Live-Blogging Election Day!

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Have you voted? I expect heavy participation! Tell us about turnout and mood, in the comments section! More links and updates coming soon!

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Althouse: Liveblogging. Begins with a cinematic bloodbath. She’s very visual! :-) - 7:36 PM

Great Picture! -7:27PM

Instapundit: some good links and quotes -7:25 PM

George Soros and the margin of theft -7:24 PM

DeeDee Myers: Three Stages of Dem grief -6:49 PM

always fun to follow Stephen on a night like this. And here is a drinking game! -6:48 PM

Ed Driscoll: looking at early poll closings -6:45 PM

I can’t take the talking heads anymore. Message to President Obama: maybe you should stop acting like you’re only president of half the country. -6:30 PM

A moment to sit back and wonder: UC College president suggests raising retirement age…to 55! 6:17 PM

Cafferty File: Country more divided than while under Bush? The lefty pundits said the right was “stupid” and “ineducable” in 2004 when Bush was re-elected. The right was just more forgiving of that stuff, back then. When the elected leaders started saying the same thing, the right wasn’t having it off them. Understandably. :-) -6:00 PM

Jim Geraghty: First reactions to exits -5:57 PM

Freedomworks: livestreaming coverage starting now: 5:56 PM

Tea Party Patriots: also liveblogging: -5:54 PM

Harrah’s pressuring employees for Reid?. - 1:29 PM

BizzyBlog: A Coming Government Shut-down?1:00 PM

Plumline: Puts out the talking points for the Dems: “2) too many people are looking for work or struggling to get by as a result of 8 years of irresponsible economic policies…” ummm…haven’t the Democrats controlled congress for four of the last 8 years? - 12:45 PM

Holey Moley: Final Gallup look at Enthusiasm Gap. It’s huge. - 12:38 PM

Eugene Robinson: Plays the race card one more time. Just sad. - 11:54 AM

While we wait for news, get some Christmas shopping done: 10% off all soaps, creme’s balms from our New Jersey Dominicans, before they go on retreat! That’s a good deal! - 11:37 AM

President Obama: did not call the Giants to congratulate them on their win. Well, he’s not much of a baseball fan. And his instincts are not to reach out. - 11:25

Mary Katharine Ham: Looks into the layers of irony

Kathryn Jean Lopez posts her predictions. I think she’s optimistic, but we’ll see. I’m always conservative on these things. - 11:18 AM

DNC Memo: Blaming Bush for their loss. Must have been the pitch in Game 4? -11:10 AM

Open Thread: Hot Air also has folks telling their voting stories - 10:52 AM

Althouse: looks at which mediafolk are re-positioning? – 10:51 AM

Demageddon?: Spinning defeat or figuring out how to win - 10:50 AM

Kenyan, Keynesian? don’t expect us to read; we’re smart, and sane! That woman’s voice! - 10:38 AM

Are US Catholics going to heavily impact the swing against the Democrats? - 10:29 AM

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  • witness2hope

    I voted early.

    So excited!

  • Nerina

    Voted at 9AM (my husband voted at 6AM). The mood was quite upbeat at the polling place and full lines at both registration tables. It’s interesting voting in a small town because everyone knows everyone else. We are a traditionally more “conservative” area but our state is definitely blue. I hope we send a Republican to the House at least.

  • Bender

    Will vote later. Waiting now (and waiting and waiting) for a FedEx delivery.

    Expect that, as usual, I will be on the losing end on most things, seeing as how I live in Northern Virginia. One of the most obnoxious people in Congress, Jim Moran, will most likely win again despite no one really liking him, all of the “let’s spend, spend, spend” bond issues will all win again, and the county board next year will again be uniformly Leftocrat.

    Still, Papa John’s has a BIG special today because of U. of Maryland football’s big win — large pizza with 16 free toppings for $9.99 — so I expect to be enjoying the national election returns tonight while pigging out on pizza.

  • RT

    My husband and I voted at 7am – first thing this morning, and there was a line about 15 people deep at that time. We live in Center City Philadelphia near the Art Museum, and think we’re two of the only “R’s” in the neighborhood!

