That felt good! UPDATED

Really good

My favorite part, though, was watching Barbara Bush take her own pictures with her little camera, and scoring the game.

I respect anyone who loves baseball enough to score it.

I am looking forward to reading Bush’s upcoming book, for may reasons, including this one

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  • kelleyb

    I was delighted to see Mrs. Bush with her pencil scoring the game last night. One doesn’t see fans do that much any more.

  • Sandy Amos

    I too loved seeing Mrs. Bush taking her pictures. You can see the love in her face that she has for both of them. I miss knowing that someone who truly loves their country is not leading our country.

  • Holly

    I think of Barbara Bush as The Great American Mom. May she live to be 100.

  • Ruth H

    I thought it was so sweet to watch her with her little camera, catching the moment for herself, not wanting any from the high powered cameras there, just hers. Very motherly, wifely.

  • jane

    I couldn’t believe how great Barbara and George Sr. looked (George W. and Laura look like they’re really enjoying life on the ranch!).

    The Bushes are real patriots and, like Sandy says, genuinely love their country, unlike the present incumbent.

    I’m praying for my friends Stateside. God bless America!

  • DeLynn

    I, too, loved this video–on many levels. The two great patriots in the golf cart–GWB who can actually throw a strike and look like a man doing so– GHWB who served our nation so bravely and is such an honorable man (as is his son); the great reaction from the crowd; Mrs. Bush taking pictures of this very well recorded event with her own camera–so sweet. Thanks for posting!

    Our nation has changed incredibly since the days when either Bush was president.

  • Annk

    My husband is a photographer in College Station, Texas, where “41″ has his library at Texas A&M. One day he was photographing an engagement portrait on the Bush library grounds. A shiny black SUV pulled up and Barbara Bush ran over with a camera, asking if she could also get a shot of the couple. She did, then jumped back into her SUV and drove off. What a wonderful memory for my husband and the couple.

  • DeLynn

    AnnK—I LOVE that story. Thank you for sharing!

  • Manny

    Wonderful video. I love the Bushes and their family. I may not always agree with them politically (I’m not sure they’re really conservatives) but they do have a wonderful family. And W can throw, not like some other sissy presidents. ;)

    Hey I haven’t scored a baseball game in a couple of decades. I think I can still do it.