pingback: Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup » Pirate's Cove

  • Pingback: Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup » Pirate's Cove

  • dry valleys

    UK needs to decriminalise drugs to reduce crime

    See also on your own doorstep with Vincente Fox’s moment of honesty. What’s interesting is that hard-nosed enforcers often take this stand because they don’t see their own policies working. But of course only once they are safely retired & no longer have to worry about tabloid “newspapers” denouncing them.

    Also there was an election in Australia but it seems as though that was fairly indecisive. Right-wingers claim it as a victory but it wasn’t really.

  • dry valleys

    Also in Australia 11% of voters went for the Green Party. You might not associate Australians with environmentalism but the country does have a lot of environmental problems which are presumably on a number of people’s minds.

  • Joe

    The fallen Marine story made me weepy and glad that people stood up for him. God Bless Cpl Justin Wilson and his widow and family. Thank you to all who assisted them.

  • Kris, in New England

    Wonderful news about the Monks! I can’t wait for Jingle Bell Java season this year. I’ve already got Christmas gifts planned that will include that magical coffee!!!

  • Western Chauvinist

    That article on Obama’s misread had me grabbing for the duct tape. Especially this…

    “Moreover, all great transformers wrap their actions in values and ideals that, while bold, are also familiar and consistent with those of the nation’s story. Lincoln and FDR, for example, sold revolutionary change by claiming that it was anchored in what the nation’s founders had intended all along. In the case of FDR, Thomas Jefferson was the Democratic anchor of choice. Indeed, it was no accident that the Jefferson Memorial was built, and Jefferson’s face was stamped onto the nickel, during the Roosevelt administration.”

    Really?! FDR was a Jeffersonian as evidenced by the memorial being built and Jefferson’s face being stamped on the nickel? After doing more than any previous president to increase the power of the central government and more than any president since up to Barack Obama, we can look back at FDR and say the transformation he wrought was Jeffersonian in its consistency with the nation’s founding of limited government. Huh.

    Up until I read this, I also thought Jefferson’s memorial and coin might have had something to do with Jefferson himself. Duct tape, please.

    I wonder how hard Hamilton is laughing at the proposition. Absurd.

    BTW – has anyone on the left noticed that what Obama wants to transform us into is basically Sweden with more color? I guess Lincoln was really talking about Sweden when he called us “the last best hope of earth.”

  • Sal

    So happy for the monks! Thank you for introducing us to their coffees- my husband has been after me to order some more because he just loves it.
    Those hermitages! I love me some tiny, tiny houses…

  • Joe

    I guess I need to try some of this coffee from the monks!

  • Brian Vozzella

    Mystic Monk Coffee Rocks!!!