  • Amy

    I was at the polls before 7 am. There were at least 60 people in line and more following. I was done by 7:30 and then off to Mass for the Holy Souls. I voted across the board – some independents, two Democrats and the rest Republicans. I would have liked to have seen a “None of the above” button on some of the elections…..

    I will not stay tuned in tonight as the results come in. I want to wake up in the morning and experience “Christmas Day” as I did as a child, waiting with anticipation as I unwrapped gifts and shared the joy and love with my siblings and parents.

    Tomorrow, though, I will share it with my husband; and hopefully, there will not be a lump of coal in my stocking!!!

    Blessings to all!

  • Jl33

    Husband voted as soon as polls opened in MO (6 a.m Central) Had to wait in a line 25 people deep. I voted two hours later: parking lot full, steady line ahead and behind me. Turnout heavy in our conservative district. MANY WOMEN OUT TODAY TO VOTE!!!

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  • Maureen

    Voted at 7:30 this morning. Not super-busy, but busy. Everything was copacetic, except that a guy next to me had one of those overactive voting machines that made a mark as soon as he turned it on, and before he actually touched the screen to vote. But he caught it and the precinct guy showed him how to fix it, so there’s that. (I did check my ballot pretty carefully after hearing him!)

  • Maureen

    Oh, and the sign for 100 feet from the polls was a lot longer 100 feet than in previous years. Heh!

  • Maureen

    Oh, and there’d already been more than 130 voters in my precinct alone. Pretty good for 7:30 in the morning. :)

  • jeff

    Real clear’s graphic makes it look like republicans will take the senate

  • CHS

    Not in a jubilant mood. For several reasons. Although I really like our candidate for the House (Todd Young, district 9, IN) and was happy to vote for him, I’m still ticked about the national Pubs getting involved in our primary process for the Senate. Dan Burton?! Seriously?! Apparently, they were serious. Bleah.

    So, although I think the Republicans will take the House and gain in the Senate, I’m not ready to celebrate because I think it will still be a job holding their feet to the fire.

    This is the Republican party’s absolute LAST CHANCE with me. I’ll write in votes from now til doomsday before I will ever again vote for any candidate whatever party who does not support the principles of small-as-possible federal government and fiscal responsibility.

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  • MJ

    I was #123 at 11:00 which is more than usual for that time of day during a mid-term election in our suburban Philly ward. It will be interesting to see the final results since our once very Republican county is being taken over by the registered Democrats. We’ve had 8 years with a Democratic Governor and PA traditionally switches parties every 8 years.

    It was also very interesting to see the number of young people working the polls this election.

  • MJ

    I was #123 at 11:00 which is more than usual for that time of day during a mid-term election in our suburban Philly ward. Everyone was quiet–not grim–just quiet. It will be interesting to see the final results since our once very Republican county is being taken over by the registered Democrats. We’ve had 8 years with a Democratic Governor and PA traditionally switches parties every 8 years.

    It was also very interesting to see the number of young people working the polls this election.

  • Brent

    In my area of MD the polls were a ghost town this morning.

  • kelleyb

    Waited 30 minutes to vote. My polling place usually is very sleepy, even in Presidential years. The parking lot was full. Cars were circling waiting to park. Saw many leave with out voting. I hope they return. I was a good day to hand my Congressman his hat. I wish him well…but retired as a one term wonder.

  • Pam

    My husband voted at 7:30 am. Wording on one of the ballot measures confused him and he voted wrongly. Called me to warn me-so I could cancel out his vote:) I voted at 12:30. No line at all. El Paso is a very Democratic stronghold and voters here are also very apathetic. Several Democratic candidates were uncontested in local races. I chose not to vote for them at all after asking if I did not vote in an uncontested race if my ballot would be invalidated. I was assured my ballot would still be valid. BTW..I took my two homeschooled children with me into the voting booth to see the election process.

  • Nora

    My husband voted at 7 am, I voted after 10 am — the three volunteers manning the polling station couldn’t find my husband’s name, had him fill out a provisional, and then scanned the provisional. This is not correct procedure — if a name isn’t on the roster, the provisional must be sealed and placed in the sealed ballot box.

    I called our Board of Elections (San Francisco — you knew it was going to end badly before it began), and they confirmed this and said they’d call the polling station and then they’d get back to us about my husband’s vote (they still haven’t).

    Then I went down and the Board must have called because they recognized my last name. They told me they found my husband’s name — which WAS there, only in a different section of the book since we’re new voters in the state of CA — and they — you gotta love this — went into the scanner box and retrieved his vote and put it in the ballot box and would I please sign for him next to his name!

    How many instances of voter fraud/illegalities does that one sentence alone convey?? Oy!

    I told them I most certainly would not sign for another voter, and that if they had indeed gone into the scanner (which I think is actually impossible, at least without serious hardware, so they were just flat out lying at that point), they had not only violated my husband’s right to vote, but everyone else’s who’d voted before they broke into the box.

    I told the woman I’d already spoken to the Board of Elections and I planned to follow up, and she actually told me she was the Board of Elections. Seriously.

    So…that’s how they roll in SF…/rolleyes

    At least we won the Series — good party last night, still partying this morning, and you just have to love the local politicians climbing all over each other down by the stadium trying to spin the win into something positive for themselves.

  • dry valleys

    Does that include all the immigrant Catholics, then?

  • Nmissi

    I’m in the south end of Louisville, Kentucky. I voted at 2 pm. I started off worried- they moved my polling place, and the sign on the door at the OLD polling place said “Map below” but there was no map. So I drove round the block and fortunately, located the new spot. Just as close, just the other direction. There was about a five minute wait to get a ballot, and a ten minute wait to submit it after I filled it out. (We use paper ballots here.) Parking lot was full, and there was a general sense of happiness in the air; the atmosphere was festive. Not in a “throw the bums out” kind of way, more in a community get-together kind of way. I didn’t ask about politics in line, we just all talked about what a nice day it was out, and wasn’t this a nice turnout for election day? A few people were fretting over the moved polling place, but really, anyone motivated can find the new location- it’s clearly marked and very close to the old one.

  • kelleyb

    in my part of Virginia, we call Jim Moran, Jim Moron. Not nice, I know, but it does seem seem to fit the individual.

  • Cheryl McAdams

    It appears the vote is going smoothly here in CO. I don’t know if that’s a good sign or a bad sign. In the 2004, 2006, & 2008 elections, there was some big voting delay in the Denver Metro area. Not this time.

    Unlike Bender, we don’t have a Papa John’s pizza deal. All the local football teams lost.

  • Kurt

    No reports of voting irregularities I’ve encountered yet in my part of Nevada (or according to the papers around the state). I got to the polling place around 7:45 a.m., and there was no wait.

  • Myssi

    I voted and I took my 90 year-old grandmother with me. THAT was a pleasure. She didn’t even vote in 2008. :)

  • SFGiants Fan

    I voted soon after it opened. No line. Half full. Quiet. I got an email this afternoon that the dems were really out voting in droves from a gal who emailed saying she’d just heard from her friend a poll worker. So, I sure hope the more reasoned and rational conservatives were also out voting or got their ballots off in the mail early.

    And, I hope the dem machine did not have a ton of illegals and dead people voting. We even had a ballot measure in CA to let non citizens vote. For crying out loud!!! Makes me wanna smack someone!

  • Teresa

    I live in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia after I managed to escape the People’s Republic of Northern VA. I was voter number 134 at 10:00 am. Considering the population of this county, that’s a pretty good number for that time of day and for an off year election. The signs outside were for Eric Cantor. I think he had two challengers but you wouldn’t know it.

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    Take that Maher, Matthews, Mitchell, Couric, Kos, Obama, Hillary, Bill, Al, Rangel, Schumer, etc.

    Now, for a dose of reality, the Race in Delaware is a stark warning sign. Fashion is not strong. Blind political fan fare is weak. Many owe all an apology, especially Mr. Levin who distorted the fine Powerline Offering.

    Ms. O’Donnell was basically giving the Democrats a SEAT, Biden’s Decade long Senate Seat, for 6 years. We would have won easily with Castle, who has a 50% ACU voting record, who would have caucused with the Republicans.

    The priority should have been winning majorities, to check the Democrats – instead some of the most nonsensical fashion has enabled the Disastrous Democratic Party.

    In fact, Democrats highlighted the poor O’Donnell offering, to stereotype the GOP as a whole.
    This is quite obvious:
    “The most covered candidate of 2010: Christine O’Donnell”

    Some Conservative Pundits actually lowered their credibility even further, by suggesting Democrats were paying attention and focus on O’Donnell because they were worried. That was utter nonsense. The exploited O’Donnell’s poor offering, to debase all of their opposition throughout the Nation.

    It is a sincere ‘teachable moment’ which Conservatives should already know well. We cannot afford to provide such weak offerings. WE cannot afford to give the disastrous, ugly Democratic Partisans anything.

    2012 will be essential, and we best not blow it again. The Maverick – McCain-Palin Ticket was a gift to the Democratic Party. We cannot do this again. We have to have the best, serious, sound, proven, strong Candidates. Period.

    Fashion is one thing, but it is not conservative, or even healthy in many ways.

  • Mary


    For the first time, I had to wait for a privacy booth, though not long.

  • Bender

    Thanks for helping out with the cause Old Fan. You and Karl Rove should be real happy.

    If O’Donnell lost only because she’s such a pathetic loser, how does that explain people like Bob Ehrlich, a good moderate Republican and successful governor, going down in flames in Maryland? And plenty of other candidates acceptable to the Establishment similarly failed. How can that be???

    The fact is that by Republicans whining and crying about people like O’Donnell, the only thing you accomplished was to give ammunition to the Dems and MSM to lob at conservatives, cause dissension within the conservative ranks, and suppress the non-active Republican vote.

    If you really want to do some good next time, quit your bitching about the folks on your own side and direct your fire at the other side instead.

  • jeff

    Hey bender did you read anchoress’s post on civility? You call christine odonnel a ‘pathetic loser’? Did i read that right? Disgrace.


    HEY Bender…

    You are equating me with Karl Rove?

    Well, thank you for the compliment.

    What are you talking about?


    What in the world are you talking about?

    Are you that lost in fashion, you are living in a fantasy?

    Do you know how many Republicans won tonight?

    ARE you aware of how many so-called ESTABLISHMENT Candidates WON tonight?

    This was clearly a massive rebuke of the Democratic Party. In fact, it indicates voters where not viewing this in a vacuum, and remembering the Republican offering in a far more positive manner.

    They went dramatically back to give the GOP Power. There are 2 MAJOR Losses in Our effort in O’Donnell and Angle. Both lost in more dramatic fashion, than the other Republicans polled as WINNING, prior to the General Election.

    Rove and others, like Krauthammer, Mirengoff, etc., were RIGHT about Delaware. And I know the EAST well, and that was one bad decision which gave that old Seat occupied by Biden for Decades, to the DEMOCRATS for 6 long years.

    In fact, it doesn’t look like MR. Miller, exposed as having abused his governmental job, even having hypocritically obtained governmental assistance for the Health Care of his Family, is showing well at the polls either. The TEA PARTY EXPRESS (including the Palin Franchise) who wrote all those awful emails which I remember clearly in the Primary, may have given us another weak offering in this case in Alaska too.

    KY was going Republican, with a Senate Seat already occupied with a Republican. I appreciate a more serious Conservative, (who hopefully remains stable), in this Senate Seat. However, the Tea Party Express would not have made any difference in the Race – it would have remained Republican anyhow.

    Rubio is a Republican, and probably would have won the primary as well. He is outstanding, but he has a sincere record, filled with accomplishment, is entirely capable, with great insight, articulation, etc. He is a sound Conservative Republican.

    However, the reality is, the Democratic Partisan exploited the poor offering of O’Donnell to debase all of their opposition. It seems Mrs. Angle, up against an unethical Machine, also proved a weak offering. It is unfortunate.

    But you said something about ‘b’ itching. Serious Conservatives can handle insight from anywhere, and to cry foul like this is so childish, juvenile, you have revealed yourself as not being very reasoned.

    I write on behalf of my side, expressing my thoughts, to help as well as to support. Blind sophistry, products of fashion, are not conservative and are guaranteed to lose.

    If one doesn’t seriously review the reality, then you are destined to fail in whatever you try. Regardless of being in the field of battle, sport, business. Facts, logic, reason, objectivity are essential. And your expression wreaks of the opposite.

    It is regretful.

    Tonight we celebrate taking the House, yet it is clear, we could have – possibly should have, taken the SENATE as well.

    Some on Our side so foolishly followed fashion after 2004, growing reactionary, they enabled the very worst – helping the Democrats take the Congress in 2006, which led to the disastrous Obama taking the Presidency in 2008. Without the nutty hyperbole, facing fears over Iraq, Conservatives may not have empowered Democrats like Pelosi, Reid, Clinton, etc., in 2006. Some fools were actually telling us to ‘lay down’ for the Democrats from Our side. Then we may not have had such a terrible McCain Nominee for 2008, with so many believing that only a Moderate RINO could win after the horrid elections of 2006.

    Either way, if you go ahead without studying the reality of the political challenge, you are only going to enable the worst once again. WE simply cannot do this in the future.

    2012 is going to be another essential effort.

    We cannot blow it…

  • dry valleys

    Now it’s time for Republicans to show they actually have something to offer. No more screaming about how much you hate Obama, you share responsibility so you’ll have to deliver the goods. Excuse me for not holding my breath.

    A lot of these “victories” will come to be regretted as the elected candidates prove to be an embarassment. (Albeit the very worst of them were rejected by voters). You can rest assured the public will be watching. Have you really got any better ideas for 2012?

    Of course I would rather have had a total Democrat victory but I’m not crying. I was quite disappointed that Proposition 19 failed but I hope/think the cause is on its way to victory, especially if more libertarian-minded Republicans get on board, also as the logic of the failure of the Mexican approach becomes more obvious.

  • Nora

    Bender, criticism of O’Donnell’s candidacy was not whining. It was legitimate — she was not merely a weak candidate, she was so beyond the pale as a serious leader, defeating her was a cakewalk.

    Look what happened, though, to those who criticised her — they were met with slathering vitriol on the part of her supporters — the Tea Party Mean Girl contingent.

    Rove was right about her, and he was right about that sort of direction being very bad for Conservatives, but he was shouted down by the shrill, shrieking voices of the “Mama Grizzlies”.

    As for O’Donnell now crying that she lost because Republicans didn’t unite behind her, the truth is that candidates like O’Donnell are the divisive ones. She took advantage of the wave of emotion sweeping the country to put herself forward and divide the Republican vote. A serious-minded, mature leader would have had the humility and good sense to step back and do what was right for the party.

    The GOP has taken the Tea Party thing as far as it will go — now they have to move beyond, let go of the politics of self-interest and emotion, and unite behind traditional conservative core values, have clear goals/answers, and run serious-minded candidates.

    Obama rode the wave of restlessness and emotion and won, and then blew it by not waking up to the reality of what this country wants. Let’s not rinse, repeat on the Republican side now that we’ve begun to turn the tide.

  • c matt

    Well, O and the Dems haven’t delivered anything but disaster. If the Reps can just stop that, it would be an accomplishment. Vote for Gridlock!

  • Cowardly Lioness

    Did i read that right?

    No, you didn’t.

    Go back and look at what Bender said, notably the ifhow…

  • Manny

    Overall a great night for Republicans. 65 House seats (at least as of right now) is huge. We didn’t get the full Senate and Harry Reid pulled a Houdini (you think there was any corruption there?) but a fundemental rebuke of Obama and his socialism.

  • JDC

    Haha, wow – Russ Feingold loses his seat, but Reid of all people keeps his. Never saw that one coming.

    The charts say that the senate is 51 for the Democrats, but considering the continued Blue Dog presence in there, for all intents and purposes one can consider the whole country pretty soundly in the red.

    Anyhow, congrats, everyone!

  • craig

    Nora, criticism of O’Donnell’s candidacy was legitimate all the way up to the primary election. Once O’D and other Tea Party candidates won their primaries, it was time for that to end. Instead, Rove et al. turned up the heat on their own party’s candidates — and called the Tea Party divisive for complaining about it. GOP supporters outside the party establishment have heard for years how important it is, post-primary, to have “the humility and good sense to step back and do what was right for the party”. When the shoe this time ended up on the other foot, the party establishment is to blame for ignoring its own past advice.

  • Lisa

    Bender & craig,
    O’D saved us from Castle. In a state like Delaware I consider that a very big win and I appreciate what she did. God knows the Republicans need to be saved from themselves.
    No more RINO’s!!

    Brace yourselves for more anger, blame, blame, blame and whining from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  • Bender

    Hey bender did you read anchoress’s post on civility? You call christine odonnel a ‘pathetic loser’? Did i read that right?

    Um, Jeff, that’s what her opponents think of her. I’ve written repeatedly in support of her and all of the anti-elite, anti-establishment, anti-go-along-get-along spineless worms that have infested the political arena for the last 40+ years.

    [Yes, Jeff, I think you totally misread Bender, there. -admin]

  • Bender

    Rove et al. turned up the heat on their own party’s candidates

    And to top it off, “he who is now dead to me” had the unmitigated gall to criticize Sarah Palin for not campaigning enough for Christine O’Donnell.

    Apparently, the lesson he learned is that there needs to be a better job in vetting candidates — in other words, candidates need to get the approval of the establishment since apparently Rove cannot get it through his insider-skull that the primary is the vetting.

    Congratulations Karl Rove. You now get the honor of being in the McCain, Noonan, Parker, elite establishment camp — all of whom are the problem and getting rid of them, along with the Obama-Clinton Democrats, is the solution.

  • Nora

    craig — you seriously think O’Donnell is a good candidate for anything?

    This is the problem with emotional voting — it got us Obama in 2008, and it’s getting us the O’Donnells now. Problem with the O’Donnells is they’re out next go-round, and this pendulum-swinging from one extreme to the other never ends.

    We need serious minded candidates who stand for core fiscal Conservative values, not fruit loops who appeal to emotionally overwrought voters “in the now”. We used to accuse the liberals of being the party of it’s-all-about-me-in-the-now feel-goodism. Well, guess who that party is now — the “Tea Party”.

  • craig

    Nora writes: “you seriously think O’Donnell is a good candidate for anything?”

    She was not intrinsically a strong candidate, and would not have been my first choice. (FYI, I don’t live in Delaware.) But she was the Delaware primary voters’ choice, and part of that was an opinion that she stood for fiscal conservatism better than Castle would have.

    As far as I can see, she is not justifiably a pariah based on her beliefs (as, e.g., a David Duke would be), nor insane, nor of low moral character. So it appears as if the beef is that she sidelined the party’s hand-picked choice, or else that she was “not our kind of people”. But if you are going to have public primaries, you have to accept that there will be input from the public. When your party establishment has been willing in the past to raise Trent Lott to a leadership role, you can’t demand perfection from those whom you haven’t hand-picked.

  • Nora

    I disagree on the low moral character issue — I think she’s a shallow, vapid woman who got lucky because of the current mood/psychology of the public. Wrong person, right time. Once the public got to know her a little better, they shied away.

    Also, primary voting is complicated — people play games — they want to send messages (cue Sam Goldwyn…), they want to stack the deck for another candidate (I am guilty of this — I switched party affiliations to vote for Hilary Clinton in the Democratic primary because I thought she’d be easier to beat than Obama and because I thought all the Republican candidates pretty much sucked anyway), and they often get caught up in an emotional wave and vote in the moment, but change their minds when things calm down and vote differently in the election.

    Delaware has spoken, and it is what it is. Their state, their choice — fair enough. You can’t claim you want less central government and then get upset when a state you don’t live in chooses someone you don’t like (or rejects someone you do).

    I live in California — I have to live with Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer. Brown I can live with. Boxer is Satan. Life goes on. Better luck next time.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    I live in California, and I can’t live with either one! Sorry, I remember Governor Moonbeam only too well.